Comedy Night

Pubblicato il 26 ago 2017
A cultural phenomenon for our time: Spike Lee captures the comic geniuses behind the successful "Kings of Comedy" tour. In the concert feature film "The Original Kings of Comedy," acclaimed director Spike Lee brings his aesthetic sensibility and distinct style to the comedy concert film genre, as he documents the individual talents of Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Cedric The Entertainer, and Bernie Mac and reveals the behind the scenes activities of a tour that continues to sell out arenas.
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  • Can you tranlate this to spanish please

  • “Todd Howard here-“ “No it’s not. Todd, we’re not buying your game.” “No, NO! It’s a new game! I’m tellin you” Lost my shit 😂


  • I ducking hate the fly 6 inches drop joke

  • I love how this video offers subtitles in 7 different languages but doesn’t have Spanish subtitles

  • 4:22 sounds like the British John Ratzenberger

  • Is this Lilly sihngs late night show

  • 5:23 what the fuck are you ta-

  • 1:59 this shit kills me lmfao


  • Seinfeld gets me every time!

  • I don't like Dunkey because he is Jamaal

  • I thought the black paint joke was funny

  • Dunkey: (Makes elmo joke) Next Guy (to crowd): Tell me what you want me to make a joke about and I'll do it. Dunkey: Do Elmo! 2:44

  • Grandayyy after posting his 500,000th minecraft funny joke: 4:57

  • that genuine laugh at 7:12 always gets me

  • This is actually called "Heckler Simulator" don't worry a lot of people mix up the name.

  • The Hispanic guy begging for a translation is the best part of the video

  • "How about spaghetti and meatballs" *booooooooooo* "Uh spaghetti and meatballs ayy" *cheers*

  • Why do you call a Muslim a toilet? It's fuckin' Islamic religion init!

  • Dunkey you have such a great personality

  • LAUGH!!!!

  • 1:35 isn’t that from the scene from the new joker movie

  • Seinfeld gets me every time

  • This is tue best video i have ever seen

  • 4:58 When someone makes a Jojo reference and no one laughs

  • hideo kojima roasting

  • 3:22 I really wanted to hear the joke.

  • I heard the first joke in the movie "Her" with Joaquin Phoenix

  • 5:23 what the fuck are you talking about killed me.

  • More of this shit please.

  • 5:20 best part

  • gotta not be politically correct more

  • is Ted Nivison in this?!

  • giggity

  • 5:24 without context

  • 4:00 i laugh so hard i almost puke at work 😂

  • If there is one thing I remember about Elmo, it's his cowboy hat.

  • I come back to this video about once a month just cause it makes me laugh so hard. Please make another one Dunkey

  • "It so great to be back here" 😂