College Kids React To Fifth Harmony Solo Careers (Where Are They Now?)

Pubblicato il 23 ago 2019
Fifth Harmony solo songs reacted to by College Kids. Original links below.
Watch Ally Brooke surprise her fans:
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Fifth Harmony solo songs reacted to by College Kids. Watch to see
their reactions.
Content Featured:
Watch Ally Brooke surprise her fans:
Camila Cabello - Havana (Official Music Video) ft. Young Thug
Ally Brooke - Low Key (feat. Tyga) [Official Music Video]
Dinah Jane - "Bottled Up" ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Marc E. Bassy (Official Video)
Lauren Jauregui - Expectations (Official Video)
Normani - Motivation (Official Video)
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College Kids React To Fifth Harmony Solo Careers
(Where Are They Now?)


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    • Can you please react on crossfire ft talib

    • Lauren Jauregui sings "You dont own me" ❤ link:

    • React Normani on Dancing With The Stars

    • One Direction, Fifth Harmony, CNCO all products of Simon Cowell...

    • Plsss Little Mix😭😭

  • BTS not

  • I'm living for the appreciation Lauren gets everytime.

  • Lauren>Normani>Camila=Dinah>Ally


  • Lauren and Normani are def the best

  • Flop harmony

  • Didn’t know Normani was from 5th Harmony!!! Omggg and Camila is soo overrated. Give these other girls some clout bc they deserve it. Watch some of them squash Camila’s career for good. I don’t hate Camila she’s good on her own but she soooo overrated

    • Normani is queen 👸🏾

    • Camila is not overrated but all the others are underrated!!

    • Mmmm Gggg it’s not her fault tho but i see what u mean

  • Bro Lauren has an amazing voice

  • mani outsold everyone. so stream motivation for clear skin, and with that being said.. goodnight

  • I thought this came out months ago 💀

  • the only talented is lauren, PERIODT.

    • Gazpar Y. and normani.

  • i need that garbage tee shirt

  • Can we get 13 reasons why season 3 reaction?

  • Ally and Dinah lil bit need recognition

  • Can we Love Jane tu?

  • I just wanna say. Who is fifth harmony.

  • everyone loved lauren hell yeeeeah

  • Friendship??????? 4/5 yeah

  • my favorite is lauren

  • Oh daaaamn, Brandon has lost a lot of weight sinceI last watched this channel, good for him!

  • Low key reminds me of ariana grande there

  • NORMANI IS THE G.O.A.T for that video

  • Lauren has always been my favorite

  • Queen Normani. 😍

  • stan normani for good life

    • Idgaf if my life is bad we still stan😂

  • stream motivation ✨

  • lauren’s voice is great for this type of music rather than the poppy fifth harmony stuff

  • Dinah didn't follow the Spanish maybe because... She's not Spanish ?😅

  • NORMANI! my favorite since the beginning


  • Yes! I love seeing normani getting the recognition she DESERVES. Camila has been my favorite from the beginning, but normani is really killing it.

  • Y’all should’ve played “heard it all before” for Dinah’s song

  • Normani and Lauren are slaying!!! True queens!!! 👸 💕

  • Out of all of them Lauren was the true Queen in my eyes but im happy that they all went solo.

  • In my honest opinion, Havana has repetitive lyrics.. I love the melody of the song but the lyrics, it's always being repeated.

  • Ally brooke's Lowkey is way better than the rest

  • Dinah needs more appreciation

  • The other ones are cute but well Camilla always was and will be the most independent and the best one in everything i mean vocals, STAGE PRESENCE, etc. ✔️

  • Brandon is a camilizer lol

  • What is the song that Lauren was singing

    • Her song Expectations: and the music video’s on IT-tvs

    • Kim Jisoo it’s called “expectations”

  • Laurennnnn.

  • Camila is always the best from 5th harmony

    • johanna martinez everyone is good and I don’t feel Camila is underrated she has good music such as the other but she has been more time doing solo then the others

    • Demi even said she stood out the MOST

    • No she wasn't

    • Hurley Lee personally i believe she’s overrated but her music is catchy.

  • Normani and Camila, but Normani did Motivation veryyy goooood❤️


  • anyways normani!

  • dont forget that they kicked camila out because she did a solo with shawn mendes smh jealousy gets you nowhere 💁

  • Beyoncé ? 😂

  • Sorry Camila will forever be the best I fr didn’t k Dinah Jane had her own music😂

  • Camila Cabello is Queen 😍

  • "Ally deserved better" PREACH SIS

  • Dinah >>>>> Love them all.

  • Camila👑👑👑


  • they did Dinah so dirty by not showing her new EP


  • Always gonna stan Camila and Lauren❤️❤️

  • Do an updated one with One Direction members including Zayn

  • I miss them:(

  • Lauren and Normani are lowkey 🔥