Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle | Alonso Hits Stunning Free-kick! | Emirates FA Cup 2017/18

Pubblicato il 29 gen 2018
Marcos Alonso scores a brilliant free-kick after Michy Batshuayi bags a brace to see Chelsea into the fifth round.
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  • Ohhhh i miss the old day without the VAR😁

  • Alonso 🔥

  • IT-tvs really getting smart. Getting this recommendation today after Chelsea won with Alonso scoring.

  • Worst game ever

  • 3:00 Thank me later

  • Thinking back to the times when Alonso was actually a decent player

    • He’s great as a left wing back cause he doesn’t have to defend as much in that position since his defending skills are terrible.

    • In reallity..when conte was our coach..alonso was great for us

  • I don't know why Batshuayi is on loan this season he's far more better than both Morata and Giround put together

  • chelsea 💙😍

  • I love hazard and Chelsea so much🥇🏆

  • Bashui. His name is Mitchy Bashui. *FFS IT'S MICHY BATSHUAYI*

  • Awesome batsuayi

  • man I miss batshuayi

  • I was there! My first ever Chelsea game. Chelsea played well. The Newcastle fans were brilliant that day.

  • If we had Dubravka then, we could have pushed 0-0 and brought it to extra time.

    • WashingMachineKiller Alonso’s free kick was saveable in my opinion

  • miss morata

  • i was there


  • Why Albaro morara not playing

  • Batshuayi is underrated

  • What a pass from Pedro on the first goal Michy

  • Batshuayi is a good young striker..

    • @Chris Rosario he didnt he is loaned "lol"

    • He left lol

    • IFCR yes he's shit. I don't want him at Chelsea

    • He is fucking shit

  • Alonso also hits a little girl whilst under the influence.

  • We should bring Leon Bailey😊

  • Que falta do alonso

  • Make Alonso a striker, they are getting an extra wing back anyway. He definitely has the skill.

    • @Josh Miller Alonso was an amazing wing back and an awful fullback

    • Alonslow become striker ? I dont think so

    • Well this comment aged well

    • b590b590 no


  • Way to go, nice you guys added the highlights to the results when you search the FA Cup with Google.... Well done!!

  • Way to go, nice you guys added the highlights to the results. Well done!!!

  • Great game from batschuayi

  • What a shit atmosphere

    • Adam probably because it's a cup game

    • Fangy I’m a season ticket holder but it was fucking awful

  • Morata bye

  • Michy the Hero 🦇

  • To many black players in Chelsea. Not good.

    • fucking spoon

    • really ? 😞😞😞😒😒😒

    • D P racism

    • D P Your mother should be ashamed of you. Oh well She's on a leash now begging for Wenger to come back to Arsenal now...

    • and you are officially uneducated and clueless

  • When Caballero gets his few games to start, he really does perform, doesn't he?

    • Abrian Aryasena Best back-up keeper in the game

    • He does! Quite impressive actually

    • Abrian Aryasena yep

  • 2nd

  • The pitch is ugly😂😂.... #coyg