Canadian and French People Swap Snacks

Pubblicato il 19 nov 2019
"I'm sorry Canada that I didn't pick any of your snacks."
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  • People eat it out. Muck it. This dude is Canadian af.

  • 0:20 typical people I hate. She asked about French snack in general, why do you have to answer with Paris?

  • They are not Canadian's they are Asian

  • The prince cookies brought me back to childhood in Pakistan

  • I’m québécoise and I have never seen bec soda in my life

  • French here: calisssons aren't snacks, they're fancy expensive treats that you gift to others. I've literally never heard of that lemonade before. French kids known that Orangina is where it's at (an orange-flavoured soda)! And omg, it's a criminal offense that they didn't give them milk to go with the Prince; dunking them until they're soft enough that they almost fall apart, really makes them a superior snack.

  • How do you chose the food? Couldn’t you ask to real typical food because really most of those are almost unknown

  • it should have been french canadian and french people......come on buzzfeed

  • Pourquoi j'ai tout le temps ce genre de trucs dans mes recommandations ???

  • The French girl looks like Meghan Markle 😲


  • Horrible Canadian snacks, their choices could have been a lot better

  • I’m Canadian and yes maple cookies are freaking delicious but it is super sweet, pairing it with tea works great if you need that balance from the sweetness.

  • Everytime I see Buzzfeed do a "Canadian" video, I wonder "Ok, what snacks are they going to SAY we eat but really don't this time?" How do you do a video about Canadian snacks without nanaimo bars, beavertails, or BUTTER TARTS!? Those are Canadian snacks. Not a noname version of cheetos.

  • They should use BreizhCola instead limonade...

  • The cola is a stereotypical Canadian drink. Lol

  • Please do a video of French and Israeli people swap snacks. And do curly vs bamba (במבה). I’m so curious bc they seem so similar

  • to me pepito's a million times betters than prince cookies

  • Where did they find the French people? I don't think in france

  • Why are Canadians saying the snacks weren’t good? I’ve never heard of that pop but Cheezies and those maple cookies are widely popular all over the country. They’re definitely classic Canadian snacks.

  • Jos Louis may be from Canada but I've never met anyone who buys them. I guess someone is eating them as they're still a thing. I've never tried that cheese snack and never heard of Bec pop. What an odd selection of Canadian snacks they chose.

  • As a Canadian I’ve never heard of Bec pop. Where’s coffee crisp! My favourite Canadian snack

  • They should have had crush birch beer, lime, or pineapple. No one drinks bec's!

  • When I visited Canada and tried the Maple crème cookies, I thought at first that they were okay but as I kept eating, I couldn’t stop myself. I ate all of them in like 2-3 hours, because I was trying to convince myself to stop eating them in between that time 😂😂😂

  • Im quebecois and I've never seen this bec cola ever in my life

  • As a Quebecoise i’ve never heard of bec, sorry but this is a nono

  • Canadians are truly unable to say something rude or truthful about anyone

  • I’m Canadian and the only one of these snacks I’ve eaten is cheezies lol.

  • Elle est vraiment exaspérante la française mdrr elle s'y croit bcp trop

  • Their English tho!!! Is so good. I certainly expected more of an accent

  • Does anybody think that the french guy is cute?

  • Finalllyyyyyy!!! French representation on buzzfeed!

  • Those people are definitely not French

  • As a Canadian, the only two snacks I've had are Joe Louis and mapple Cookie and I LOVE IT

  • Les calissons c'est loin d'être juste un "snack"...

  • Vive le Québec hahahahahHah Bec is soo good and Joe Louis 😍🤩

  • fake french people

  • I mean they dont really represent Canadian snacks... the maple cookies sure Joe Louis kinda passes but never heard if the 2 others

  • I'm a simple person... I see the Canadian flag. I click

  • British Try Canadian Snacks?

  • As French, beside Prince and Curly this not good representation of french snacks...Calisson is not a snack it's more a regional fency dish, and about the limonade wtf are you doing...

  • Uhhh.... Could have at least had Quebecers in the video........ I'm always available for future videos. Juss sayin

  • Literally the only good thing from the Canadian snacks was the maple cookies

  • Qui est ce qui mange des calissons au gouter ???

  • tbh, Curly are gross. i find them repulsiv. Thank goodness they arent common in QC. but honestly, i wish they'd vanish. also Si t'as pas d'amis prend un Curly, nuhu... pretty sure i have no friends because of curlys

  • No one in france eats some calisson d'aix for snack. Its for tea parties or national parties not for a SNACK

  • no one in aix at least eats calissons as a a casual snack they're really expensive

  • As a french person, I really didn’t know at all what the lemonade was, nor the Calissons d’Aix. Idk where Buzzfeed found these things but they gotta change their producers

    • ????? Encore les calissons c’est typique du sud on peut comprendre mais serieux la limonade ? Tout le monde connait la limonade vous abusez un peu 😭 le sprite et le seven up c’est de la limonade

    • Malkiks same

    • On est d’accord

    • Honestly same...good to know that I’m not the only one. I would love to have one of those Petit Prince tho

  • Pourquoi ne parlent ils en français?

  • They don't sound french

  • Bruh we’re the wonder bars

  • hi buzzfeed, im 1/8 polish, would you like to invite me for a video on polish people swap snacks, please?

  • Can I say that I have a crush in The French Guy

  • list of Canadian items they should have actually done -Lay's ketchup chips -coffe crisp -Smarties (THE CHOCOLATE) -caramilk -wunderbar -dunkaroos (yes we still have them) Thank you that is all.

    • @Jelot Ahhh that might be it (: I lived in Belgium most of last year and definitely had some of those ketchup chips (; ! But my guess is that in the North of France, where you find Match and Delhaize, you probably find those too... I'll have to check ^^

    • @Blu yeah but I've never seen ketchup chips in France (in Belgium yes though)

    • Ketchup chips as well (; ! But I'm curious about all the other ones now (:

    • @Laurie Paquin my bad

    • Smarties are available in europe

  • Ok, it should have been : Curly (or Monster Munch), Pim's, Orangina, Prince for French snacks and : Ruffles all dressed, Jos Louis, Canada Dry, Dare Maple Leaf cookies

  • Tbh both choices for France and Quebec were bad, the only actually good picks were the prince and joe Louis.

  • I mean I just want to know what à bec pop is.

  • oh mon dieu

  • im frenchien,.

  • *angry Canadians entered chat*