Cavs players have a problem with coach John Beilein's style, according to a report | The Jump

Pubblicato il 7 dic 2019
Rachel Nichols, Ramona Shelburne and Kendrick Perkins react to a report in The Athletic that Cleveland Cavaliers players are tuning out first-year head coach John Beilein and turning to assistant J.B. Bickerstaff.
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  • I think coach John Beilein meant to say (and rightfully so): A bunch of mostly black thugs - considering the composition of NBA teams (minus Utah).

  • What exactly is college style coaching?

  • Should have stayed in college

  • The man makes a good point. Nobody expects anything from Cleveland. Typical

  • Jon Beilein is a great coach. Give him more time in Cleveland and he’ll turn them into an elite team in a matter of a few years.

  • I think John Beilein is doing great, the team unexpectedly won 10games. I expected them to just win 15 games or less this season.

  • Jr smith put his name on it and we see how that worked out..that is why the source is anonymous

  • Perk you gotta get a better suit 😂😂😂

  • kendrick, stop shaving your mustache so low

  • they all just want to have there life easy so they dont like when "college style coaching" is applied.

  • It’s tt, we finna trade him don’t worry

  • is this a real show. what a joke of host's.... is this filmed in someone's basement

  • what a jacked up beard

  • Perkins is a total tool. Does that suit fit

  • what a train wreck of talent. wow these 3 lol

  • Their grown MAN NOT KIDS LOL

  • I played for john at Canisius College. He’s a hall of fame coach but they are probably bitching about his offense called “2 gaurd”. I’m sure of it

  • Wow Kendrick Perkins sounds illiterate..this dude never got passed 3rd grade reading level

  • Who cares? it's the Cleveland Cavaliers! they are destined to suck for another 30+ years or another home grown hall of fame talent magically falls to them in the draft, again

  • bunch of sissies

  • How much you want to bet that it's Kevin Love? He for whatever reason became available like 2 days before this report. Nothing changed from before.

  • on the draft prospect vid they listed Garland at 6'3 on google they list him at 6'1 both on the inside and the outside

  • Was Ramona in Willow?

  • Rachel is thicc

  • Finally some talk about my Cavs 😁

  • As a Michigan basketball fan his style can definitely be frustrating, but it definitely worked there. Maybe it just doesn’t work in the NBA

  • Trade me if you think im a child.

  • Oh, cavs are rebuilding alright, and they are using bricks for offense and air for defence.

  • I think its Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson bc reports came tht they are looking for trades for Thompson and Love

  • They are tanking.. coavh is doing a great job

  • hire mark Jackson in to develop them

  • Cough cough Brandon Knight. Put 1 and 2 together a vet who is a free agent this coming summer looking for his next contract, and he is not getting playing time.

  • Perkins voice makes me want to stop listening to ESPN. Plus he is not even decent at being an analyst.

  • Colin sexton is trash 🗑

  • Lebron Left!! Period 😱

  • don't you just love the meritocracy? you got a linguistically challenged man that can't form a single decent sentence in a purely speaking role on TV.

  • How stumpy is Romona?

  • This is the reason why the NBA needs to shake up how the regular season plays out. We needs better stories than the tanking Cavs having issues with there coach lol

  • Funny how a team looks before and after LeBron leaves.. He was the entire cavs org now they are nothing. Coaching isn't the problem

  • I know Perk is respected by nba players but Cotdamn he’s awful to listen to on this show. The mush-mouth delivery is makes it hard to take him serious.

  • Yeah well then the Cavs players don't respond well to success and winning at literally every level. I know college isn't necessarily equal to the pros, but Beilein at Michigan made 2 National Championship appearances, for a 4-5 year stretch he helped develop lots of NBA talent from guys who weren't necessarily top recruits (Trey Burke, Nik Stauskas, Caris LeVert, Duncan Robinson, Derrick Walton Jr.). He developed players better than any other coach and I'd take Beilein over any other coach. Anyone can win with guys who are bigger, stronger, and faster (Calipari, Roy Williams, Coach K - no offense to Coach K he is awesome) but it takes a master to win with out it. Beilein won a Big Ten title for Michigan a decade ago or so, and he started four 6'2"-6'4" guards and his tallest player who got minutes was a 6'7" combo 4/5. I mean, come on. The guy is a master. The Cavs would be ridiculous to turn on him, of course they aren't going to win now, that roster is trash. Give Beilein a chance, give him a few drafts and let him and his staff develop guys.

  • what makes that constipated perkins credible?

  • he shouldn't never have gotten that coaching job. Dan Gilbert's an idiot

  • Probably Kevin Love who said this, he was looking dejected the other night after not getting the ball on the block a few times, then all of a sudden cavs open to trading him.

  • Please keep perk on the show 😂🤣

  • We just gonna ignore Kendrick Perkins’ finger🤮

    • Morgan Burgess you’re that focused on another man’s body part

  • We don’t need LeBron they said 😂😂

  • Tragic bronson alert

  • ive never noticed perkins finger

  • Either teach Kendrick Perkins English or get a new commentator.

  • Hire Fizdale

  • Jay Wright is the only college coach who could make the jump right now and adapt right to the nba

    • F Jay Wright he messed up Jahvon Qunierly's career up he should be in the league right now but they hoed him at Nova and now has to sit a year

  • The problems are their guards who avg 1 assist a game each

    • A Tribe Called Quest I don’t find a correlation... try again

    • @Russell The Monstar Westbrook Your username shows why you don't think that's a problem XD

    • Ryan Schick for one you clearly don’t watch Cavs games to know anything if you think their guards are “selfish”. Secondly assists of a point guard arent a measurement of team production. It’s just a stat. They have 5 players averaging over 10ppg, one of few teams to do that. Their main problem is their defense and lack of depth. Though I do agree that Garland is horrible at the point guard position scoring wise, Sexton is maxing out his role on this team and shouldn’t take the blame for being thrown into this clusterfuck combo guard offense.

    • That actually is their problem. Their guards are selfish and don’t know how to run a team

    • Dexter Paranada that’s not the problem🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Finally news that ain't bashing my Knicks.🤦‍♂️

  • Did he say unanimous source?

  • Call me crazy but it seems that where ever jb Bickerstaff goes the head coach is in danger

  • You can’t treat young men like boys when they make more in a month than you do in a year 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • GotAL2Say 19-20 making millions sounds like a grown man to me. Favorite this comment cuz he won’t be the coach still in 2 years

    • G Fears like boys? The three main players they have are 19 -20. It’s the older guys that need to be traded so that they can build something good or bad. Change is needed.

  • Nah its not the coach the players and coach just really sucks, time re-do everything wait another 50yrs for a championship for Cleaveland.

  • John Beilin is an outstanding coach. Cleveland without Lebron James is a losing franchise. Ultimately it comes down to this very simple concept, players are responsible for scoring the ball, defending the ball, rebounding the ball and passing the ball. If you're in the NBA and you can not preforme those basic fundamental skills which are the foundation for winning and losing, at a consistently high level, that's on you not the coach.

  • Ain't gonna bump no mo with no big fat women !