CLC(씨엘씨) - 'Devil' Official Music Video

Pubblicato il 6 set 2019
CLC(씨엘씨) - 'Devil' Official Music Video
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  • I love clc but its kinda sad seeing them performing on stage with the same theme colour (black) and styling for the past comeback... Their songs is good and currently my fav gg but i hope their stylist can give them different style so that we can have different vibes for each era. I mean, for the past few comebacks black has been one of their must-have colour

  • cheshires lets collect votes on starplay app for their next comeback and get them their 3rd win

  • 6.324.487 fighting cheshires 7M

  • This is such a great song! I love this! Way to go girls.....Way to go CUBE! Finally, a cool song for a cool group 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Let's get 7 M

  • Chonnasorn Sajakul is my no.1

  • Seunghee´s line is great Elkie´s line is great Yeeun´s line is great Devil is the greatest

  • LOVE CLC ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • *I LOVE CLC* btw I'm new to fandom but I'm happy I joined. I loveeee them

  • CLC will have another comeback this year! Let’s give them more wins, yeah? Collect tickets/votes on STARPLAY! ⭐️ ❤️

  • 公式さん字幕がむちゃくちゃです😭😭笑

  • Clc❤

  • *Russian roulette vibes* but still I love this song so much! I have just listened to this song not too long ago bc of my friends, and I am so happy they made me listen to it! Guess who's a new cheshire?

  • If I only have tons of money, I'd definitely buy every album that was not sold just to prove CUBE CLC is more than deserving, or even better I'd buy CUBE. When will they even give the official color and it also seems like they dont have any plans on giving them the lightstick

  • please go nominate the girlsssss (sorn n seunghee are already nominated)

  • seunghee deserves to be arrested for stealing my heart

  • Highest Positions for CUBE's groups on U.S iTunes (Albums) in 2019 so far: #5 CLC - No.1 #14 Gidle - I Made #37 Pentagon - Summer #59 Pentagon - Genius CLC at the top but the only Cube group that still hasn't stepped food in the U.S. Who's having a tour there? Pentagon. Who's getting promotions there? Gidle. Nothing for CLC even though it's very clear that they have the most US potential out of all the groups mentioned above.

  • This song lets me think of this song:T-ARA - Like the First Time (

  • Unpopular Opinion: This Song is more Catchy then Me. ❤✅

  • This song is soo amazing all CLC songs are cool

  • This song isn’t really my taste but seunghee’s part is breathtaking!!

  • clc do not deserve a bad company like Cube because CLC is the only Korean group that is not afraid to change its concept And every concept befits them but Cube is a failed company and I can't believe that this year clc have one album, not even a full album But Cube repeats the same game with clc After a successful black dress comeback They didn't get a comeback except in January 30, 2019 After their successful comeback, the truth is clc next comeback with album and not a digital song and The poor sales of CLC albums is that Cube does not provide many copies of CLC albums when sales all album copies

  • red velvet rip off....

    • @Ella McQuaig the music video is russian roulette 2.0, i don't blame the girls. i think the song is kinda boring but that's my opinion, but the music video is so similar to a T

    • Im not sure in what way they're a rip off of RV. Could you explain your reasonings?

  • well (g)i-dle is my weakness. because they brought me in kpop. clc is damn good. I never listened them properly. yup they're really talented. I love their voices . though I'm idle stan yet I wish them (clc) good luck. as well as I wish both clc & idle's fan work together forget dragging each others. if we consider clc is elder sister of idle's. then we must help each other. 😊 all the best clc. 💜 I hope clc's fan understand my words.


    • @Sara Abdullah CLC don't deserved shit company... Omg i feel sorry for clc

    • I still can’t believe the been for over 4 years and they have non of that..

  • I love them! New fan here! What's the name of their Fandom?

  • 6.283.687 fighting cheshires 7M

  • Dear Chesires Stop hating on g idle cuz they got their LIGHTSTICK first

    • K-popping Ariana stop twisting our words. why do we always have to explain ourselves when we complain to CUBE it does not mean we are blaming your faves. go away

    • we're not hating g_idle, we just hate the idea that Cube still didn't give CLC the lightstick and Official Color. Learn the difference.

  • Continue in str3am to reach no me devil on official music video to 10m vi3w and also Continue in str3am hobgoblin black dress to reach 30m vi3w Do not be lazy CheShire We should work hard to make CLC the most famous group in the world

  • This song had everything to be #1 why it have only 6M views? Why???? The fans aren't streaming enough... It's been more than one month, they should have at least 10M. Put more effort on give clc support and stop putting the fault on Cube, cuz if they don't have enough views, it's the fandom's fault.

    • Millena Morais because Cheshires wanted to start streaming more on this channel (CLC's official channel) so all the money goes to them and only them. So since CLC has less subs than 1theK not many people got to watch the MV apart from Cheshires. Also, it has happened before that our views from Stone Ent got deleted because Cube signed with 1theK. We lost like +10M views from other MVs. We don't want that to happen again. Maybe stop blaming the fandom, that work hard as fuck to get CLC's name out there. Did you know that Cube didn't even promote this song? The only promo was sending them to radio stations, they rushed the comeback and got only 9 stages. It's not even available to buy on the US itunes.

    • dont put the blame on the fandom cuz they've always been with CLC, If only cube promoted CLC better, a lot did not even knew that CLC had their comeback.

    • If only cube promoted them better. A lot of people would know. Cheshires are always streaming Devil.

  • These song really catchy

  • eeeeeeeéeee clc

  • "I tried to be so polite"I LOVE THIS PART♥

  • Omg CLC is the amazing girl group , i love CLC so much♥♡♥

  • It's been 5days now since we got 6m and now we have 6.2m what are you doing GUYS!? ST3M!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STR3M WITH ME GUYSSSSS!!!!!

  • Don't you just love how the song is upbeat but everyone is basically trying to kill each other in the video? A concept

  • queens

  • Bops are bops

  • 0:39

  • Sad people wouldn’t stream this only because Devil doesnt fit their image of CLC music

  • Gd

  • Desde ahora me declaró fans de CLC

    • @ShuhuaMaster que curioso que lo diga la wna que tiene como 20 cuentas, se habla así misma y de paso tira mierda a otros fandoms

    • @STAN_CLC deja de auto hablarte loqui

    • Bienvenida al fandom Cheshire

  • Who are you? (like) 0 - Yeeun 1 - Yujin 2 - Elkie 3 - Eunbi 4 - Seunghee 5 - Sorn 6 - Seungyeon 7 - Your bias 8 - Seungyeon 9 - Eunbi

  • melhor coisa é lyric em português né non? *U*

  • Clc is the most underrated groupe bro they're amazing 👏🏻

  • 6.242.859 fighting cheshires 7M

  • This song is just sooo great! I really love how CLC makes any song sound so gorgeous!! Real talent, love these girls so so so much!

    • CLC son las mejores👑❤❤❤

    • sofia Reyes Lol deveras eres triste, clc are the most talented group and visual, stay mad and broke, you nobody.

    • @sofia Reyes claro porque, como llamar talento a un grupo en el que cantan, rapean, pueden bailar, componer, escribir, tocar instrumentos, pueden hacer coreografías, hablan más de un idioma, etc, no por nada Yeeun se encuentra entre las mejores raperas del kpop, Seungyeon es de las mejores bailarinas de la generación y ni hablar de las demás miembros, que curioso que te refieras a un fandom como "tóxicos" siendo que tú misma vienes todos los días a insultar, menospreciar y hacer menos

    • No talent their never win and fans toxics

  • Petition for not giving this song a win 😬😤😠😡

  • We need a catch phrase guys!!!! Comment your submission! Mine: Stan CLC for CrystalClearSkin!

  • CLC es la ostia.

    • @sofia Reyesy si nadie las conoce qué haces aqua cada día?

    • sofia Reyes asceroso way, no puedes ganar en nada so ocupas stan un groupo ya grande para que sientes que vales algo jajaja.

    • @sofia Reyes el que no sean famosas en Corea no quiere decir que no sean nadie, la mayoría de su fama viene del extranjero, algunos de sus vídeos tienen alrededor de 30 subtítulos en distintos idiomas, a pesar de siempre enfrentarse con grupos mucho más famosos y fandoms más grandes siempre logran tener una buena cantidad de ventas y estar alto en las listas, cuando hacen comeback son tendencia en alrededor de 7 países, es obvio que no has visto sus conciertos en Tailandia, Sorn y Seunghee están nominadas a los 100 rostros más hermosos, CLC debutó en Billboard Social en el puesto 50, y también alcanzaron puestos muy altos en Billboard y distintas páginas musicales, sin mencionar los miles de seguidores que tienen en sus cuentas de Instagram personales y los seguidores que tienen Sorn y Seungyeon en sus canales de IT-tvs, creo que la pendeja es otra, para la próxima infórmate mejor

    • Pendejo.

    • Nadie las conoce.

  • So happy Yujin got a chorus ♡

  • CLC Fighting! proud Cheschire and Orbit! Let's get this gem to the 7M

    • sofia Reyes you really come here everyday to hate on clc, super pathetic 😂

    • Never.

  • Hey Chesires! You should go to My Music Taste and request CLC to have concert in your area, it'll help them know they're wanted. It worked for Dreamcatcher! They've had 2 European tours and they're having a USA tour this December!! We can make this happen for CLC!!!

  • seunghee de verde é perfeita ♡


  • CLC come to the Philippines Plssss 😭

  • This music video looks fun, the song is great! I really enjoyed this comeback! Nothing but love for CLC. 😊❤❤❤

  • 그들은 결코 이길 수 없다

    • Here is the "CLC never wins": 2015 - Rookie of the Year 2015 - Rookie Award 2018 - The Next Rising Star of Asia Award 2019 - Music Star Award The Show - 2 wins with the album No.1

  • I'm happy that gidle have their official lightstick but idk why after that every neverland come here to show their devilness. Cube you better give them official lightstick or you want to make the biggest fanwar bc neverlands always seems to be ready 4 that. Neverlands are the worst fans in this world bc no other fandom attack our girls like neverlands does. U all had shown how less humility you had and I think u should get the baddest fandom award seriously u all deserve this award. I used to be neverland bc I love gidle but I can't stay in a family(fandom) who attack my hardworking girls for no reason.

    • Omg, I didn't even know that and now I checked on cubee and it's true :(((( We should definitely get united and request a lightstick for CLC, maybe make some hashtags! I like gidle, but it's just so unfair that they already have all this merch and even lightstick and CLC doesn't >_<