Chelsea 4-0 Newcastle - 2004/2005

Pubblicato il 18 set 2019
04 December 2004 | Prem
Frank Lampard inspired rampant Chelsea to produce a powerful second-half display and strengthen their grip at the top of the Premiership.
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  • 2005 the last year of good football ...

  • best scoreboards EVER. we need them back

  • Its pretty crazy that this game was basically 15 years ago yet James Milner was on the bench.

  • Back when the Premier League had World class English players (Gerrard, Carragher, Lampard, Terry, A.Cole, J.Cole, Ferdinand, Rooney, Scholes, Giggs, Carrick) There was a mixture of World class foreigners and World class English players. Now its just influxed with second tier European and South American players with no passion for their respective clubs. Money ruined the EPL. Liverpool is the only club that still sort of has that and Chelsea is starting to get there too.

    • *British players, not just English. Money, commercialism and to some extent globalization has ruined football in general.

  • Only one negro player already make chelsea strong now too many negro in chelsea squads

  • English football was a lot more passionate back then. Now its full of the selfie and prawn sandwich brigade.

  • This Chelsea team/squad was a beast

  • Kezman

  • What the age's james milner right there

  • Mateja kezman

  • 0:15 looks like the option screen of FIFA 05 !! best football season where all teams had great players in the top teams in europe.

  • Kezman was shit his whole career

  • drogba was a monster

  • Newcastle Chelsea 1-0 FA CUP from 2005?

  • this legend team, look how Mourinho ordered to give the penalty to Kezman, how everyone cheered for him after scoring. Current Chelsea is united and full of energy, but no where near this 2004 team...

  • Best period of futboal

  • Didier Drogba..

  • It seems ages when great players, infinitely more talented than the bunch of pussies football is giving us now, played and fought on the pitch with all their souls, because that was what being a pro footballer was about. It really seems another sport. I don't know if I have to be glad for having watched the great football from the 80s to the early 2000s, or being disgusted and angry that my beloved sport has been raped by money and medias.

  • 00:06 Boby Fermino?!

  • why is the channel name that? it reminds me of Pedo Filled Elite Global Satanist, who trf chld around the world for sick twisted pleasure ....

  • i remember watching this game in live, from my french TV channel, 15 years ago ^^

  • Chelsea 2004/2005 the best version

  • 3:44 Real life Santiago Munez

  • Čech was still 22.. Yet he was the best

  • Mateja Kežman!!!

  • The Greatest Chelsea era!

  • Best season for chelsea 2004/2005 first year jose mourinho manager chelsea win league title

  • Drogba and lampard legend...

  • In this match robben was a golden boy :) and now 2019 he retired.. :((

  • Damien Duff was horrendously underrated

    • @Aidan By casual fans.

    • I remember going to a night game in 2000 as a Preston fan and it was against Blackburn him and Matt Jansen ran rings round us and we were a really good side 🙈

    • Who was he underrated by? Most people know he was class, and he cost a record fee when he arrived.

  • 😁

  • James Milner was there

  • Golden days of the English premier league.

  • This was a match that made me as a Chelsea fan today

  • Thank you pizza gate nice memories

  • Premier League at its prime

  • Lol i love that Drogs pulled down Kezman after his goal. Great team spirit

  • Did you see how Jose dael with Kezman, we missed this jose 💔

    • @Ed James Yeah, not some bimbo throwing toys out of the pram....and yet blamed him for coming up short by some fans...

    • Kezman worked hard, Jose respected this

  • Classic match! Up the Chels❤️🍻 Hoping for More classic Chelsea matches in future 😅

  • chelsea that season had the best defensive line in PL history

    • just switch Gallas over Ashley Cole and yes the best defence of premier league

    • Mun???

    • Only conceded 15 goals

    • Best goalie before the head injury & after peter cech @cfc legend with a solid well drilled defensive line