Casually Explained: Flirting

Pubblicato il 14 mar 2017
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  • We need this but for girls

  • This advice was very useful way back in following it will get you on the sex offenders register.

  • I had no idea the elbow touch was a thing...damn I'm dumb LOL.

  • 0:29 LMAO 🤣🤣🤣

  • "If you want to be better at pleading a woman, you really want to think about what it's like to be fucked by a dude." Fucking beautiful xD

  • ohhh... the macro-setting... thank you

  • And use the macro setting... obviously

  • 1:27 i would marry a girl with that russian hat

  • “you really need to think what it’s like to be fucked by a dude” Noted.

  • “Or just send a dick pic”

  • "Wait for the alcohol to give you a personality"

  • Some life advice... *Dicks don’t photograph well.*

  • I feel like he doesn’t even read off of a script, he just thinks of something and freestyles it

    • Well that's a casual explanation for you.

  • 1:17 oh okay

  • This guy is a fucin i love it😂🤣🤣

  • “If you wanna be better at pleasing a woman, you really need to think about what it’s like to be fucked by a dude.” I’m dead

  • I started having a girlfriend when she touched my thighs whenever we met and look in my eyes. That made me confused at the beginning, but then I went ham.

  • maaaannnnnn.... i can't do it :(

  • 1:17 Casually explained without context

  • "The good thing its its a thot experiment." lol

  • all i can hear is your fucking echoy voice. fuck why would you do this

  • Damn dude, you have 2,37M subs at this moment. 237 is the number that chases me everywhere in life. I took a screen capture for my documentary. I hope that's fine with you but... Really can't tell

  • i like all the dad joke style humour. well done old chap!

  • Seriously the best channel on this platform

  • Do not send a dick pic We do not like them Yes I asked every woman alive

  • "No way to know which it is until she tells you 3 years later when she has a boyfriend " your comments are starting to get creepy accurate my man I feel as though I should check for spyware

  • "If you want to be better at pleasing a woman, you need to think about what it is like to be fucked by dude" - Casually Explained 2017

  • "Make sure to use the macro setting" That's one heck of roast there CE

  • Why on the bus though?

  • "Think about how it feels to be fucked by a dude" Me in my head: That's gay as hell

  • “Hit my erection on the countertop” 🤣🤣

  • “Hit my erection on the counter”...That’s a little optimistic bud...

  • This seems too detailed to not be true. Hmm...... Oh yeah, fuck. I remember, this happened with me as well. Feel you, comment section

  • Worst thing I've said while flirting 'Wow, you must have a really nice brain'

  • 2:13 I liked just bc this moment

  • I tried this in Pakistan. I’m writing this from the prison cell. My execution is tomorrow.

  • i just noticed his figure has a arch in his back 2:59 *Gasp* so he must have serious back problems

  • 2:12 SO FUCKING TRUE and SO FUCKIN ANNOYING.... "Hey Kidale i missed you, omg i've always wanted to tell you i loved you so much and all i wanted was you, i wanted to tell you for so long, now that i have 3 kids and a husband i feel i can finally tell you" THAT is what i hear when crap like this happens >:(

  • I literally stop watching after I heard about the dick pic lol😂

  • I usually send the dickpick at night, so she'll dream with it. So her night and her entire next day will go by with my dick.

  • Wow this would be really useful had I not given up on meeting girls years ago

  • Please send help. Can no longer maintain normal conversation

  • S M O O O O O O T H O P E R A T O O O O R

  • *think about what it's like to be fucked by a dude*

  • Ur videos helps me be human

  • 1:18 yo I cant🤣🤣🤣

  • "You really need to think what it feels likes to be fucked by a guy"

  • Instructions not clear, got my dick stuck in the microwave

  • This just sounds like too much effort X_x

  • C) can’t tell

  • So i went for a kiss. It worked. Now she says she doesn’t know if she’s into me Yeah so Ems

  • I fucked up on our first meet up (not sure if its a date or not) cause i was so nervous. When she arrived i just kinda sat on the chair, I didn’t even shook her hands or hugged her i just fucking sat there

  • this is an awesome channel

  • Sending a dick pic is the dumbest thing you can do as a guy. That shit is blackmail, not what gets you in a relationship.

  • where's the 'no homo'

  • Oh my god when you said remember your name and then hit my erection on the counter top I fell out of my chair

  • A girl once put her hand on my forearm after laughing at something I said. I hardly knew her. It was 8 years ago. I still remember it to this day, and I’ve had a few serious relationships since then. A simple touch can be a big sign!

    • @Evan yea we do, I hope I'm not stirring up any emotions still

    • Sophia Kim Well I’d say if you both know you’re just friends, you’re alright

    • Really? Wow damn, I sometimes lightly touch my guy friends...i shouldn't be doing that i guess

  • 2:32 well, don’t do that if the girl doesn’t have that reputation... (you know what I’m talking about)

  • I met a girl last week and I forgot her name 10 minutes afterwards. She laughed at me later in a positive way with me joining her. Definetly fucking forget hers name

  • It's always just endless teasing. Dunno how you get past that because it could just be friendly teasing