CHINA vs. GERMANY - Highlights Women | Volleyball Olympic Qualification 2019

Pubblicato il 3 ago 2019
Enjoy the Highlights from the women's match between CHINA and GERMANY from the FIVB Intercontinental Volleyball Olympic Qualification Tournament 2019.
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  • 🏐 All Matches & Highlights from the Women's Volleyball OQT 2019 ➡️

  • Gracias y saludos cordiales desde Mallorca para vosotros

  • 😀😀🇩🇪👎🏿👎🏿

  • 6:30 best rally #17 NI YAN was on 🔥 with her unbelievable digs.

  • I was watching the way China was blocking,, when they extend their hands without jumping, their hands overlaps the net. Such a tall players

  • I can see both teams qualify for the Olympics.

    • I Lao ล้านช้าง In Eu, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia are much better teams, even Turkey is better. Germany is probably on the level of Russia or lower...

  • China flag ???

  • 不看分数,看这集锦还以为是德国队赢了,真厉害

  • chinese girls are the tollest in all asian !

  • 这个丁霞,给小袁的球太少。浪费一件大杀器。


  • China winning the gold again.

  • China is playing wierd lately. 🤔🤔🤔 i hope its for the better. Still want them to win back to back olympic champion ship

  • 中國女排世界最佳

  • 中国队二三十年没有一个强有力的攻手,王一梅勉强算

  • Congrat...!!! China i love ZHUTING

  • 中國女排加油~

  • 顏妮我愛妳

    • 伤好了,2016 发球第二局巴西 Ass 直接落地。。。巴西叫暂停

  • Love China from Thai

  • เราต้องไปให้ได้นะ3ทีมจากเอเชีย​ ไทย​ จีน​ เกาหลีใต้​ 😜😜😜👍👍👍

  • Wow china❤❤❤❤❤

  • เจ้จูดูฟอร์มตกนะ ตบไม่ผ่านบล็อคสักที

    • ประสาทมาก

  • need pay

  • which wedside is feee?

  • พี่จีนสุ้ๆนะชนะเป็นที่1ของสายให้ได้นะจะได้เอาทีมไทยไปด้วย

  • Very dissatisfied with China’s Yuan Xinyue who was just a spectator the whole 4 sets against Germany! Love to see her blocking statistics!! It was certainly abysmal compared to Yan Ni! The strange thing was during every time out, Coach LP was giving instructions to Yang Ni and not a word to Yuan!! Not sure if China could afford another of Yuan’s poor performance tonight against Turkey!!! Let’s hope she performs better tonight!! 🤞

    • yuan xinyue was outplayed by denis hanke ..........yan ni was elder and more experienced .........yuan xinyue is still very young and she will improve her block by age......she feared the USA 2016 because she knew she had more problems with quick steps directly from the middle but she will keep working on her quick steps

  • Zhuting👑

  • China verry good love you all team

  • Very unlucky for Germany being in this group! The German can challenge with the Italy n American teams.

  • 如果可以副攻接一传那就可以冲击奖牌了

    • 三号位有自由人换,可是阎顏妮 接发球凑合 很平常 非常一般。。。。。。袁心玥接发球让人提心吊胆还是别麻烦袁心玥好, 不过一传接发球高一点,准确到二号位,丁霞有足够的时间,然后还是有至少两个点加后攻可以传,只是一传不到位或者太低,那就只有一个点进攻了,所以还是要练。。。。。一年时间

  • 中国队需要的是变化

    • 可能需要练习一年

  • 郎平应该带三个二传去日本一个自由人够了刘张朱李的一传防守可以

    • 刁林宇可以一块去,林立或者王梦雪选一个 刘晓彤 张常宁 朱婷 李盈盈 都是四号位 接应二传 恭翔宇 还有左撇子吗 闫妮 袁心玥 三号位。。。。除了 春蕾没有左手 两点换三点有困难

  • I love China from korea

    • mexico and canada are beaten only russia stands in the way

  • I knew it. Made in china is much stronger than made in germany. Tsk.

    • :-)) Germany is a soccer country and the German girls and coaches do not get paid or any payments, they are there voluntarily for free by paying themselves......there is no money in German volleyball plus their cash is empty hole

  • 1:40 that’s really insane arm stretch

    • other girls will kick this flat ball by her foot instead of digging this far far away ball

  • 加油

  • Love you Gong

    • elder and more experienced now gong xiangyu is

  • Where is ding x?

    • saved for turkey because of her foot and knee

  • Japan and Thailand is always the most amazing to watch...

  • Noob German women team. U only got height to play volleyball but no skills and mental. Even short Asian teams like Thailand can beat u.

    • @Nan Lei you are idiot. all players has wages.

    • German women team also have absolutely no money. they pay their flight and hotel rooms themselves. there is no sponsorship and no wages or salaries for their coaches. they fly economics. so Germans are soccer players, volleyball is leisure time sport they do not get paid professionally so they do everything for free and voluntarily with no cash

  • 德國突然防守非常好中國不出朱婷真会輸

  • I know I'm sounding like a broken record but China's passing off the serve is absolutely awful. If they don't improve that area of their game it's going to be difficult for them to repeat as Olympic champions.

    • receiving is their weakest link

  • Germany showed impressive defense and blocking.. It's good China doesn't win too easily to toughen them up.

    • @Cjango Freeman sure neither thaisa nor gabi nor sheila could handle the home pressure 2016 at maracazinho but there is always this one question asked to jenny lang ping by reporters if she sees zhu ting as a younger herself and she answers cleverly there were neither libera 1984 nor tie break to 25 1984 plus the balls were white and the players wore long sleeves.......but the media compares zhu ting with her coach ........the background of zhu ting is even harder because poor family with no money out of poor henan village and her only choice of getting any recognition at that time was playing this ballsport similar to athletic scholarships of colleges.....she has no rich family background in comparison to former captain hui ruoqi who could go to better schools instead of doing professional sports as a choice because zhu ting had no choice but she succeeded.......she has a sister and some cousins back at home........I still think we should not put too much pressure on zhu ting because she is as famous as yao ming in China and staying healthy is the most important task of coaches and doctors, do not train her to hard, be careful of her shoulder because it might hurt if she becomes older

    • @Nan Lei Handling pressure is not directly collorated to age. Older, experienced players too can't handle pressure. That what makes Zhu Ting such a great player, perhaps the best ever in China.

    • I agree because we all know easy wins and victories in the group stage result in quater final exits......Brazil not losing one only set in group a before facing china 2016 the younger players especially must learn facing they stay humble forever knowing the opponents can always come back

  • Wow Gong just become like a superstar im so impress

    • @enigmaticmisfit 2016 she was the youngest and she cried at night she told coach jenny regretting travelling to rio too much pressure and sorry for not well performed games but now elder her experience raised and she can captian the younger ones and link them to the elder ones on this team

    • She played incredibly well in the VNL. I think she is often overlooked.

  • Fake

  • 看不見朱婷一錘定音之勢了!張不在陣內,想第一戦又沒表現了吧!這個表現……

  • What a great performance for German Team!! They truly deserve respect from everyone even i am Chinese for their fighting spirit. Actually they did very well on serving and receiving better than China Team.But just lack of experience of playing key points.

    • German volleyball has no money and they get no money no sponsors and financing every trip themselves. 德国队机票住旅馆自己报销,基本上无赞助商,没有工资,也没有什么钱,全都是自己掏腰包

  • Serbia always gives 0 points to each opponents,

    • @Chris Malvia serbia is generous, imagine poland is the host of the game. serbia were tired during flight and not easy to compose thereselve, plus the cheers of the crowd from poland that considered as bias to annoy serbi team, but serbia is still the winner.

    • Is it? Poland stole 1 set from them

  • Upload the complete game in HD please!

    • @Nan Lei FIVB live broadcasts aren't available in the States, even if we are prepared to pay.

    • we need russian servers because fivb does not give any free copyrights....there is a chinese one please try huarentv they got relives there

  • 感觉郎平该下课了

    • @Nan Lei 看了中国女排对土尔其觉得你是对的

    • 没有比郎平更好的教练了

  • China, YAN NI, 😘😍💝💖💗💓💞💕💟👍👏👊💪

    • back from injury.................her ass serve 2016 versus brazil set 2 at standing 20: 17

  • Good defense. 🇩🇪

  • Great China 🇨🇳 love you Zhu Li Ni

  • China win and Korea win =Thailand go to Olympic

    • @Suit & Tie Korea has beaten mexico and canada but they are facing russia

    • Korea and Thailand will have to battle it out in the AVC to qualify in the Olympics

    • I hope Thailand goes to the Olympics. Perhaps the hardest working and shortest team.

  • It's unusual for me to watch a match highlight with Zhu only got 1point. Germany really played well tonight .

  • AMAZING MATCH! Love Germany and love China! ❤️

    • Deutschland läufer 1 wir lieben alle Deutschland

  • Now volleyball world is also biased

  • China is on its way....Turkey vs China is going to be epic 😎💪.

    • @Ba ba Spoiler alert I agree, we are all suprised by Turkey s mistakes because ebrar was really young but it was played at chinas home soil and court........turkey would have been better in Istanbul

    • @SuperCriticalman thank you for spoiling the game 😐😐. I didnt see it yet.

    • To my surprise, today's game was not exciting at all. Turkey had been on the verge of collapse starting from the first set.

    • Indeed! Turkey is a great adversary. Wish the best for both teams.

  • Zhu is a little bit to quite.... but overall they played really good.

    • vamos silencio a patiento capitano her style of patience a patient captain and her coolness

    • silencio vamos her style as a quiet captain patience and et patiento capitano her coolness

  • China still needs to train a lot more if they want to retain their title, but I'm surprised at how much Gong has improved since the first time in Rio and now China has a solid Opposite Player, but I'm still a bit concerned about the outside player that will match well with Zhu Ting. Also, I'm very well impressed by Yao Di, and dare I say it, might be better than Ding Xia.

    • Ding Xia is clearly the better setter than Yao Di. I have no idea how you guys all see Yao Di as the better setter. In terms of everything, Ding Xia is more superior than Yao Di. Speed? Ding Xia is the FASTEST setter China ever encounter. People are talking about Feng Kun (the Golden Setter of China in 2004)...Yes, Feng Kun is definitely the best setter China every encounter, but her prime is over (sadly)...Ding is still the fastest setter and the best defensive setter also. In terms of volleyball nowadays, speed is king. Also, given how China plays a faster tempo for their middles...Ding Xia and Yan Ni are a duo. They play together in their league back in China and have played together all year long that their connections are natural. In my honest opinion, Ding Xia isn't as talented as the Golden Setter, Feng Kun, but she is still China's starting setter and the most promising. Li Yingying is a great outside hitter. Nothing wrong with being a lefty as an outside hitter. That's like saying every right-handed players shouldn't play on the opposite side. Now...If Li Yingying is a middle hitter...THAT'S A DIFFERENT STORY. Left-handed middles are very rare.

    • As for blocking, I think they need to bring Lai Yawen or Wu Yongmei back into the team as middle blocker. Then Cui Yongmei as opposite. 😂

    • @Cjango Freeman may be ... weather or not it's in her mind or some psychological issues she has , only she knows it. The fact is if she can't play the position and unwilling or unable to change !! its really not much anybody can do about it !!