CGI Animated Short Film: "Anna" by Anna Team | CGMeetup

Pubblicato il 14 mar 2019
CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Anna Animated Short Film by Alexia Rubod, Antoine Poyard, Jordann Jacobé, Alexis Choquard, Sophie Bracmard, Yunhan Liu at MoPA. Featured on CGMeetup
Spring 1941. A plane crashes in the Canadian Rockies and a little girl is taken in by a puma.
Professional Jury, « Coup de Cœur » - Official Graduation Ceremony, Valenciennes, France
University of Avignon, « 1% Numérique » - Avignon, France
Rotary Club Carry Côte Bleue / Rotary District 1760 - « Professional Action Award »
Arpa International Film Festival, « Best Animated Short Film » - Hollywood, USA
Animex Awards 2016, « CGI Animation Award » - Middlesbrough, UK
Torrelavega Film Festival 2016, « Best Animated Film » - Torrelavenga, Spain
Neum Animated Film Festival, « Best Student Film » - Neum, Bosnia
Bengaluru International Short Film Festival, « Second Runner Up » - Bengaluru, India
A short movie by : Alexia Rubod, Antoine Poyard, Jordann Jacobé, Alexis Choquard, Sophie Bracmard, Yunhan Liu.
Original Soundtrack by : Laura Lermigeaux
This graduation movie was made in MoPA school, France, in 2015.
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CGI Animated Short Film: "Anna" by Anna Team | CGMeetup
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  • This reminds me of Tarzan

  • That was nice. Heartwarming.

  • Los animales son tan leales

  • 😭😭😭😭😭

  • i am crying hard

  • Remind me of ice age

  • it's.. it's a puma. Also Anna looks like the puma Bye

  • 😅🙁☹️😔😞😫😩🥺😭🤭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • This video really reminds of Tarzan

  • Oof ...((((

  • E tendi nada

  • Чудесная грустная анимашка. Так хочется в это верить.

  • Comments 99% Wow so beautiful, really touched my heart 1% spanish

  • Estos vídeos son los más hermosos like si estás en 2019

  • So beautiful and sad at the same time

  • He:s a smart and funny kid .

  • Beautiful

  • 😍😍😭😭😭👧👨👶

  • 😭😢🐆

  • This was a beautiful story! I’m so glad no one was hurt or killed in this! The little girl was just precious! Her sounds she made and laughter reminds me of my tiny niece’s! I can’t help but cry, it was very bittersweet!

  • Wait, have a short film with my name? Oh, my dream being reality

  • ✨💕💖✨

  • Раша:-D;-)😋😂😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tiger my help she Anna good I love tiger thank so much..😥👨‍👩‍👧😩💔

  • Как можно поставить dislike? когда тут такой труд. Проработано до мельчайших деталей. Великолепно! Хорошая работа. Одни эмоции, затронули душу

  • A mix of Tarzan and Mowgli/The Jungle Book

  • I think it’s during ww2 because if you look when they are in the plane a nazi symbol appears

  • 不是同类,動物都有 爱憐幼小生命的初心,现實社会人不如 四只脚的爬行类,

  • I hate and love this bittersweet ending.

  • Ahate short flim, i want along movie please make it afull movie .

  • What a beautiful story💜

  • This is fucked up! I, SHOCK! Animators, creators, director - YOU are the best! let the OSCAR hide!Thank you very much to the authors of the site, for your robot !!!!!!!! Ukraine/Україна.

  • It Soo sad 😭😭 😭😭 😭😭 😭

  • Nao entemde. Muito nao

  • I think what really up the notch with this story was the fact her parents had Nazi documents and passports! That just set in stone location, time period, back story and why the events are happening. Brilliant.

  • Бедная кошка одинокая.

  • ?????????

  • Okay, but when does she go back when she's older and reunite with the Mountain lion?

  • I like how the mountain lion is concerned about her kid leaving but also knows that's where she belongs

  • Please make a second part!

  • PRIMOROSA ANIMAÇÃO 🌹 Uma Linda estória, a maior prova de que o "chamado" ser-humano ainda tem muito que aprender com os animais ♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️🌹🕊🌹🕊🌹🕊🌹🕊🌹🕊🌹🕊🌹🕊🌹 Obrigada pelo magnífico trabalho 🤗😚🌷🙇‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  • Tarzan rip offs are starting to get popular

  • The lion is an inspiration to us. She (is it a she?) really knew that it was time to let go of the girl she treated as a child. It is hard to let go your loved ones when it's time. But we know it's the best for them.

  • she must be hungry i mean she tried to eat a rock

  • Where full the film

  • Qué bellaaa lloreee😭😭❤❤

  • Wtf!? Absurd

  • Now I am wondering what she has been eating on those days 😯😯😯

  • When comments give you spoilers

  • Omg 😭

  • Alguém brasileiro ai ?????

  • Love this ❤️

  • Is someone cutting a bowl full of onions here? 😭

  • Good cat story?!... They have always been associated with witches and Evil... Thank you for showing them it in a light that truly reveals what lies inside

  • Poor mama cat... And poor baby..

  • When I saw the mother's hand it reminded me of my mother, her hand was just like my mother's that really touched me deep

  • The end is sad 😭

  • What there was this sign from Hitler

  • She's so cute.

  • I loved how, in a few brief moments of the shots of things scattered on the floor of the plane, we learned that the family were Jewish - or at least the father was - escaping Nazi Germany. That was some awesome detail that lent further meaning to this very deep and profound short film.