Coffee | Basics with Babish

Pubblicato il 30 mag 2019
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Here's how to master making the perfect cup of coffee at home using a french press, Chemex, or AeroPress.
Ingredients & Special Equipment:
+ Your favorite coffee
+ Water
+ Chemex, french press, or AeroPress
My first cookbook, Eat What You Watch, is available now in stores and online!
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  • but hey it's better than the barbecue episode

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  • Okay, to anyone who was like, “aw, they so cute” or “they definitely banged”, you are missing something: they binged. Huge difference. Also, don’t ship real people, it’s bloody weird. They’re people. Get some coffee, you’re not awake yet to comment responsibly.

  • Where's my espresso episode, Babish?

  • oh my damn will you let me watch the show please? im rewatching this 3rd time and I cant keep focus!!! e: like 4:06.. wow

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  • Was this satire or an actual guide on making coffee? It's hard to tell since everyone looks like they are about to start laughing at any moment.

  • How long should you wait after pouring water on the coffee in a French press?

  • hey andrew. the link to basics with babish website is set to private and is basically a dead link for us

  • now i really want a good cup of coffee, but there isnt any near me that i know of.

  • So is Trade legit or not? I was thinking about trying them, but she really didn't sell it when she made herself look like a coffee rube. I guess I should stick with Onyx, Verve, and Heart?

  • I don’t even drink coffee.

  • I'll stick to my moka pot.

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  • i have that exact coffee machine, the breville bes870

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  • "How do you make your coffee?" "In a French press" ... Whilst standing in front of a Breville dual boiler espresso machine. :)

  • You're telling me that there's a Babish coffee episode and I only found out now?

  • Disappointed you didn't use the Barista Express on the background.

  • Get James Hoffman for another coffee episode? Espresso?

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  • I can actually see the sexual tension between these two.

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  • Omg the technique is so terrible

  • I apparently are doing it all wrong. I use a good old fashioned percolator and regular tap water (granted-our city has great water-tastes the exact same as filtered).

  • Erika gives me strong flirtatious gemini vibes. Loved the episode!!

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  • Okay but what coffee machine do you use 👀

  • Great video and information.

  • Nice to have a beautiful woman pleasantly and knowledgeably talking about coffee! I am sure Babish concurs!

  • "but don't be afraid to explore.." *leans in*

  • She’s like not in focus all of the time 🙈

  • What do you think about black rifle coffee

  • Awesome video!! Erica's expertise is so cool and her passion for growing and honing her craft is inspiring!! You both are so funny, this is one of the coolest collabs! Please Collab again with Erica for an Espresso video!! Love to learn about the many layers and aspects of Espresso

  • I love their chemistry

  • Go Babish