Casually Explained: Guide to College and University

Pubblicato il 21 giu 2016
No offence to my college and uni pals. Please send me party invites.
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  • ‘Finding the will to go on’ This channel is so relatable.

  • ‘Finding the will to go on’ This channel is so relatable.

  • The side jokes have me weak every video

  • Anybody who wants me to explain the dutch more superior way of schooling?

  • I love you

  • It's free in France

  • The study is guide is never like the test lmfao trust me

  • Your a fagit pal

  • Doctor of Philosophy Education is really Dope extended.

  • My name is Alex and im in CS....what have i gotten myself into?!? lol

  • UVic!

  • Cutie dude

  • U and Sam onella have the same vibes and it’s the best

  • I went to university to be better than everyone else

  • I went to university to be better than everyone else

  • I'm a simple man I see beer I watch

  • Don't know what so extraordinary all these gals find in medical fields that most of them opt for them

  • 0:56 so I'm not smart enough then, okay :(

  • Steps to get successful in college: 1 . uninstall youtube, insta, facebook, and etc

    • Basically this is my program so that i can 98% focus on looking at books

  • Tfw you are an engineering student who has 0 homework. Feel bad for my fellow american engineers

  • You‘ll have a lot more sex. I‘ll have a lot more sex. That made me laugh and cry at the same time :)

  • Try to make friends even as an introvert.

  • university is free in germany i can fail thats not a problem

  • im thinking about switching from history to psych bc there's a lot more jobs in psych and i still really enjoy it

  • 1) ride a motorbike or drive a nice car 2) be confident 3) focus on finishing your degree 4) join the football team That’s how to have fun at college

  • (The first thing) Well i do it for free + get paid to go so WOOP WOOP

  • *_These are confusing times_*

  • I'm scared

  • Finding the will to go on

  • funny thing i got a college ad before this

  • Go to university, cheat on your work, spend $100,000 on a degree, work at Starbucks, then get replaced by a robot it's as simple as that.

  • Lmao the website he showed was my university. And it is a pain in the ass to navigate.

  • sometimes the most truthful things are the most funny and this is it

  • I couldn’t navigate the website

  • I'm studying geography, so I'm going to help save your asses from the world going KABOOM. Thank me later.

    • @Prabesh Rai ik I'm being sarcastic haha

    • That's not how things work

  • 2019

  • Uni is a completely waste of time until you want to be a doctor, teacher or nurse.

  • The corses are alway the problem for me building race engine that are high horse power and very loud. I don’t need engineering to build engine and then job placement on a F1 race team. College just don’t offer me what I am looking for a fun and patriotic America.

  • As an engineering student, it does bother me when people are crying about their HW or how much sleep they got... Like welcome to college bitches

  • I love how everybody from Europe is happy about their free education and healthcare and all the fucking Americans think that they are better off with paying slightly lower taxes (Americans say 60 or 70% taxes but that is bullshit!) but they can not enjoy the feeling of not worrying about paying of student loans or medical bills. But you do you. Enjoy those great low taxes. Murrrrica

  • "finding the will to go on" seriously! I am gonna laugh myself out.

  • What I've learned from you is that unexpected jokes are the best jokes 2:42 *laughs in gay computer scientist* Expensive education. - laughs in Danish

  • I graduated in Computer Science and I am a conference level state INTERPRETER now 😁, no girls in class then, no girls in job now

  • I like that spectrum


  • I like your edvice on you get to be better than everyone.

  • The College DLC looks great. "Pretty expensive," Laughs in Europe

  • 0:48 FYI, Uvic actually referenced this video when announcing they would change their website layout. So thanks Casually Explained, you’ve caused them to actually redesign their website!

  • I went to a college that in retrospect knew exactly what they were doing. I dropped out after a year because I wasn't getting any and the courses were a complete sham and if anything educated me slower than just fucking reading wikipedia on my own time. The campus though was shared between nursing and massage therapy students and computer science/engineering students. It might have been pretty rad if any of use had ever left our dorms before people started killing themselves and kinda ruined the mood.

  • I’ll get more sex!!- MYTH

  • 2:41 Best part. I've actually watched many of your videos, but this is the one that made me sub. I've been in college for 4 years and I'm almost half way done. Not university, but community college

  • As a woman starting college, computer science, I'm indeed quite worried.

    • wish you courage from all the harms that may come your way lel

  • This guy is the master of punchlines

  • 2:56 why is it gotta be me

  • Where was this when I needed it?

  • I been there It’s a fucin trap

  • If crippling depression was a video. Jk love it

  • electrical systems technology in robotic engineering. I have a 2.7 GPA :)

    • and that's considered a good gpa in most engineering programs

  • as a soon to be app developer/programmer i can confirm the 90% guys thing. There were 2 ladies in the class and one of them dropped halfway through vs the 31 or so guys

  • Legend