Catching and Cooking King Crab - Gordon Ramsay

Pubblicato il 15 giu 2016
Gordon heads to arctic Norway to catch the dangerous and delicious king crab.
From Gordon Ramsay's The F Word
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  • Imagine the king crabs smelling there own siblings

  • We eat the whole king crab as we can make 3 or 4 dishes out of one crab, you can stir fry the body or steam, they are absolutly delicious, no less than the legs! Just beccause of the crab bone in the body he said its not good to eat and discarded it, what a waste! Just can't stand ppl only know tartar sauce with seafood.


  • If any boys try this they have a 110% chance of shrinkage

  • feel hungry😋😋

  • Not fresh?! Ill get it myself!

  • Thumbnail: Xenomorph Face Hugger.

  • Gordon Ramsay in: Deadliest Catch

  • do i think people hate gordons food but they cant do shit about it cuz theyre live

  • bro i eat the whole fucking crab- the body is good wtf wejkfcnwejfkew

  • holy shit that looks delicious

  • fortnite crab

  • What an idiots

  • Does GR eat with that mouth?

  • It’s mr.krabs he just wants to sell you a krabby patty

  • 2:37 me too gordon, me too 🤣

  • He looks like he has a lot of fun!!!

  • I went from watching “Spec Ops The Line” to watching Gordon catching and eating King Crab. Gotta love the internet.

  • “They’re big, they’re ugly” Crabs: *whY yOu bUllY uS*

  • *F in da chat for Mr Krabs 😭*

  • 5:02 I’m gonna do something simple Me : Couldn’t understand mayonnaise and lime

  • Are you feeling it now mr krabs

  • “What sound does the elephant make?” : 2:40

  • We got mukbangers to take care of these baby’s

  • It’s not there fault they are born people say animals over populate but we are way more over populated and we do more damage to the whole planet.

  • Why does he swear though?? He's suppose to be British, which means clean, and not american

  • I hate you so much 👿

  • I wanna eat this crab

  • Go vegetarian

  • Discarding the body of king crab? That's insane.

  • Gordan ramsay: we will do something simple as will need lime, mayonnaise, oil,bricks,birds,poop,appels,pork,blablablaaaa

  • The Kiss Of Death strikes again!

  • I'm kind of disappointed in the size of that Crab that you can't eat the body Here in the Philippines Body is the main dish

  • That looked a lot easier then they described it

  • If i was cooked by gordan and he said i tasted good thats a win in my book

  • Gordon saying “50,000 crabs live under this ice” sounded a lot like COD 4’s “50,000 people used to live here. Now it’s a ghost town”

  • Let Americans have a go at them, we will fish them to extinction.

  • 0:55 Now we’re ridin’ in style!

  • Imagine if they grab the guy from river monsters and put him together with gordan for the crab hunt

  • R . I . P C R A B 4:38

  • It is 3 am and I am watching this

  • God I live in the south west of the U.S.A I never had a crab in my life...this looks so delicious. A crab is about 40 bucks. Outrageous!!!!

  • Holy crab its Big 😱 Get it? Holy “CRAB” its Big 😂😏

  • I love how Gordon can’t cook without a huge table of ingredients

  • "I'm shitting myself" Yeah that's how contestants feel like at masterchef

  • *mr krabs has left the chat*

  • Ice block table.

  • Anyone else watched this like 10x already? Just me? Okay😂

  • Crab Rave Music Starts Playing

  • omg yummy i love king crab more than lobster

  • I could kill off 1/2 the population of the king crab, if i lived there...

  • Gordon ramsey : king krabs are ugly Also gordon ramsey : “beautiful”

  • Same person why are you doing this send back

  • Why tf am I watching Gordon ramsay videos at 3 am?

  • rip fur dat crab

  • This is what happens when Gordon gets tired of old not fresh food... He fucking raises a chicken and eats it nice and fresh

  • "i look like a giant condom" -Gordon Ramsay

  • Hi

  • Now that’s fresh food.

  • Feel like everyone is ignoring the fact that the crab was holding another claw