College Students Reveal Most Awkward Roommates Stories (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

Pubblicato il 10 set 2019
► College Students Reveal Most Awkward Roommates Stories (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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    • Makenzie Landon lol

    • My freshman year my roommate had a this one boy she was talking to and eventually got into a relationship with that she hadn't seen in about 2 years. They constantly talked on facetime, mainly fighting, and I always had to either witness it or she would kick me out. There were a lot of nights she would be up screaming and crying at him and woke me up just to ask me to leave. Well the week before finals she tells me that he got a flight down to visit her and he would be staying with us that weekend, not really giving me a choice in the matter. The Friday he arrived I came back from class to find them all cuddly in bed, just making out. I thought "Okay well my bad cause I barged in, not that big of a deal" Well the weekend goes by and I try to spend as much time out of the room as possible to give them privacy. Monday comes around and it is time for him to leave, he had a late afternoon flight. I got back early from my classes and sat down at my desk to do some homework, and they were on her bed. I put in some headphones but about 30 minutes into doing homework I start to hear some weird noises and hushed tones, but I didn't think anything of it. I turn around to go grab my charger and all I see is his. bare. ass. They were just casually having sex while I was already in the room just 5 feet away from me. (Mind you this is the one thing I asked her not to do while I was around) I quickly turned around and yelled "OH MY GOD" and grabbed my stuff and left the room. We never really recovered from that and barely speak.

    • I stopped to go at school

  • I lived with a friend of mine while in college who apparently was in love with me but I had a boyfriend with whom I was long distance. One day my boyfriend and I are having sex on the couch in the living room and we double locked the door while my roommate was out and he was locked out of the apartment. We hear him coming in and we run to my room then realize he can't get in. So I ran out in a towel, quickly unlocked the door and ran back to my room. He definitely knew.

  • Lol, the first one sounds exactly like me but with every single person I've ever known 😂

  • I had the awkward silence with both of my roommates literally no words. We didn’t even say goodbye at the end. It was just weird

  • My roommate freshman year got with not one, not two, but THREE of my exes.

  • Bro wtaf does TLDR mean please explain

  • Ooh! I have a good one! My (very overweight) college roommate once ate all the food I had brought to the apartment we were in. On the first day that we were roommates.

  • American universities are so weird. "Let's force random adult strangers to share a bedroom... how could that possible get awkward??" And they actually have like babysitters (RAs) that force you to sneak around when you sleep at your SO's place?? Why are legal adults treated like children?

    • Eh, it's actually easier than you think. Most of the time the room assignments aren't random (At least at my school, you get an interview process and get to specifically choose the person; a lot of the time, it's people who you were friends with in high school, or someone you knew last year). And the RAs don't really require any "sneaking around"--as students themselves, most of them don't give a shit about what you do.

  • I had exactly one awkward room mate in college (several not in college but not today) dude was obsessed with pink floyd, 24/7 would be playing it loudly, if he had it turned off he was singing/humming, his side of the room was plastered with all the pink floyd posters and shite, dude only wore pink floyd shirts you all get the picture obsessed........went on for an entire year. I kept his awkward weird ass because the alternatives were not promising

    • @Tyshadonyx S the awkward part was that he refused to give it a rest ever, like we are discussing something else he chimes in about how awesome pink floyd was.....he was obsessed

    • Don't know what's so awkward about that, he had some different interests than you and was way more into it probably...

  • One of my friends had come out of the closet the summer before his freshman year of college. He's from a small podunk town. First day of moving in he works himself into a panic his roommate will have a problem with him being gay. Roommate shows up and introduces himself and the first thing my friend says is I'm gay. His roommate just laughed and said weird name.

  • Which movie is that in the thumbnail

  • My first roommate for my freshman year would literally fight and yell at her boyfriend in front of me and I would just be there like ..... , when I confronted her about it and called her out on how shitty she treated everyone , I cut her off and didn’t talk to her for the rest of the semester (she was extremely toxic as a roommate and to her boyfriend like BAD). She later broke up with her boyfriend whenever he wouldn’t pay for her things, now he has a restraining order on her 🙃

  • What the duck is wrong with people

  • Freshman year of college I stayed in a dorm with three girls (am guy), woke up to two of them talking about me behind my back because I didn’t know the name of their friends or something. They had their door open so I just leaned in, said “good morning to you too” and went back to my bedroom.

    • Snowwolfj Aww. Could have recorded them. To save yourself from future able abuse from them.

  • God I had too many passive aggressive roommates who just shunned me and talked shit behind my back and made my life hell. And when I asked them to tell me the issue like an adult? They told me nothing was wrong. Really? You make my life pure hell because nothing is wrong? Fucking entitled spoiled toddlers inside adult bodies 🙄🤬 I swear I never want another roommate again after college

  • I relate to the first one. She’s never even in the room like I see her at bedtime that’s it.

  • Regular roommate, not in college but here’s my story: I had Oreo ice cream that I had in a clear container, got it from this local ice cream place. He decided he’d prank me by getting more ice cream and putting edibles in them. I don’t smoke or drink so he thought it would be funny if he did. But he got strong edibles that you’re supposed to take very small portions of at a time and I ate the entire thing. I thought I was going to die. I kicked him out after that, shit wasn’t ok.

    • Bob Barker It’s just a prank bro, relax it was only a casual felony bro

    • Plastic Gorilla lmao wasn’t that bad of a joke. Spazz

    • Fam what was that ice cream something really strong I imagine

  • "I never spoke to... literally this is not an exaggeration", then proceeds to list multiple incidents where they spoke to each other.

  • When I was at Uni, I commuted - the Uni I chose was 10 miles from home. However many of my Uni colleagues lived in digs and - on a few occasions - I stayed with some of them. One of my Uni friends was a Nigerian. I knew he was an evangelical christian and I knew he attended church every Sunday, but apart from that he was quite easy going and a genuinely nice guy I stayed in his bedsit after a night out. At some unearthly hour of the morning (8 am) I was awoken by a stream of babbling gobble de gook which I assumed at first was having a conversation in some Nigerian native patois. Gradually it dawned on me that this guy was not talking to anyone else, and this babble did not have the *cadence or intonation* of any normal language. he stalled any questions for about 30 minutes and then I asked him 'what was that about?' he told me that his church believes in *speaking in tongues* and he *practiced* - yes *Practiced* - *Speaking in tongues* for 30 minutes every day!!

  • Im having one roommate that smells awfully bad, it is so disgusting i hold My breath, when she is near. Worse is, she is considered to be hot, which i dont see, but then again, im probably to focused on not suffocating near her. Another roommate was awfully loud during sex and called my name a few times. She denied everything though, so we never had anything, though she was pretty hot

  • Nobody: My sleep paralysis demon: 2:05

  • My roommate set me up to be assulted yaaaay

  • "WAIT WAIT WAIT I HAVE DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY!" Greatest panicked response ever.

  • At 2:29 all that was written was "dick", so why did you add "big"???

  • Not me but a nanny who watched me and my siblings for a few days a few years later. We were talking about weird room mates and people we had to share things with and she told me a story. She was college and she had room mates that were very weird. Her first room mate was actually her friend. Her friend was very VERY religious. Like, a little too religious. One night my nanny woke up to find her room mate standing over her saying a prayer and holding a cross. She got out of there real fast. When she got her second room mate, the chick was a literal crack and pot head. She was arrested after campus security found out and my nanny got another different room mate

  • it quickly became clear to me that my freshman year roommate and i wouldn't be friends. she's not a bad person, we just had different interests and we never really clicked, so we spent that year sort of living around each other. she also made me realize how much i value having my own space (or at least one i share with people i do click with). three years later (senior year), i still can't live with a roommate (but i do live in a single room in a house full of people!) and whenever i see her, i say hi and try to make conversation but it just kind of falls flat.

    • folieablue that’s literally me and my roommate rn


  • Ron Swanson would have loved to be the 1st persons roommate. "I worked with someone for 3 years, never even learnt his name, best friend I ever had. We still never talk sometimes"

  • 3:48 definitely a virgin

  • I had a roommate when I was in a fraternity who constantly fell asleep w the lights on and his phone literally 3 inches from his face watching anime. It was quite annoying but I had a habit of hooking up w girls while he was still in the room bc no Fucks given.

  • I'm not a student, school sucks

  • "I have diplomatic immunity". Classic get out of jail free card

  • I had a roomate who was just in general disgusting, she ate alot of steak and never tossed her plate or the fat trimmings. one day she moved out, and left her desk. We decided to clean it out and put it up for a garage sale, and inside we find months and months of plates and steak trimmings in her drawer lined with mold. A little later she asked me to mail some stuff to her new place, i agreed on the condition shed give me 100 bucks for the effort. Luckily I got her to pay shipping, cause she screwed me out of the money for mailing it and i know she woulda never paid me back for shipping either.

  • When your homie yells your name during climax is the ultimate show of respect

  • My was when my roommate caught me and a girl on Valentine's day having sex.

  • First like

  • The first one was just weird and sad 😂

    • I think this is more common than you think.

    • @Im Kool Same lol

    • I'm in that situation right now, we've only been living together for like 3 weeks but it sucks and I'm far from home and have no friends so I don't know what to do

    • I know the feeling because I was like that with my first roommate.

  • Ok