Casually Explained: Men's Fashion

Pubblicato il 14 mar 2018
Don't doubt the streetwear NASA fanny pack it's sitting on my coffee table right now.
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  • "I did, however, have a cool pouch for my laser pointer." 😂😂😂

  • I've been rocking comfort wear since high school. I've also adopted the "natural" look where I dont shave but also dont cut my hair or comb it. Luckily I've been blessed with curls and I grow an epic beard so despite being a pokemon playing dnd loving 'how do ya do' I've been accepted by the "hood" and even had a "main" bitch for a better part of a decade. Comfort wear is a thing and if you manage to leave the house, you'll be accepted.

  • I blame. The fuckin' gais

  • I’d say I’m in the “comfy wear” genre

  • What about basket ball shorts

  • As I was watching this video in my university dorm cafeteria a fellow freshman walked by in a full suit, it looked about how you would expect, felt like destiny

  • Supreme is not mens fashion..children. lol

  • My fave is Palewave 😍😏😏🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵😲😲

  • 3:40: I think you forget the surpreme crowbar and kayak

  • Yoo wtf 😹😹🤣

  • Comfcore is just being a comfy boi

  • Ngl that comfortable one at the end do look like what I wear everyday

  • My attire is a battle jacket some pants shoes and a metal band shirt and I do not look like that I look like a heroine addict

  • 4,000$ to walk to work lol but a car

  • What about the I look like a skateboarder /x games professional when I have a whiskey in my hand come on over with your gta v attire and brink the girls

  • And then there is me with the same 3 hoodies since junior high

  • Thumbs up for paying taxes before you dress like you filed aomeone elses

  • i wear button shirt for 5 years and everyone like it.

  • Honestly I think that “Comfcore” has been coming into the spotlight lately

  • God I love rhese videos xD

  • C O M F K O R R

  • "then they sell them for 5 times the price to rich Asian exchange students" lmfao

  • Vintage?


  • Carbon Fibre underwear 😂🤣

  • Here's how to stay ahead: Do your OWN THING and look good doing it. And save your money.

  • . suit.

  • Comf-core is my go to choice in clothes. It goes for women also.

  • ey im normcore apparently

  • JOGGERS!! Ultimate in comfort and mobility! The mens answer to the womans yoga pants!! I got rid of almost all of my jeans and only where them when the wife forces me too.

    • I know! I wear sports clothes all the time and I love joggers. Even my friends say that I'm a sports high school teacher xD

  • carbon fiber underwear? road biker has joined the chat

    • tako cat Only if it was more *AerODyNaMIc* and had ceramic bearings tho

    • @Mikuláš Mecháček they would ....if it was carbon fiber tehe :v

    • road bikers don't wear underwear of course, only lycra

  • normcore looked familiar. i dont do it ironically tho

  • Casually Explained: Metal

  • Flannel, Jeans, and Work boots.

  • Shoutout for using Norm Macdonald for Normcore lmao

  • Thank you for teaching me about tech wear. That is my go-to if I ever find myself with too much money. Highly unlikely but anyway

  • Lol "goth ninja"

  • techwear fits 2 magnum condoms, "for you and your bro"

  • Band shirt and camo shorts ez

  • could be a good commercial for Supreme to build a house entirely of Supreme bricks

  • Reported for nudity

  • Holy shit I’ve lived as comfcore for years and haven’t known it. Thank you for enlightening me sir

  • I'm all in on comfort Corp. I wear pajamas to school on a daily basis.

    • Sarah Cannon try black skinny jeans and big white t-shirt and tuck in and a red and white flannel shirt with black shoes

  • 2:14 So basically, be black

  • 6:14 like IT-tvs Rewind 2019

  • Real rich people wear literally normal clothes from target while poorer people spend money on "Supreme" to try and look rich.

  • “What are you gonna do with a crowbar?” “I don’t know but I’ll have a f******* crowbar”

  • street wear men have no fashion

  • The most comfortable thing in the world is a tailored woolen suit. It is literally made for exactly your body and for you to sit on your ass all day while looking pretty damn good. When people go to parties in their uncomfortable outfits because sweatpants would be weird you sit there in your suit and think "Im basically wearing a jogging suit but with a pocket square suckers" ;D

  • Supreme is such bullshit it’s hilarious

  • Tried black cloths in middle school, was known as emo nerd

  • What about the puffer jackets Nike trakyes and airforces with shorts and a pockets for a knife

  • Wait so what your saying is that a star wars t-shirt in all situations is not the right answer?

  • Fashion. Doesn't really matter when you're ugly af like me

    • Practice self care, and get a haircut that suits your face. Have a skin care routine if you have pimples and have better posture. Eat well and exercise and if you have bad fashion, get inspiration from some kpop idols.

  • *cries in tactical clothes*

  • I like how you showed Norm Macdonald when you mentioned Norm outfits lol

  • Bruh I'm all about ComfCore..

  • 6:03 Ok, if you've ever worn dress pants with a nice T shirt, it's amazing. Don't tuck it in, either, just wear them like sweatpants or jeans

  • 1:31 that one hit a bit too close to home

  • It's ironic cause people are buying retardedly expensive bricks.. almost like the company is saying "you're just an other brick in the wall, let's see who dumb nuff to pay 1 month rent for it. FFS. Smh