Charles Barkley feels bad for Russell Westbrook | Get Up

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Charles Barkley explains why he feels bad for Russell Westbrook after the former MVP was traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Houston Rockets.
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  • He Should feel sorry for CP3.

  • Facts

  • Westbrook's a paradox: ultimate respect for his heart on the court, and the completely laughable stubbornness of a 5yr old!

  • Chuck oversharing like always. Why do people listen to someone that was always 2nd? :)

  • Iman shumpert is going to carry both harden and Westbrook to the finals next season. WYM?????

  • These superteams are placing a financial burden on the owners. The star players are demanding that they take on more responsibility.

  • Fat, loud, country, and candid. I wonder does chuck frequently visit with a speech pathologist.

  • Charles looks like a Slim Fast Chocolate Shake killer...

  • why dont they just scrap the small market teams? The NBA, bandwagon fans and Media only care about the Lakers and Knicks may as well make the nba a 10 team comp.


  • westbrook should not have been taking more shots than durant in okc. if the offense had flowed through durant they would have won championships in okc.

  • It will not work James harden has to have the ball at all time and so does Westbrook it will not work harden will cry like a baby

  • The NBA finally falling from the superteam bs from Boston kg Ray Allen n Paul Pierce , n dat heat team LeBron Wade bosh , which both is overrated n maybe not in the top ten of overall championship nba teams all time, I like the player charisma now between players now then ever before the top player's are connecting n choosing to play with who they like , but I think the nba fell off from it's prestige from the 90's n lost it identity of game play from the 90's n it's skill from the 2000's from dribbling passing n ability to shoot at will , the leauge is a lil strange other than da warriors, n kawhi this past season

  • Russell Westbrook is in da NFL in da nba he's some wr or free safety he DNT look right on any nba team he's like a power forward point guard , even when he shoot he hops instead of jumps he's football mechanics, he's da best overall point cause hes power level of stanima he more naturally physical then finesse physical like Zion , Zions build is like a defensive linemen or a big line backer , Julius peppers Tony Gonzalez football players who can hoop , Randy moss remind me of a basketball player more than Russell Westbrook

  • I'm telling yall these ageing stars may not like it but they have got to stop pulling the Mello card and take the passenger or the back seat: they can scowl and complain but that is how these teams are gonna be successful, both Brody and CP3. Hate me all you want Chuck gots the memo

  • lmao

  • When i... I... I... when... I. I.. heard.. Uuh..

  • If someone knows something about being felt bad for it’s Charles Barkley.

  • Harden: pass the ball Russ I need to drop 30 tonight Westbrook: miss it James I need 10 boards for the night Coach: You f*ckin IDIOTS!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Barkley high as a mofo 🤣🤣

  • Ball hog plus ball hog

  • Players run the NBA not the owners the owners are basically getting a free ride making 3x the money they invest the players can deal directly with the ppl so the owners need to be humble

  • I like Russ, but none of this matters because the next three chips will be won by the Lakers, Clippers, Nets (in that order). Once this happens, ESPN or Fox need to get me a show, fo sho 💯

  • Just do the maximum of a 2 or 3 year contract

  • He said only 10 players have power, but it's gonna affect the other 90 percent? How many players are there?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Why don't they just go back and forth ? Keep one on the floor at a time. Is that not a good idea ?

  • Sir Charles is IN-TER-ES-TING

  • 'The "have-nots" are these rich owners' - Barkley 2019

  • A lot of the local media around here took Russ for granted they turned on him when he was loyal when many of the players around the league were not .. they slowly turned on him . And now its gonna be a few dry years as he will prob flourish under houstons system .. all I can say is I hope that group of local reporters are happy I hope they feel the machismo of constantly dogging on him

  • Why do I feel like in 10 years Zion will be considered a bust?? I think he has 2 get his weight down or his knees will not stand up ..

  • I think Westbrook should stay point and keep assist up and harden switch to the 2.

  • This is one of the main problems in professional sports now. Teams in large markets can steal any small market teams stars that they are lucky enough to draft. There really needs to be strongly enforced caps with no b.s. luxury tax loopholes.

  • Barkley, Inter-- Rest--Ing,,, Wow

  • Listen to the HOUSE NIGGA LOL

  • This is why I respect the NFL more. They make sure players earn max contracts not give them away.

  • Just look at la logs in Spain. Only Real Madrid and Barca win everything and the league is trash!

  • Russell has already accomplished more than Barkley already

  • Shut your face nobody felt sorry for Kobe and he gave his all

  • James Harden doesnt have to play point for Houston for it to be his team.. why make Russ switch positions when James already knows how to play SG&PG?

  • Westbrook is the baby version of Giannis Gwannideeko... the guy can't shoot, but can drive to the hoop.

  • Charles it’s not how much effort you put in, it’s for whom. He put those efforts for himself not for the team. That’s why they weren’t in the finals.

  • Don't worry, Charles, he's just happy to get the hell out of that shit hole OKC

  • Charles is silly Thanks for 1k

  • Take a shot every time it gets Interesting 🤯

  • Why would you feel bad hes earning more than you have ever did lol

  • Exactly Chuck. Russ is an absolute workhorse. Happy to have in Houston.

  • Disagree on Chucks point of view on the players being able to move etc. Now that the tables have turned it’s a problem lol c’mon man. People go for the players/teams not owners. Teams have been trading and moving players when it was hurting the player oh but now that the players r taking part in shaping their future it’s bad? Get outta here with that nonsense. If that owner don’t wanna pay a player then another will

  • Yes, put a guy a shooting guard who can't shoot. What makes Westbrook effective is having the ball. Barkley talking out of his ass as usual. The only thing he is good at is clowning.

  • They need to make it if you leave the team that drafted you. Your next 3 to 5 years of salary are a max of 10m. Also if you are asking/demanding to be traded. You lose the contract your under. And go to 10m or 50% of last contract

  • Why is the NBA do they care so much for owners. Unlike the NFL fans love the players not the league. If you got rid of the owners the league will be fine. If you get rid of players and made other teams people will still watch.

  • I can never feel bad for another grown makin 40 Mil per year, who's goin to HAF while playing game they love.. IDK JUST ME SMH

  • Who’s that girl at the end 🥰

  • So basically he doesn’t want players to move lol

  • Shaq and pat ewing inthe 90s what you think would it have worked? Its pretty much the same concept just with guards in this new era

  • I love Barkley but why does it seems like he has cottonballs in his mouth when he speaks?

  • Large markets do not have an advantage. Look at the last 20 years. Knicks. Clippers. Nets. End of story.

  • I couldn't keep count of how many times this dude said VERY INTERESTING lol!!

  • When you have a league where 95% of the team's are illrelavant that is a major problem. There are also numerous things that the league can do. Franchise Tag a player. Force teams to give up 4 unprotected 1at round picks. Penalize the team who tampared with thw other organization. Like the LA Fakers, who tampered with Pelicana to get AD. Penalized the organization financially and with picks. The beat ideal; Start signing the players to nonguareenteed contracts like they do in the NFL.

  • Seattle get them jerseys ready

  • Maximum contract to sit on the bench because their feelings were hurt.

  • They could of at least gave Charles a suite instead of a small ass hotel room

  • Westbrook career a slightly better version or Charles

  • Yes Westbrook plays hard and gives it his all..but how can he cant be efficient as a 2 guard because he cant on shoot effectively off the dribble,not spotting up catching and shooting..if he doesn't improve his shot selection Rockets a doomed

  • Charles is a uncle tom on the low.."rich owners"..more like wealthy

  • Barkley saying that 2 years he suggested Westbrook move to the 2 guard shows how much he knows about basketball. Real basketball heads been saying that since the 2012 finals run. Hell even before that

  • Sadly this commentators become so selfish and unbalanced toward the NBA stars, they just concentrate in a couple of players, and they spend the off and on season talking about them while others stars are totally ignored..

  • Chuck like Russ cause he know just like himself he will leave the nba a great player with no ring.

  • How did the Thunder and Raptors get hurt by the Kawhi deal? The Raptors knew he was gonna most likely be a one year rental. As far as the Thunder go, this small market team had all these great players and SQUANDERED a chance to win when they had a chance multiple times. It is what it is. Raptors got a NBA title out of it. I don’t feel bad for any of these small market teams that are poorly run. Are we gonna fault AD for not wanting to play for the sorry ass Pelicans?

  • Why does Charles Barkley sound like a retired boxer? painful to watch...

  • Charles called him Ernie

  • The elephant in the room: how did OKC lose Harden, KD, Ibaka, and Westbrook? Lol I'm amazed!

  • Charles "inter resting" Barkley

  • I wish he went to the Celtics! Russ is badass on the hardwood!! I'd take a one armed Westbrook over Kyrie !

  • Check out my farewell mix to the brodie on my channel

  • no cap, Westbrook goes full clip every night, even games that don't matter. I've only seen Jordan & Kobe with that same level of relentless competitiveness. yes sometimes he'll jack up a bad shot when he should've passed, but the man is a guaranteed triple double beast. I think Harden will play fine together, they've done it before, it doesn't have to be just Hardens' team, its their team now, two legit MVPs. the rest is up to D'antoni and his new unfamiliar staff gettin' the scheme right.

  • Charles Barkley is right DAMN SAM PRESTI !!!!!!!!! THUNDER UP oh that means nothing now.

  • Damn they got Golic in the basement now. Dont even see or here him unless you dig

  • russ is a piece of shit selfish spoiled brat.

  • Barkley must of just learned what interesting means

  • quality on barkley's camera is so bad i thought youtube had the video on 360p