Charles Melton Attempts To Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

Pubblicato il 17 mag 2019
Riverdale star Charles Melton visits the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen to make Baked Alaska with Carla. Can he follow along using verbal instructions only?
Check out the recipe here:

The Sun is Also a Star is in theaters May 17th.
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Charles Melton Attempts To Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit


  • That chef low key flirting with him 😂

  • smiling while watching

  • Other people who should do this: Jake gyllanhaal Tom Holland Ryan Reynolds Cole sprouse Kj apa Madalane pestcth (I don’t know how to some of the names correct)

  • Have Shawn Mendes do this!

  • IT-tvs algorythim: Yep, put that on his recommendations. Me: Couldn't you do that before?! You meanies. After watching Charles, i've Nina wating for me to watch.

  • hahahah the way he's constantly eating

  • At the beginning when he stands so close to her

  • No one: Literally not a soul: Charles Melton: M-kAy

  • I love how he just tastes everything

  • Charles seems so much more quiet and reserved in real life. He’s sooo adorable ♡

  • i love him omg

  • charles: ask 1 question Carla: Answers in 500 sentences I'm laughing HAHA

  • His actions and reactions were so cute😂 The "I cut my finger", licking the food, and the the "whoa"

  • This was the cutest one

  • Carla: **breathes** Charles: okay

  • Who’s a good boy?❤️😙😂

  • “i know carla.”😂😂, i was dryingggg.

  • Chris saying "M'kay" is just

  • I love how he licked and ate everything in between 😂😂😂

  • i need timothee chalamet on one of these episodes

  • i can't stress enough how cute he is

  • Anyone notice the Graeter’s ice cream?? 🤗🤗

  • I know carla...

  • Charles Melton eating Cake and meringue for 16 minutes

  • "Can I eat this- are we gonna use this later?" * Stuffs cake in mouth*

  • He tried to close the bag by licking it like a blunt 😂😂😂

  • He said ok around 28 times

  • Charles is so cute

  • "His movie the sun is also a star and he's on Riverdale" and 13 reasons why...and k.c undercover. What else.

  • I don't know this guy and I mean this in an endearing way, not in a mean way, but he seems to embody the statement "boys are dumb"

  • lol he's not the ORIGINAL reggie on riverdale (because ross butler played reggie but decided 13 reasons why was more important for him and gracefully left to do that so they pulled charles in) but I remember reggies as Charles playing him not ross.

  • nobody: Charles: mKAy

  • He used to go to my church, hes always been so awkwardly cute😂😂

  • WONDERFUL! I've never had an urge to make Baked Alaska - but this has changed my mind!


  • Wow he reminds me of Ross butler from 13 reasons y

  • do tom holland !!!!

  • I didn't realize how cute he was omg

  • Sooooo adorable🙂😍

  • his little giggle made my heart BREAK

  • When he was closing the piping bag with his mouth LMAO

  • What great instructions

  • Charles is me eating everything while I’m cooking😂

  • Her: whatever works Her on the inside: look at this amateur

  • “Putting it on the round side” Me: so putting it on its side “Two nice even 2 3/5 inch disk” Me: cut it in half got it

  • Frickin adorable how eager he was to learn and try

  • He’s just like, lemme eat it already

  • Karla is rlly lucky ;/

  • Just look at this Handsome Squidward.

  • hes so nice a kind aaa

  • when he licked the turntable I DIED😂☠️

  • baked Alaska was in hannah montana!!!!!!!!!

  • Idk who he is but he's so damn cute im screaming

  • Him and Shawn make me want to change my name to Camilla... 😭

  • I know he is not holding his spoon like that..

  • he's cute😍

  • He’s absolutely the cutest thing ever

  • hes so cute ejfbkerfj

  • He acts so different from any show he's ever in and I. Love. It.

  • he’s so cute 🥺