Charles Leclerc's Onboard Pole Lap | 2019 Italian Grand Prix | Pirelli

Pubblicato il 7 set 2019
Watch how Charles Leclerc clinched his 4th Pirelli Pole Position Award of the season.
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  • Music for my ears

  • Acabo de ver un on board del año 2006 que poronga son los autos ahora

  • Did anyone realise he lift the gas before finishing line while looking right?

  • All the comments are like "If a grandma had a d*ck, she would have been a grandpa".

  • From Leclerc's point of view: He didn't get a tow FROM VETTEL in his first lap so there was nothing to compensate for. Why did Vettel expect him to give a tow after he refused to do so at the first attempts?


  • 日本人おらんの?

  • Cadê o Hamilton ? Já era :

  • And the telemetry data, speed rpm?

  • Very strange, Lc take off the accelerator a littlebit before the finish line ..

  • I with they would of gotten the sound right for F1 2019. Cause the car sounds nothing like that. That thing sounds so fucking cool. Like a spaceship, awesome!

  • This camera angle sucks

  • Wow vola Charles Leclerc l'Italia e con te...facci onore ragazzo 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • So Leclrec got a tow from someone but not Vettel, it was good that Vettel was not on pole he could have never won and screwed Ferraris chances of winning the gp

  • We want the Speed & G's meters in pole laps

  • È un fenomeno, sono sicuro che diventerà il più forte di tutti...

  • Vettle should have be in front to give him a toll

  • My wife's dildo makes more noise . I can even hear it if she closes WC door ..

  • He could even lift before the finish line :'D

  • Pilotazo

  • *Torn between wanting the video to be LONGER but wanting Leclerc to go FAST*

  • Kimi: "BWOAH"

  • Prefer the old mic configuration

  • Jiminy Christmas he's fast!

  • Someone knows the top speed?

  • That is so awesome. I watch these in car laps over and over and over.

  • Obviously it's the car. I mean put George Russell in that Ferrari and you'll get the same results.

  • Seb could've done that too. Backwards and with his eyes closed. If he just had a team and sb. gave him a tow as well, you selfish prick.

  • the one towing him is a haas, not vettel, isn't he?

  • What's the Q3 joke? I didn't get it

  • F1 grandprix racing tells us the value of time my dear "Milli seconds"0:07;)

  • Put a goddamn speedometer for crying out loud, it's 2019...

  • Charles has turned into a legend today

  • Is this the closest we're gonna get to the visor cam these days?

  • Grande Charles

  • That’s the life

  • Grande Leclerc è il futuro della Ferrari Gara condotta alla perfezione come spiego qui:

  • Haha. New champ incarnated. Almost 1 decade 2 win Monza. Hahahaha. The Italians are out of jail finally. Even the great seb unable 2 win since his first team arrival. His 2008 win (toro rosso only win) still cannot save his butt 2 this day.🔥🔥🤭🤭

  • 🇮🇹🥇🇮🇹🥇🇮🇹🥇🇮🇹🥇🇮🇹🥇🇮🇹🥇🇮🇹🥇🇮🇹🥇 3 in a row Spa Italy Singapore

  • Ferrari !!!!

  • Ó ó ó o charles bela Vitória

  • He go's slowing down for the finish line 😬

  • Wow, I was laughing so hard at Q3, that I even forgot about hotlap onboard.

  • Incorrect timing line again

  • Where has the digital speedometer gone these days? Can we have it back

  • ❤️

  • Gay ass camera angle

  • Can you stop showing this fucking angle?

  • Ah again with this camera angle? I don't mind the shoulder cam in races, but all pole laps should be from the T-cam

    • Watching a pole lap through the shoulder cam seems slow.

  • Ferrari should win Monza for sure. Charles and Vettel should win 1st and 2nd place that should be the photo finish .

  • Top sound!

  • Slip stream used

  • Bottas was the fastest guy for real

  • If you set O,75 velocity you can enjoy a williams lap ;)

  • Forza Ferrari!!

  • T-cam plus info wouldve been nice..

  • Pole lap? Hope he loses not getting the win what a dirty asshole Vettel tow for him and suppose to return it but did not

  • I was kinda hoping we would see the final Q3 lap

  • 1:19:119

  • Fuck this shoulder cam😞😞