Chef Asks If He Should Put TUNA In A VEGETARIAN'S Salad | Hell's Kitchen

Pubblicato il 20 ott 2019
A black jacket asking that is...not good.
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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.


  • 2:15 90 minutes into dinner service then 3:55 45 minutes into dinner service??

  • "Still think she deserves to go home." This coming from the same donkey who asked if they should put tuna in a VEGETARIAN salad. Fucking donkey

  • 1:49 defo zoomed in for the tits

  • 1:49 defo zoomed in for the tits


  • *Obviously* you put TUNA in a vegetarian salad

  • P L A I N S A L A D

  • Nobody gonna mention how andrea is a coke head constantly wiping her nose with her arm?

  • Bens face makes me wanna punch him in the face

  • Isn’t fish vegetarian?

  • 1:48 I wonder what the camera is zooming in on, salad or milk?

  • 1:47 good salad there cameraman

  • 1:48 yeah sure... nice salad... that's why we zoomed in...

  • 1:48 nice one camera guy

  • Gordon should put some real effort into vegan food. It's the ultimate challenge, honestly, to see just HOW FUCKING GOOD he can make a carrot taste. This isn't even a joke. The 'good tasting' vegan food, the comfort food that we currently have, isn't exactly healthy, and honestly, other than one or two brands, it tastes kinda bland. Odd. It's similar to the pink goo you get from crappy fast food outlets, but it's plant material and not flesh. Don't get me wrong, a good plant based burger / veggie burger, cooked nicely and with some nice sauce in a crispy bun, it's still really tasty. But I just know Gordon could make the U L T I M A T E plant based mixture for burgers, sausages etc. He should really play around with some of that. It's not like it wouldn't be worth his time!! Veganism is getting bigger every day!

  • I don’t know why I thought about this, cause I’ve never actually watched this show besides bits and pieces from IT-tvs but, do they have a kids menu? I don’t know I’m just curious

    • They've had a kids night

  • Camera man zoomed in on those lovely lady lumps lol. Anyone else noticed that?

  • Where are the gloves

  • Atleast he asked tho, it'd be worse if he got his ass handed to him for putting tuna in a vegetarian's salad.

  • 1:46 looks delicious! But I didn't like tge salad though...

  • are we not gonna talk about the fact that at 1:47 the camera man zooms in right on the lady’s boobs? 😂😂😂😂

  • There are quite a few people who lump in pescatarians with vegetarians, so the confusion is understandable

  • *P L A I N S A L A D*

  • Ben NEEDS to stfu he’s one of those people who NEVER stfu

  • Stupid chief :Should I put tuna in a vegetarian salad Gorden Ramsey: ofcouse not you fucking donkey

  • Ben was annoying asf. But I was a vegetarian n I sometimes would have fish so not a completely stupid question

    • Yeah more like completely moronic, just like you for thinking you're a vegetarian after eating fish you fucking donkey.

  • Gordon Ramsey in Hell´s Kitchen? That fits!

  • I know if I am constantly yelled at, I tend to do things incorrect. I just get nervous. I can respect people who do this type of work

  • 1:47 Cameraman was like: Look at that salat!

  • 1:48

  • 1:47 We know what you were doing camera man 😉

  • Wow..that's a big salad at 1:47 ....

  • Perfect I hate using that word but perfect

  • its like being at school with kids once u make a mistake you learn from it not keep making the same mistake.

  • @6:38 "she came through with some really nice looking meat"

  • 1:47 That camera man knew what he was doing.

  • 2:58......WTF BIT***

  • I'm a vegetarian. So you'd like vegetables with your meat then, yes?

  • How has Chef Ramsay not had a heart attack yet?

  • 1:48 camera man not slick

  • Gordon Ramsey: BRING ME SOME WATER!! Chef:brings water Gordon Ramsey: it's bloody blend,no salt not pepper,BLEND!!!!

  • The only time they zoomed in haha 01:47

  • Awe Shit I just spoiled the current season I’m watching 😭

  • What an absolute dickhead

  • Personally im a vagitarian and i eat tuna all the time💁

  • plain salad

  • 1:48 you’re welcome

  • 2:58 is she licking the thermometer

  • This reminds me of when I was a vegetarian for a few years (no reason other than got bored of meat and fish and wanted to try some meatless food for a bit and it was a good few years with only a few mistakes trying a lot of stuff in restaurants I wouldn't have normally tried purely because I'd pick the meat every time) and people asked me "So do you still eat fish?" "Is fish a fucking vegetable?" Like holy shit and then the mother of all bad answers "I know some vegetarians still eat fish". That's not a vegetarian, that's a pescatarian (which has a redline under it every time I write it because it's barely a word)

  • Imagine this but taking care of babies instead

  • Which season is this ?

  • 1:47 titties on her!!!! Put a wod of oil on her chest and rub and work it in and massage and squeeze those tits

  • Ive met lots of vegetarians who eat fish but as a restaurant why risk it incase they dont.

  • wait i thought vegetarians can eat fish stuff tho? am i the dumb one or

  • 1:47 cameraman! Give me a close up on that delicious plate of food 😂

  • Gordon: Come here quick *Ben stands and stares at him*

  • Nice


  • i honestly thought vegetarians ate fish and eggs and that the difference between vegans and vegetarians was in that

  • 🐙🐸🐽🐷🌆