Pubblicato il 12 ott 2019
Derrick Rose, Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson and Bruce Brown all finished with 15 PTS to lead the Detroit Pistons to a 109-105 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Collin Sexton scored a game-high 24 PTS, while Tristan Thompson added 15 PTS & 8 REB on 7-11 shooting.


  • Six Piston, Six Figures ? 10-21-19.

  • Still think we could have got Reggie tf outta Detroit lol

  • Good comeback by the Pistons, good play by the Cavaliers until crunch time. I noticed Love did not play in the 4th. Was he on a minutes restriction or did Coach Bielein want to see how Nance would do in the clutch?

  • Its great to see D Rose as a DETROIT PISTONS:()

  • DRose looking very solid on the floor!

  • Free Hong Kong, down with communist China

  • Pistons are looking good...👌😊

    • Hate or love me I believe we could beat you in regular season, actually. However, we need Kevin Love

    • JCW871 don’t loose hope, maybe this season they’ll win 20 games 🙊 Sincerely a Pistons Fan 😆👍

    • It’s preseason and the Cavs were experimenting. Also, it’s the Cavs who only won 19 games last year. Sincerely, A Cavs Fam

  • 0:29 this is why players love Kevin, gets a bullshit call on himself and goes and helps Markieff up.

  • reggie jackson be off that loud pack 😂😂😂

  • Dumboaya should go out there and play

  • Derrick Rose! 🤘🔥😁

  • 0:04 lmfao

  • Zion’s better than them all

  • I was there

  • Belein makes his return🤣🤣

    • He’s off the Wolverines now, so you can stfu and stop hating just because a man is successful.

  • Ain't it like the Cavs to come on strong to just like it slip through there fingers

    • Forgiven Sinner 40 is too much, in a couple seasons they’ll hit that though

    • @Jose Figueroa I have hope in 1) Love playing 70 games or more, compared to 22 last year. That should be good for 10-20 more victories alone. 2) Tristan playing 70 or more games. There's another couple games just due to his rebounding. He and Love make a killer rebounding duo. 3) Development of Sexton, Darius, and the other rookies. They'll all be better. There's another couple more games won. I expect at least 40 games won, maybe 47.

    • Jose Figueroa that’s not necessarily what happened last season. They usually just lost. Sometimes they’d make a good come back, and still lose, but it’s not like they had huge leads and lost them. Also, they had a lot of injuries last year

    • @Forgiven Sinner this will happen in the regular season as it happened last season

    • Preseason game. The primary goal is to learn which players to keep, which to use in which situation, not to win. Note that the Cavs best player, Kevin Love, didn't play in the 4th quarter. I'd be more worried if this happened in the regular season. And yes, the Piston's best player didn't play either.

  • It’s becoming clear to be now that even with Love on the floor Sexton is still the best scoring option on the floor 9/10 times. Give him the damn ball. In crucial moments it should be in his hands at all times. Idk why Delly is continuously used as a P&R ball handler when he can’t even score smh

  • I swear pistons are comeback city like legit man.

  • Move the league to China you bastards!

  • So when is Garland going to get more minutes? I'm guessing they're bring him back from injury slowly and he'll get 20+ minutes in one of the next games.

    • And it’s preseason. There’s no point in risking him having a more serious injury during preseason

  • He's not only making thongs, he's making threes!

  • Nice to see rose still can finish around the rim

  • People are complaining about reggie jackson but having 2 point guards who score more than 15 ppg is a real plus be happy guys

    • @theKONGSTOCKS we're talking about basketball, u got the wrong reggie

    • Aside from Reggie Jackson, name another athlete who hits three home runs in a row off of three consecutive pitches from three different pitchers??? #STOOPID

    • Jason Adams just watch a f*ckin game. That’ll tell you all you need to know about these bums you think are good

    • The problem will be that neither will finish above 50% from the floor or above 40% from deep. And at least one is likely to not play a full season. I'd even settle for 45% from the floor and 35% from 3 if they played all the games. Their skill sets do seem kind of redundant tbh

    • AGK927 just stop try watching a game for once instead of looking at the box Reggie Jackson is trash so is Drummond

  • Lerbon>>>Reggie Jackson.

    • @Steven P No, water itself isn't wet, but when it is on something that thing is wet. This isn't a debate anymore because this was already proven by scientists.

    • water--->>>wet

  • D rose for All star💯💯💯

  • First vIEWER!!