Charlize Theron Was Almost Naked When She First Met Margot Robbie

Pubblicato il 20 ott 2019
"Bombshell" co-stars Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie, and Nicole Kidman shared how they met each other for the first time, and how Charlize was barely clothed when she first met Margot! Plus, the actresses chatted with Ellen about their on-set injuries.


  • Can't wait to watch this movie

  • Only Charlize looks good with short hair.

  • Charlize: I cried like a girl Ellen: *DOES NOT COMPUTE*

  • Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron

  • The most beautiful guest chair

  • The fabric is 'hessian'

  • Charlize theron vc linda minha princesa minha bonequinha vc merece tudo sucesso do mundo vc linda por dentro é por fora fica Deus minha princesa eu te amo sua fan Brasil Larissa

  • With the movie Bombshell - How much will be true though? Leftist Hollywood has more genuine @metoo's and its them against Trump - all other media is biased against him the year before an election - mmmmm suspect - if they release one about Harvey Weinstien i'd take it more seriously

  • How not to pronounce ‘hessian’.

  • Charlize ....looking like a Peter Lindbergh woman in the 90th. Is Ellen yesterdayish?

  • Charlize still beautiful 🥰😍😘

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  • You know how cultured Nicole Kidman is compared to most of us when she describes a certain kind of fabric that we can't even spell!! Heshan? LOL

  • Nicole is so kind and gorgeous


  • Get a Real job Ladies ?

  • 🌸 I’m in love with Nicole’s shoes and Charlize hair 💕💗💖✨ I can’t wait to see the movie

  • ugh the shoes. i want margot robbie's

  • Great actors. Can't wait to see the film.

  • Ellen must be wet with all that punani opposite.

  • When Nicole gets a compliment she always changes the subject. She did the same thing on Colbert

    • She's socially awkward like me

  • Margot Robbie’s legs 😍 !!

  • legs legs legs

  • 4 billion dollars in box office ...WOW


  • Hessian is known as burlap in the US or Canada... in case someone is curious

  • They're like three sisters - one masculine, one feminine, one childish. Awesome people.

  • Charlize is "I was doing a film in London" and I screamed I bet she was shooting Fast and Furious 9 since all cast were in London shooting as well. So excited cant wait!

  • Great 👍 was one Ellen is one ☝️

  • hessian fabric

  • Charlie is great,love her movies but she is quite a drama queen! ! Gets worse as she grows older it seems...loved her older movies though

  • the way she says hessian

  • All three of them seem so NORMAL in this interview! But I’m sure they aren’t the same way around real normal people. Ooo, don’t bother me,I’m in a hurry. Plus I’m sure their bodyguards won’t let anyone get near them! 🤔

  • Margot is so real, adorable. Go Auzzie Go.

  • I feel no chemistry at all

  • Nicole Kidman✨💜

  • The Charlie’s angles looks amazing

  • Charlize USED to be so hot

  • I’m in USA and when I move back to Australia I should see Margot if not I’m gonna have depression for my whole life

  • cream of the crop!

  • the movie charliez is talking about is probably Fast 9

  • Margot Robbies feet are distracting🦶🏻😋😛😍

  • Charlize is looking like Ruby Rose's older sis

  • That is a sexy sofa!!!

  • Charlize Theron is just soo stunningly beautiful- and Margo Robbie is the perfect woman

  • Boy Ellen's legs are tightly crossed in this interview.

  • so what's the common denominator here

  • What happened to your thumb? Well fought a guy and realization hit.... He was stronger

  • So Theron is single as can be, yet wears a wedding ring, yet complains no man has the balls to step it up to her. Really?

  • unusual attraction bt M & S

  • Margot with those legs hotdamn...

  • She’s totally talking about fast 9

  • Charlize is look like a brother of ruby rose.

  • Ellen had a nice time

  • Three very beautiful ladies, but my God, Charlize Theron.......WOWSERS!!! Gorgeous is an understatement. That hairdo? Love it!!

  • Qué les pasa a estas tres. Están horribles!!! Con lo guapas que son en las películas.

  • First of all: None of them made any significant money on the box office concerning all the people necessary for making a movie. Second of all: Yeah, you're right.

  • Nicole Kidman.

  • For me, Charlize is the nicest woman from those three