Casually Explained: Video Game Genres

Pubblicato il 4 mar 2019
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  • People who play trucking simulatory games need to become a fucking truck driver. Where you actually make money doing something youve done for hundreds of hours in a game

  • my god your moba description is the most accurate shit i've ever heard in my life.

  • Holy fuck. That mug is beautiful. Now i know what I'm getting myself for christmas.

  • 2:25 Thanks for making me choke

  • Oh and there are also good games, like Dark Souls or Monster Hunter or Isaac or any game that can give you a challenge different than competing with other players on an easy game base.

  • You forgot driving games

  • Lmao @ 0:47

  • What about Grand Strategy games

    • They are still strategies...

  • Racing Games?

  • Im the type of RP gamer where one second im taking 27 and 29s and next its 10 99 officer down all call shit

  • Tower Defence?

  • Where is tower defence game?

  • StarCraft 2 is really just a good excuse for having arthritis.

  • Technically Fifa didn't even change the whole number completely, only the 8 with 9. :(

  • What about Tetris battle royals smh my head

  • You forgot racing games

  • ight bet 1v1 me

  • Total Annihilation. Does anyone play still?

  • MOBA has the toxiest community among other genres and also has the highest prize pool for a tournament -> Dota 2 2019 International. $30,000,000

  • 2:05 😂😂😂😂😂

  • “Some of the nicest communities” Fifteen year old girl bullied off of Smash bros scene after winning

    • it's ok because girls don't exist

  • > RPG > shows Skyrim Comedic genius

    • Technically it is a RPG, just from inferior subgenre. At least he didn't show Final Fantasy.

  • I think maybe you are stereotyping Koreans a little. :) I would hate to be a Korean who sucked at video games. People would really think you are weird.

  • another category. Old games. I still play many older games I feel are better than newer ones. Like Dragon Age: origins, Baldur's Gate games, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 2. SMAC for the TBS genre (which he didn't cover sadly).

    • Dragon Age, Baldur’s Gate, and F:NV are RPGs and what the heck defines an “old game” as a genre anyways? Is snooker an old game because it’s older than Halo 3?


    • It is a slasher with RPG elements.

  • you missed. racing games

  • Why do you need to buy newer sports games?

  • A G A N E

  • 2:10 Koean mode is fucking hard man, 2/10 do not recommend.

  • No Minecraft? Blocked and reported

    • And what genre it is?

  • Wait I thought rpgs were just big open worlds with non linear stories what

    • @Gabe Hoinh To be honest, until recently there was a lot of misconceptions regard the subject. Simplest definition of RP(V)G is that they are simulation of real world party game, known under same name. Classic cRPG's are direct adaptation of Tabletop (PnP) RPG's, when Dungeon Crawl and Hack&Slash are simplified forms (Skyrim for example) lacking proper role-play element, and lets say that alongside proper Action RPG's they are closest to LARP. And ironically many interactive visual novel (eroge) are in fact direct adaptations of paragraph RPG's, even if they lack combat, exploration and character statistics. jRPG's aren't real RPG's but tactic-adventure games, what evolve from dungeon crawl alongside action-adventure (open world and survival games are subgenres of that), what were commonly misinterpret as "the RPG" on consoles. What lead to few weird terms by people in denial, like "Console RPG" or "Western RPG", what make no sense.

    • TheRezro silly

    • Błehehehehehehe, good joke ;D

  • “This is me doing coke off the keyboard” 😂😂

  • *That was me snorting a line of COKE off my keyboard*

  • I dont understand why his name needs to be Rodney

  • I'm so glad you still make these, they're amazing!

  • Yeah, the Smash community call them friendlies, the rest of us call them casuals 😂

  • Casual, Normail, Hard, Korean.... Im dead

  • how about card games or turnbased games??? reeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Sports game change every year to have the updated kits and jerseys

  • You have such funny content. How come the algorithm hasn't suggested you until now

  • Age of Empires master race.

  • Action and action adventure?

  • you forgot the survival and sandbox genres

    • @SuperSMT Because it is subgenre.

    • And he should have been more general about strategy games. RTS excludes loads of great turn-based strategy, like the Civ games

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  • Bloons!

  • He forgot the important sims, racing sims

  • Jokes on you, you can take money from dwarves in real life, or do you think no man under 5’9 was ever robbed?

  • CE confirmed mang0 fan what a great way to start the day

  • Of course he put the worst C&C game smh

  • Been watching a few of ur BS and I'm now a subscriber You are great at this #BroBro

  • This is comedy gold.


  • "Or stomp their casual asses on 200cc Rainbow road with a Gamecube controller." Stomping everytime. They can fight for 8th.

  • All jokes aside somebody explain/list the different game genres and and their sub-genres.

    • TheRezro I see

    • @Ritz Kola Thanks. I also forget to mention that MMO's (massive multiplayer online), evolved from MUD (multi-user dungeons, so they are subgenre of dungeon crawl, usually lacking proper role-play mechanic).

    • TheRezro appreciate that!

    • It is complicated. Three core genres ara: Action, Logic/Puzzle and Narrative games. Due to technical reasons initially majority of action games were on consoles and arcades, with most logic and story driven games being on PC's, home computers and workstations. But both start fusing with improvements of the hardware. Classification of actin games is generally simple, as it include all things like sport games (including racing), platform and maze games, shooters (FPS, TPS, space shooters, etc.), slashers, fighting games (including Beat'em ups), stealth games and rhythm games. With only few mixed genres like tactical shooter, action-adventure or survival games (including survival horror). Most based on simple dexterity mechanics, usually used nowadays as supplements for more advanced games. So called "PC genres" are way more complicated. For the start logic and narrative games fused quite early leading to creation of Adventure genre where we explore environment trying solve puzzles to progres the story. What later evolve into two separate schools associated with highly logical "point and click" adventure games and more exploratory action-adventure. On top of that genre overlap with RPG's, what are simulations of complex party game. And speaking of simulation they aren't associated with any specific mechanic trying reconstruct real or fictional world mechanic (most famous examples are: RPG's, Sport Games, Space Sims and Economic Sims). Anyway, RPG's separate on: classic adaptations of Tabletop Systems (what I remind are tactic supplements, not the role-play itself), simplified dungeon crawl (include roguelike and hack&slash) and modern Action RPG's, what replace combat with action modules, instead tactical ones but still is true to role-play core (when all stuff like western RPG or console RPG is a console kid bullshit). And one more thing. jRPG's aren't RPG's but tactic-adventure games. They only evolve from dungeon crawl, so name stay. And ironically interactive visual novels (eroge) ironically commonly contain strong role-play (for clarity usually classified as Narrative games) even if they lack combat. On top of that we have also strategy games, what are more expansive branch of logic games. they include more action based RTS, more complex grand strategy games (what include elements of economical simulation) or classic turn-based strategy games and specific case known as 4X what lets say is mix of some aspects of RTS and GSG. Too much to explain. And that excluding new weird genres like battle royals and arenas. What are specific forms of older genres mixes. So topic is quite convoluted.

  • Mi ping es alto y no se porque

  • 2:27 I love your humor so much.

  • “......and even sometimes wear deodorant”

  • This is... actually pretty helpful