Casually Explained: Guide to College and University

Pubblicato il 21 giu 2016
No offence to my college and uni pals. Please send me party invites.
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  • Why am I watching this? I dropped out already.

  • Wow now I'm so excited to go into CS... a girl...

  • This Is a terrible Video. I am a college student rn and I would say that college is in general very misunderstood by people who are not in it, which is hit on but not correctly.

  • ....and if all else fails....just be a low budget youtuber...

  • I'm in a bio program right now and can confirm that none of my engineering friends get more than 3 hours of sleep

  • Wow, when I watched this at release I was almost done being a pre-med student. Still don't ask me about my loans.

  • first thing you have to know is that they’re pretty expensive *laughs in swiss education system*

  • that sound effect at the end is friggin annoying. i hear it everywhere


  • this vid is excellent

  • Lmao. Of course this guy is a computer science guy 🤣

  • i know nothing about college because no one in my family has ever been, and i really want to go i just know nothing about anything. can anyone please help. my friends just say "well i know what i'm gonna do".

  • Finding the will to go on😂 i feel u bud

  • Can’t wait to have 13 years of college

  • As someone who did it, don’t do journalism

  • Why is the advertisement for the video psychic readings?

  • Damn!! I'm 4 years late to this video!

  • Ahhhhhh yes. The good old days. Way back in 2016 when we all believed it would take 30 years for robots to replace us all.

  • I loved it. A mix of reality and motivation, really good

  • I dont understand how you just talking about random stuff, is super entertaining along with helpful.

  • Just take a year or two off after high school, that will quickly help you figure it out for sure

  • Telling an engineering student you had a lot of work or that you only studied 1 hour for your final is a good way to get your ass beat. A lot of those nerds yall beat up in high school got super angry and decided to hit the gym and get jacked instead of going on dates.

  • Ive never met somebody else who was so "glass is 51% full" I'M SO HAPPY THAT THERE MIGHT BE FRIENDS OUT THERE. Also that joke on being mediocre in HS and now making youtube videos helped me laugh in a way that was considerbly healthy. The google search reads" finding the will to go on" is so accurate, even when people don't directly search for that phrase we crave it in our feeds.

  • What time is the clock at 0:29?

  • Bullshit Alex is a gender neutral name, Alexis is a name for a reason.

  • I am going to an electroengineering school, witch has about 1 female per 50 males, witch is really! You can imagine the crisis students are having here!

  • Going to to the Military : Casually Explained

  • I applied for aerospace engineering literally a week ago

  • University isn't expensive... germany.

  • u are fucking great xDD

  • I've been graduated for 4 years and still wake up in a cold sweat for forgetting to put my units on my engineering homework. At least i might still grt half credit

  • My most honest advice is try to start working on your mental (and physical) health before you start uni. I'm about half way through my degree. I've dealt with what I now know is described as major depression on my own for the last 2 and a half years, and now 4 months after starting counselling and meds, I'm beginning to feel a bit better. I can't help but feel so stupid that I did nothing sooner.

    • @TheJALOBE sorry, l didn't want you to feel obliged to respond to my comment , I've been really lost this last few weeks ,but I'm okay compared to what some people go through I don't have the right to complain and I've been attending therapy sessions to help me out, what I'm really terrified of is not failure or embarrassment, I'm afraid of wasting time on these failures. Either way thank you very much for your comment, it feels sometimes as no one listens and it's not like I want people to help or take pity on me, I just need someone to talk to so I sort out my thoughts (the therapist isn't much help) but thanks for the advice I think I'll draw inspiration from what you said and try finding a solution to the problem. Thanks

    • @novajester A;L It will feel really awkward and uncomfortable but you'd be amazed how many people want to help you. Maybe just start by talking to a friend, or even someone like a tutor/teacher who has a professional relationship. Obviously it's really tough but you have to remember that this is all extremely common and there always is potential for you to feel better. Stay strong. If you manage to work on your health and work towards catching up with college (Get some health based extensions - health comes first), you'll hopefully be able to start getting at least a little bit of satisfaction out of your degree. I find it can be really hard to enjoy anything and feel good at anything when your mind is in a bad place. It's going to take time but the first step is to talk to someone.

    • Good for you man, I've really being struggling with my mental health, I feel like my sanity is degrading each day, I'm studying something that I found out not only I don't like but also I'm not good at, I regret not going for what I exceed at , I have no social life no friends, so I'm wondering am I wasting time or am I just making excuses for my laziness ? I really want it to end , I just don't see where my future is and I don't see how other people can deal with it , maybe I'm just weak minded. Sorry for wasting your time if you're reading this and rambling about my self, I've been doing this for quite some time but I really don't want to look like a victim or someone pathetic who looks for validation from the sympathy of others.

  • So it’s all about the social aspect of university that I should really focus on if I’m good at what I do?

  • 3:19 Casually Explained, I think we should make some StarCraft videos

  • 1:51 - 2:08 Ok, cool, So I wasn't the only one lmao

  • 1:51 - 2:08 Ok, cool, So I wasn't the only one lmao

  • College is University... "College and University"

  • *FUNNY STORY FROM COLLEGE* I went to a party hosted by the basketball players my first day on campus. Nigga i heard loud music so i(by myself) walked up and just knocked on the door. When the dude open the door he looked at me funny and asked, "Who do you know in here?". I just answered "i know everybody".(confident AF 😂😂) While this guy was refusing to let me in cause he could tell i knew no one in their, the point guard of the team came and said " thats the homie let him in"(I NEVER SEEN THIS NIGGA A DAY IN MY LIFE) BRO IT WAS ONLY BASKETBALL PLAYERS AND BITCHES IN THIS DORM ROOM PARTYING!!! The hoopers was talking to me like i knew them, and the bitches was twerking on me cause they thought i was on the team lmaooo. Long story short party got canceled by RA'S, and i was cool with the hoopers who later found out i lied to get into the party so they always fucked with me and said i was funny af. Bitches thought i played football so even when i was eating alone in the cafeteria some random females would come eat with me. *MY ADVICE FOR GUYS GOING TO COLLEGE IS HANG AROUND PEOPLE YOUR FIRST FEW WEEKS THEN SEPERATE YOURSELF FROM THE PACK, BITCHES WILL NOTICE YOU MORE AND APPROACH YOU INSTEAD OF YOU APPROACHING THEM* *ALSO THIS ISNT HIGH SCHOOL HANG AROUND SOME SMART PEOPLE THEY WILL HELP YOU WITH CLASSES THATS HARD AF* *HAVE PARTY FRIENDS BUT DONT HANG AROUND THEM TOO MUCH, THEY WILL RUIN YOU LOL*

  • like i say i am computer engineering student and i find a lot relationship in town, in campus and in faculty and department but my gpa is 2.0, after i study hard i even don’t meet any person

  • I am computer engineering student and we start 60 man and 30 women, it’s quite nice numbers because half the engineering man don’t attach women, they just come to study and try to find a job. but girls always be girls, many of them still looking for relations even they study too because women are more social creature. It’s depend the university, some of them has 2 girl 118 boy, some like us 10 boy give up and you study in 50-30 ratio than there is 4 years make this 200-120 and it make 120 women and it’s nice

  • 3:21 bottom right is an infinate paradox

  • What I've learned from you is that unexpected jokes are the best jokes this channel is the father i never had

  • What I've learned from you is that unexpected jokes are the best jokes this channel is the father i never had

  • "One of the first things you need to know is that they are pretty expensive" Me (German student): is this some kind of American joke I'm too German to understand?

  • in italy University costs max 2500 €

  • DAM IT. I always click on the video

  • Fuck yea

  • Aviation: Fun and make bank

  • HARDER THEN HIGHSCHOOL =))))) boy i went to 6 courses the whole semester and I'm 90% in Java =))) If you move from Romania or Bulgaria or some part where highschool is like getting a PHD in 6 subjects uni is a fucking playground

  • That last sentence was pro #Yang2020

  • wrong. The first step is to somehow miraculously get accepted to college.

  • True facts


  • I’ll just become a IT-tvsr, thanks

  • Thank you for this vid I’m in middle school 😂😂😂but I just wanted to know what it was like so no I’m prepared 😂 💪

  • Dude, why are you so funny!!!

  • "Pretty expensive" *Laughs in Brazillian*

  • 2:56 me too man, me too.

  • Do guys really go to college in hopes of getting laid? That's pathetic.

  • Was in a group of three for presentation, one didn't do any work, the other one did work but complained, I just got alone with it, was meant to have the presenting part today..... Overslept🤦‍♂️