Civilization VI - September 2019 Update

Pubblicato il 3 set 2019
The developers share their vision behind the Civilization VI September 2019 game update. SUBSCRIBE for First Looks at other civilizations, leaders, features and tips from the developers of Civilization VI:
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The second expansion to Civilization VI introduces an active planet where geology and climatology present unique new challenges. Chart a path to victory by developing new advanced technologies and engineering projects and negotiating with the global community in the World Congress on critical issues. The choices you make in the game will influence the world ecosystem and could impact the future of the entire planet. Natural disasters like floods, storms, and volcanoes can pillage or destroy your Improvements and Districts - but they may also refresh and enrich the lands after they pass. Learn more about the creators' vision for Civilization VI: Gathering Storm:
Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with your world, expand your empire across the map, advance your culture, and compete against history’s greatest leaders to build a civilization that will stand the test of time.
Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Explore a new land, research technology, conquer your enemies, and go head-to-head with history’s most renowned leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known.
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    • Dear Firaxis, there is a gross error in the forms of government of the future era, Synthetic technocracy is a continuation of the authoritarian line, and yet it has three economic slots, while Libertarianism by definition should have three economic and not military, I ask you to correct this gross error in the next patch!

    • @Kenny Minton Yes, I really need Otto von Bismarck in my life

    • VI got too cartoonish - VII should go photo-realistic with 3D rendered cities and units. And as a bonus feature, players should be able to ZOOM down into their cities and walk around in them - see their tiny people living in them. Even support for VR. Street level view of the coastlines, main buildings, etc - just like google Earth, but in real time with people and vehicles moving around... Beyond Earth is the best game in the series, you could release some DLC content updates for Beyond Earth too ! Well worth the purchase! :-)

    • Expansions on Nintendo

    • Please tell me that the switch and consoles will have map editor, I need that map editor, I hate spawning as Germany next to a jungle and desert, I am a very historical player and I can't stand a shity spot that isn't realistic.

  • Civilization 6 can you Add More Afrika Nations an Kingdom's Like Zanzibar and Ethiopia Aksum as DLC Pls Zanzibar is Already in the Game we only have 2 we need more pls I'm from Africa

  • The Nubia Conquest I Wish we Could play as Other Afrika Kingdom's Nation's Like Zanzibar and Ethiopia Aksum an Ghana and The Benin Kingdom's they All was Very Powerful in Ancient World Especially Zanzibar an Ethiopia and Ghana king Manas Musa

  • We need Trebuchet as a upgrade from Catapult in medieval, and also we must have rifleman or greatwar infantry or somesuch as a upgrade in industrial era for musketman. It is so dumb to see musketman and modern infantry combat in 16-17th century of the game... It is a very lacking way of combats in the game.

  • I find domination to be harder after this update. How should I adjust my playstyle to accommodate the update anyone?

  • Hey Civilizations 6 Can You Guys Add Africa Ethiopian Aksum Aksumite Expansions and and The Zulu's Nations and Ghana Nations African Zanzibar Nations and Medagascar Nations Like African Expansions Of Nations of The Afrocan Continent pls pls or is it possible to do Africa Civil 6 Africa is So Big tho 55 African Nation's I think it would be Great Addition to Aside regularly Civilizations 6 Civilizations 6 an Make you guys Alot of More Money I was Right about Assassin's Creed Orgins Game and I Definitely would be Right about This this they do this it would be Epic and GREAT Happy New year's Guys

  • aaaaaand the AI is still shit

  • Where's Portugal

  • Is the ki now good in 2019 or so bad like in 2018

  • Is this game satanistic?

  • Please fix your multiplayer desynq problem

  • when will civ 7 be coming out?

  • Lol when I saw the cartoon graphics of Civ 6 I knew it was gonna be pushed to mobile platforms.

  • Dear Firaxis, there is a gross error in the forms of government of the future era, Synthetic technocracy is a continuation of the authoritarian line, and yet it has three economic slots, while Libertarianism by definition should have three economic and not military, I ask you to correct this gross error in the next patch!

  • Dear Firaxis, there is a gross error in the forms of government of the future era, Synthetic technocracy is a continuation of the authoritarian line, and yet it has three economic slots, while Libertarianism by definition should have three economic and not military, I ask you to correct this gross error in the next patch!

  • How do I install this update for Civ IV?

  • I really want my cities to be able to grow into more than 1 tile! Districts is a good start, that helps with the aesthetics a little, but still not the same. I don't want my newly founded city with a 1 population, and a 30 population Tokyo size city to take up the same single tile! The actual city skyline should be allowed to grow into the tiles around it eventually (I would say encompassing the districts into said skyline). This would help those truly epic world cities look a lot more epic visually.


  • Hate the CIV VI fog of war. Untill they change that its a No for me. I play CIV 5!

  • Just make Civ VII. This one has been a massive flop with the stupid political indoctrination shit (Climate Change REEEE). Keep it about the strategy, not the stupid random disaster event. And yes, I know I can disable it. Problem is: you spent time and money developing it and calling it an "expansion"...

  • I just bought Civ 6 finally after playing Civ 5 and waiting for so long. Finally decided to buy the game because of these continuous updates, balances and improvements. Thank you. Will buy the expansions when it gets more balanced later on.

  • Hello, dear developers, return Civilization VI the UN miracle building with offers like Civilization V, the ability to conduct negotiations in the window: for money, AI declares war on another AI, transfer of a military unit to another AI or another participant as in the fifth part, please make military and other blocks as The European Union and the Entente, the League of Arab Countries, OPEC, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and also introduce the international currencies dollar, euro, pound, ruble, yen, yuan and lira into the game as a religion, and together with the UN building, the World Bank (Miracle Bly Tower netsy) and the IMF, UNESCO. Add a single Central Bank to the economic region and for the USA (America) the Federal Reserve System. Civil aircraft as trade caravans. Divide the board into Federal and Republican, return the SATTELITES (city puppet contents for the Federal board without penalty). Bring back the Vatican as an empire only without areas. Add Singapore in the same way as the Vatican. Add the Temurid Empire with the commander Tamerlane. Add technology. Medicine and buildings; hospital and hospital; add technology. Tourism and buildings; hotel and hotel; for the USA, make the HOLLYWOOD project (like the Manhattan project). Add to the game great engineers world brands Coca cola, Micrisoft, Google, Apple.

  • Normal for Civ but weird seeing a 2k published product with so much detail and passion for informing their community. Greatly appreciated.

  • Wow really awesome updates to this wonderful game. Everything about Civ 6 has been flawless since launch to now, in my opinion.

  • (ENGLISH - ESPAÑOL) Hi. These last changes with respect to the maps satisfy me a lot, but I keep thinking that it is not prioritizing what really matters, which is the behavior of AI. I think it's something urgent to solve, because despite the cartoon aspect (which I don't like) I really want to enjoy this new installment of Civilization VI, but if the logic of the opponents is not solved I will always end up in Civ5, which we all agree It is much more ... interesting. I am a person who lives in South America, I am Argentine, I am quite disturbed by the fact that there is a Brazilian civilization of a totally unknown character above the Liberator San Martin, who everyone knows in the whole world. It would be fair that at least one other South American civilization exists (because there is only one). It is a giant continent with a lot of history. Please, I feel insulted. ---- Hola. Estos últimos cambios respecto a los mapas me satisfacen bastante, pero no dejo de pensar que no se está priorizando lo que realmente importa, lo cual es el comportamiento de la IA. Creo que es algo urgente a resolver, porque a pesar del aspecto caricaturezco (el cual no me agrada) quiero disfrutar realmente esta nueva entrega de Civilization VI, pero si no se soluciona la lógica de los oponentes siempre terminaré en Civ5, el cual todos acordamos es mucho más... interesante. Soy una persona que vive en Sudamérica, soy argentino, me molesta bastante el hecho de que haya una civilización brasilera de un personaje totalmente desconocido por encima del Libertador San Martín, quienes todos conocen en el mundo entero. Sería justo que, al menos otra civilización sudamericana exista (porque sólo hay una). Es un continente gigante y con muchísima historia. Por favor, me siento insultado.

  • Two more DLC, and few more updates like this and this game might be considered beta.

  • Horatio needs to be nerfed :-P free district AND a free (expensive) building in that district

  • Very nice guys!

  • I just want a crack or SOMETHING that I can play offline because the damn updates keep breaking all my mods!!!!

  • I know I'm late but we want DLC for the Switch please! Edit: just found out it's coming this month!!!!!

  • I keep holding off buying the game because I heard the AI was terrible at launch and hasn't been significantly improved since. I came to this video hoping there was any news about that at all. Did they just write off the AI as something that will never be good? If so, that is disappointing because the game looks otherwise amazing... But with no proper AI there can be no real challenge, just a long slog toward domination :(

  • How to download this game, I can't found it

  • Bigger map size please. I'm using a mod that increases map size but it crashes every time I get to late game.

  • civ ends at V

  • Just when I though that this train wreck of a game can't get any worse. /facepalm


  • 6 sucks 4 and 5 were way better

  • Did you fix the gamespeed/era progression issues?? I played it before but it felt like you couldn't stay in the middle ages long enough to actually enjoy any of it

  • you guys put out the best updates seriously

  • Wouldn't it be nice if 2 leaders of a civ fall in love and unite their civ for a certain period. It happened before in history.

  • It would be great if you could indicate if we can access to all those very cool new stuffs with the basic version of Civ 6 or if we need all the dlcs ! Not all of us have all the dlcs because it can be expansive for students or middle class/poor people ^^ French: ça serait super si vs indiquiez si on peut accéder à ttes ces très cools mises à jour avec la version de base de Civ 6 ou si il nous faut toutes les DLCs ! On a pas tous toutes les dlcs car cela peut malheureusement faire cher pour les classes moyennes ou des personnes + pauvres....

  • I wish there was a American civil war scenario and 2 units unique to America depending on the government you choose for the democracy gov you get the union soldier for the fascist gov you get the confederate soldier. Hopefully the amazing devs keep making this game a fantastic experience

  • Primordial map ~

  • Do I need to buy this updates? The whole steam download/install is very confusing to me.

    • Updates are free Expansions cost money

  • whats the song starting at 2:37?

  • does anyone know what song plays from 3:00? I can't find it in the ost anywhere

  • Thank you for finally putting it on xbox

  • Can you pls replace the fkn ugly design of the "missile cruiser", it should be a lot bigger and fancier as the design is a corvette, not a cruiser, pls replace with the Sovjet "Slava class" cruiser

  • I will not hate this game if they not making an annoying ad like *Rise of kingdom*

  • Civ 5 >>>>> Civ 6

  • fight mode like in game North and South (for PC dOS 1990 game) and that you can fight in first person camera lead army and drive trough citys that would be something revolucionarly

  • Please bring civ 6 to xbox one, i really want to play

  • the best thing i miss from civ5 is how real it felt, civ 6 is not the same ;c

  • Is there going to be a civ 7 in the next 5 years

  • I wonder if civ will ever go to xbox and playstation. I would love that since all my friends don't have pc's

  • I don't understand why it's still £50 on steam just for the base game considering the time since it's release, it's a bit off putting from a consumer perspective. Developers are getting too greedy with their pricing strategies, well that's my opinion anyway, they might want to consider lowering the price if they want more sales, I mean for the base game it's definitely way overpriced.

  • Coastal bonuses are OP now, but they are still easily destroyed by a couple boats. Should import more mods as official content. Community balancing is better than yours.

  • So where can I get the update patch? Or do I have to download and reinstall the game all over again... To clarify: where can I get the update outside of Steam?

  • "Fisheries now provide 0.5 Housing." LIANG NOW BEST GIRL

  • Look, here's the thing: America's unit maintenance and gold deficit is way too high while trying to fight barbarians that roam around everyone else's territories. Whoever is playing this country needs to delete some units and invest more science into future tech.