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Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
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  • You should scream FREE HONG KONG! and see if blizzard bans your account

  • Does he sound like Aculite ?

  • "Except one guy from Finland that got really serious..." XD that got me. First laugh of the day >.< I'm just browsing these old vids for fun but never would have guessed that StarCraft would come across in 2019.

  • "sponsored by Blizzard, didn't expect that?" Rushes to release date and sigh of relief

  • Clash royale is the best strategy game

  • Waiting for a "I split my probes" tshirt

  • Worst video yet. Just a huge promo

  • You casual you didn't even play Vicky 2

  • I guess I'm old-school. I was big in the Starcraft 1 online gaming world. They didn't have esports or ladders or anything, you just had a win/lose/tie ranking. And I was waaay up there...

  • The fan on the microphone made me laugh so hard. I appreciate the subtle things you put in your videos.

  • This was me with league of legends, same age and time period.

  • This video sponsered by China

  • Twitch chat grandmasters lmaoo

  • I played it for the story

  • The Hearthstones player broke Blizzard’s rule, and he got punished. We all have freedom of speech but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to face the consequences. You run your mouth in unappropriated circumstances, you get punished for that. People are so stupid.


  • 2:05 Suomi mainittu torille!!

  • CE the korean

  • Holy shit dude, been watching your videos and never expected to see StarCraft here which I'm a big fan of!

  • 2:25 I shingeki what you did there

  • This aged like milk

  • First rule of Casually Explained: "You can say any bullshit on your own channel. Not like it is truth."

  • Solid Attack on Titan reference

  • I love the Starcraft references 😍😍

  • Cries in protests

  • So the SC2 guy on Twitch is really... you?

  • Casually Explained is 23 years old. He was 13 when Startcraft 2 released in 2009.

  • Why play Starcraft, when you can always boycott.

  • It hurt me seeing this video after InControl died :(.

  • Suomi mainittu Torilla tavataan

  • J

  • you just got me back into the game. Diamond Zerg here. anyone wanna play tgt? practice? team games?

  • Has sean seen this?

  • #OOF The sponsor #Yikes

  • Awesome sponsorship

  • Why am I impressed by this? I don't get it and I don't care but I'm still kind of impressed

  • Blizzard... oh god.

  • Dude I love you! 1 in 1000 videos make me laugh... you do it consistently!

  • RIP Geoff "INcontrol" Robinson he died 4 days after this video was uploaded.

  • love this

  • Bro I literally said “what he got sponsored by twitch “ and you said “ yea bet you didn’t see that coming “😂😂😂

  • By blizzard 😬

  • 2:0 vs Bomber back in the days? f-ing legend.

  • sc2 = best game on the market.

  • Slightly upsetting that your two sponsors have gotten shit this year, they deserved it though

  • faker: afks moe: "WE TAKE THOSE" guess its an insecure gamer thing cause same

    • the one time i rewatch this video i see a league comment, i cant escape

  • Blackpink in your hot tub

  • well... sponsored by blizzard huh... well.. we all saw how that turned out

  • Duck communist China :D

  • Nice sponsorship you got there Wouldn't it be a shame if someone *SINIFIED IT?*

  • Ah man! You are a legend. 2:1 vs Bomber! Not many mortals can make that claim!

  • Only clicked on the video because of BlackPink

  • Drop Blizzard bro

  • That attack on Titan reference tho

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • That Blizzard sponsor doesn't look so good now huh.

    • pp itch

    • Doesn’t change the fact that this dude makes comedy gold - and in deadpan no less.

    • Was before the incident so who cares? lmfao...

  • i can’t tell if he’s being serious

  • Delete this video, freedom over money.

  • Now I suppose to play this game?