Cheap Couple Share A Toothbrush And Dental Floss | Extreme Cheapskates

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
This couple are so cheap that they share one toothbrush, take two minute showers together, and even share the same piece of dental floss when cleaning their teeth!
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  • WHO WANTS TO BE IN THE SAME COFFIN!? That’s so weird!!!!!! They should just buy 2 coffins from all the money they save from!

  • She looks like a Jamie Lynn Spears on METH

  • This bitch.. made her husband pay 15 cents for a *chip* WTF..

  • I hope that I can marry someone who is as cheap as me, or even cheaper!

  • They can ask to get a free tooth floss from the dentist and they will be happy to give it to you

  • These people share floss, and a toothbrush and I don't even share TOOTHPASTE WITH MY BROTHER

  • Looks scripted lol. Cause in the real world you don’t save much by doing this anyway. Time is money then wasting time doing crap like this. You get an education, skill sets., connection and make a decent amount so why would you do shit like this. If this is really true they can do this for another 50 yrs my home and money is way more than them. Based in this video

  • Uff, Waar waxan uraya Bal eega

  • They give free floss and toothbrushes at the dentist? Do they not go to the dentist?!?

  • What packet of razors is 25$ 😂😂😂 stop this is just nasty

  • Why don't they just poo and THEN at the end of the day they flush the toilet

  • The doctor tells the wife you need to purchase a kidney in able to survive!!! Oh no that means I will live longer and the longer you live the more expensive it would be

  • 1 bottle of shampoo saves us for couple of weeks 🧴

  • Why do they share cotton swabs because when you use one side on each ear you are taking the germs from that one ear and transferring those germs to the other ear

  • I can't belive they share floss and a toothbrush they have germs because they are not family

  • I can admit this one isn’t that bad

  • "Whoever flushes more owes more on water and electric " .... Since when do toliets use electricity??? I'm confused

  • Hmmm how about kids

  • *This is gross!!!! Hell, instead of sharing some of the Healthcare items, there are many many other ways they can go to save money and use different ways!!!! I'd be embarrassed if I were them!!*

  • Where do they get their estimates 😂😂😂 $25 for razors ??

  • Trench mouth has entered the conversation

  • I'm not the only one saw that car....

  • Using the same toothbrush 😷😖🤢😝

  • That should use a box instead

  • Literally threw up in my mouth when I found out they share the tooth brush and floss.

  • I just start the shower and slowly move my body towards inch by inch the water.(we have only cold water shower here)

  • Sharing shower: aight that’s fine Sharing cotton swab: uhhh ok Sharing deodorant: aight this is getting a little weird Sharing toothbrush: hell naaaaaawwwwww Sharing tooth floss: aight imma head out

  • 15¢ per chip😂😂🤣🤣💀💀💀💀

  • Coffins...

  • Dis cos tan🤢

  • They could have gone to Home Depot, bought some wood, and made a box.

  • No offense, but that's kinda weird buddy

  • The guy: What’s the code to the pantry! I haven’t eaten in 2 months yet! The lady: We need to save money The guy: *dies from starvation*

  • If I was the guy I would just go pee outside

  • Watching this for some reason makes me mad

  • no hanky fucking panky 😂😂😂

  • They share the same toothpaste and the same dental floss? that's sickening and nasty 😲

  • Let me tell tou something YOU ARE GOING TO DIE ANYWAY!!!! So why are yall being so damn cheap for??? Live life to the fullest you can't take the money you save with you anyway.. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Damn they are more like fucking roommates than being in a relationship, competing on who saves the most , splitting food writing their names on certain food locking food up away from the other person are yall serious ?!?!? . Their is no way in hell I could do this type of shit I'm sorry. I guess there is somebody for everybody.

  • This ain't cheap, its just stupid.

  • C R A Z Y

  • Ew puke.

  • Karissa definitely does not look 26, she honestly looks like shes 40...

  • I wonder if their really naked or if they were like bathing suits

  • I have a question they are cheap to save money but what are you gonna buy that is so expensive that you need to share dental floss like why do you need to be that cheap

  • Have they never heard of dollar tree?

  • They do have the money for an INDUCTION COOKER but no money for new DENTAL FLOSS??

  • 1:08 You can legit go to dollerama or better yet dollar tree and get a back of razors for like $1.25-$1.99😂


  • *Has a watch* *Can’t buy a cheap toothbrush*

  • Have they not heard of dollar tree ? They are too much!

  • They should have shared cloths and timing of pooping and peeing, with that they couldhhave saved more. "MORONS"

  • If they wanna have sex, what are they gonna use as a condom?

  • idk why it matters for the funeral thing... your going to be dead anyway

  • Cheap asses

  • When you share a toothbrush with someone that had bacteria

  • If you razers are 25 dollars you are going to the rong store

  • Uh huh just go to Dollar Tree literally the whole place is a dollar😐

  • Trifling.

  • A tooth brush is like $3 at Walmart like seriously?!?!