Casually Explained: Men's Fashion

Pubblicato il 14 mar 2018
Don't doubt the streetwear NASA fanny pack it's sitting on my coffee table right now.
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  • actually a good breakdown, no lie

  • We are giving clothing sponsorships to young athletes, musicians, gamers, comedians and more - and support independent business and use code “GoGet15” at basket if you like anything ✌️

  • imagine building house with supreme bricks

  • *Obviously who would pay $30 for a brick* they paid $1,000 for it

  • can we celebrate that cargo pants came back in style tho because skinny jeans were getting quite uncomfortable

  • Well men’s fashion are MUCH MYCH SIMPLER than women’s

  • Cam newton🌚

  • 🤣

  • Zumiez and Tillys have nice ass clothes

  • really only 3 things you need to know for basic fashion: 1. Make sure it fits well 2. Make sure the colors work 3. Stick to a code per outfit ( street, business casual, smart casual, etc) You can buy good brands at thrift and get them tailored if youre broke, but you should really only buy brands for quality. Name doesn't matter and 99% of people cant tell. A middling brand that wont fall apart in a year, as long as it fits well, will still look great.

  • idk but the most left guy at 2:22 seems pretty cool to me

  • You forgot metal.. Its all black. But we also have spikes everywhere and a leather/denim jacket with band logos. And long hair. Not the goth long that it hits your eye But the genuinely long. You trip over it hair.

  • Also pioneering comf-core from the other side of the atlantic.

  • the avant garde description killed me lol

  • Why do people unlike this? He's just taking the piss like come on haha

  • Techwear looks so damn cool and you can make an outfit for a decent price

  • “I did however have a pouch for my laser pointer”

  • Kanye

  • You missed spezzatura

  • Yeah not gonna lie. i own most of those hype sneakers u had there. one of which is the N.E.R.D 2017 complexcon exclusives which are valued anywhere from 8500-11,000$

  • Just put on a pair of jeans if you leave your house

  • "I did have a ouch for my laser pointer" Was if one of those really powerful ones that can found people? Please tell me it was one of those!

  • but Tyler said he wears that stuff because he enjoys bright colors and patterns lol

  • Don't forget to tie an onion to your belt. Grandpa Simpson said it was the fashion of the depression.

  • thanks for reminding me why I hate fashion

  • Based off my own experience, tight black shirt, slim fit black jeans and black air Jordan’s, you will get laid. Or atleast get in the door by “ looking good “. Good luck champ👌

  • If I just wait long enough, people will dress like me ironicly and I am cool

  • So true so true

  • I'm just going to wear a black guy on my shoulders. That'll make me cool.

  • I still dress like an alternative kid from Hot Topic with band/gaming/anime tees, military style/leather jackets, super skinny jeans, and vans/converse/docs.

  • I'm working on pioneering BrokeKore. It's like NormKore, but you're broke.

  • Me: Wears same old vans sneakers and metal band t-shirts since high school

  • But comfwear == cozybois

  • Normcore but unironically

  • Pants should go back to being for horseback riding.

  • Amazing

  • What about folks that ware athletic ware every day but clearly don't excercise at all

  • lmao at nasa fanny pack & middle school tbt

  • Since when did you get 2.1mil subs? Jeez!

  • 4:45 *Wow, that's so accurate!*

  • I prefer hobo-shik

  • Casual and street basically the same

  • Crust punks exist now, it's just dressing like a hobo

  • a superior feelig when you havent spent money on any degenerate brands like supreme ^^

  • Palewave sounds like syntwave with but with more black clothing

  • Just wear comfcore "ironically"

  • average dad LMFAO

  • What about the gas masks

  • I can’t even express my appreciation for this video. 🥇😂💯

  • Great looking at all the clothes I can´t wear because while 19yo I'm still 1,60m "big". So it´s still a basic shirt and jeans for me.

  • True Men’s Fashion: 1) I have to wear clothes? 2) Don’t wear clothes if you don’t have to.

  • you forgot frat fashion ... t-shirt and quirky colored shorts w sperrys or new balance

  • Honestly i think Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys has the best sense of fashion I've seen.

  • A bit late to the party, but can I get an update on how comf-core is coming along. I’ve been an supporter of the brand for years now and just want to know if I can come out of hiding or go back to my top 10 lists?

  • Nowadays, men clothing is very feminine.

  • How about wearing comfortable clean clothes every day while trying to show some respect to other people. For example I give classes so I always wear a nice button-up single color (usually something non-intrusive like blue, gray, black or dark purple) shirt and a long pair of black pants. No tie or suit however, I like to breathe and move. Even if it's just breathing and moving in front of a blackboard or a presentation screen. Many scientists wear flannel square pattern shirts I think that is overdone, something more solid is warranted if you present classes. After all being a professor is somewhat about entertaining people while also raising their interest in the subject you're talking about. I get it that in the victorian era suits and ties and coats were the top thing they could do as far as the technology was capable at the time but today we have more tech. The clothes you show as high tech are ridiculous but some more comfy options are there in terms of underwear and base layer. I hike a lot so that direction that tried to make more comfortable and functional clothing is actually something I like. The one area that frustrates me is shoes, I have really good thick sole outdoor shoes that are comfortable to wear I used to like Merrell, Salomon etc. and now I found Oboz ... these shoes are comfortable, good grip, good fit, there is zero discomfort to my feet, I can walk all day from one building to the other ... why do I need to wear anything that is "more formal" when it actually hurts my feet. I cannot fathom who sold that idea to people. We can make so much better shoes today that what is considered as part of the formal attire. I try to keep it dark and single colored though. But I am not giving up the health of my feet just to be "more fashionable".

  • Comfcore ftw tho...

  • You forgot men that wear women clothes

  • Disappointment in humanity sinks in 😂😂😂

  • Wait. A pocket on your boxers for condoms?? Is that actually a good idea or am I crazy?