College Kids Try Celebrity Favorite Foods | College Kids Vs. Food

Pubblicato il 20 mar 2019
Favorite Celebrity food tried by College Kids.
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Ethan James
Ethan James
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College Kids Try Celebrity Favorite Food | College
Kids Vs. Food


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  • My dad always liked to put Cheetos right next to my P.B. n’ J. As a snack and I’ve always had mixed feeling and it’s pretty good ig

  • Lmfao my brother and I butter our white bread with our spaghetti and make a spaghetti sandwich 🥪

  • Paprika crisps with sweet popcorn.

  • Try banana with rice 💗💗

    • I'll do that if you try HONEY with rice it's good

  • Isnt....ramen with eggs....a Japanese thing? Like as in its been around for a long time. I have ramen with my eggs all the time. Its typical.

  • That’s an embarrassment to real Ramen

  • Here in brazil we eat ramen with egg all the time

  • I would totally eat that Spaghetti Chili Pizza Sandwich

  • Was is Ethan always my mood 🤣

  • Kylie jenner likes prawns tacco....

  • React to lil peep

  • "Ketchup on fruit" Boi tomatoes are a fruit

  • I dont know why but i love pizza with Strawberries on it🤣🤣

  • the ramen, so indonesian. Ramen with eggs. Best thing ever

  • Legit I was close with the banana and ketchup I said her husband.

  • Well, banana ketchup exists

  • I like baby's and Doritos sooo

  • I eat the pb and j with Cheetos minus the pb part cause me no likey pb everytime I eat a "jam" sandwich but, NO PEANUT BUTTER!!!

  • dude ramen and eggs is my shis

  • Chill Beyoncé could do that. you’re taste buds change based on tax bracket. You know what bananas and ketchup my favorite food now.

  • THE INKYGAYO SANDWICH!!!! Y'ALL NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT!!! GO!!! Fries in Frosty, also a crowd pleaser!!! And ketchup and banana IS NOT A REGULAR palate pleaser. That's a pregnancy taste. That shouldn't be a part of this unless all the celebrities were PREGNANT! Otherwise it's apples and oranges!!!

  • Who else was waiting for Billie Eilish?

  • The first one I already knew it was Selena Gomez

  • Ketchup with fruits!WTF get out of HERE!

  • Wheres the pizza?!

  • idk why but ethan is my least favorite like ugh idk it’s just my opinion.

  • 0:58 racha... 3 racha hahahah Only stay’s can understand...

    • ItsSaida HAHAHA 💗 hello fellow stay!

    • i never thought that i’d find a stay under this comment section omg

  • 8:03 Tell me that there are more people who do this because I used to think this is how you eat the noodles and don't talk about the instructions on boiling because it was in Chinese and I was 5 still do it though XD.

  • Channing Tatum knows food, I’ve had that combo even b4 I saw this video, it’s some good stuff, also good with Doritos

  • The ramen with eggs is normal, isn’t it?? Like apple with salt or soy sauce

  • OMG i guess Jeniffer Lawerence


  • Do onther one

  • No Kylie Jenners favourite food is shrimp tacos

    • @Jojo The person oh

    • Danya Abdula they were doing one of the celebrities favourites not their absolute top favourite

  • I’m so suprised, I knew all of the them

  • No the second one was lil xan

  • A good combo is Dorito’s (Nacho) with Phili cream cheese 🤤

  • I love you Beyoncé, but you trifling asf 😭😂

  • Has anyone tried Apple's dipped in some salt😬😕😮

  • 8:10 omg ME and almost all my family do this even my cusisn

  • I love banana ketchup but *NO* ketchup "with" banana I hate bananas but love banana milk and banana ketchup and hate this two alone and I said banana 6 times

  • I mean I do dip food into banana ketchup...but not eat banana with ketchup😂😂

  • i feel like ethan was so negative the whole time

  • Beyoncé should try the Filipino ketchup it has banana flavor too try it

  • I don’t put Cheetos in my PB & Js instead I put potato chips haha. I’ll have to give Cheetos a shot

  • Do Banana ketchups not exist in the west?

  • I feel like celebrities were trying to be weird and different with these snacks.

  • I like bologna on pb&j sandwiches 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Lady Dank please. i-i have no words..-

  • banana and ketchup good, if you make it into banana fritters

  • celebrities are inhumane

  • Wait... an _egg..._ Kylie Jenner... puts an _egg_ in ramen. Hmmm...

    • That's freaking normal

    • Hadi f. Ikr isn't egg in soup normal

    • that's very common over here.. where tf do u live

  • I knew Jennifer Lawrence liked the pizza spaghetti sandwich because they guess celebs favorite foods on good mythical morning. And hers was something similar

  • I love Morgan

  • Soooooo my mom actually eats Romen with eggs and I always thought it was weird 😂😂

    • @Savannah Jeffcoat Yea I've seen Asian people but they don't eat that when I'm around

    • Bruh it was traditionally eaten with eggs have you seen Asian people?

  • The kid in the gray Jacket looks like Eminem

  • try not to eat challenge from Chef movie pls 🥺

  • The noodles was the only one that legitimately sounds good

    • thought you'd be more of a pb&j fan

  • I’ll make my own version of Jennifer Lawerence’s spaghetti chilli pizza sandwich minus the chilli.

  • Banana Ketchup: [Exists] Beyonce: Where has this been all my life?