Canadian and French People Swap Snacks

Pubblicato il 19 nov 2019
"I'm sorry Canada that I didn't pick any of your snacks."
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  • Can you do plss vietnam 😂😂

  • have u ever tried with an African country?

  • Elliott is cuuuuuute

  • joe louis 😍😍💗💝💗💝

  • Buzzfeed is the fake news Donald trump even said it was fake

  • They represented the worst Canadian snacks like come on there’s a lot of other better Canadian snacks

  • En tant que fille française et américaine, je pense qu'ils ont mis de bonnes collations comme Prince. Mais comme le cookie au pain au citron, je ne pense pas que ce soit un bon choix. Je pense qu'un bon choix aurait été La Trinitaine. 🐞🐱🙃

  • Do Singapore

  • its the first time i hear french people(from france) speaking a good english!

  • this is kind of bad, I mean every Canadian here in the comment section is complaining about how poorly representative those snacks are, and as a French person I'd say that it's not the best either, especially for the calissons that are not a snack at all, they are considered quite fancy and most of the people here never had them lmao, they're more the type of food that you'd bring to family gatherings for example. So yeah, those videos are cool but they should do more research I guess

  • isn't prince a pakistani cookie

  • Next video Turkey

  • I’m danish and love these videos so I would love it if you guys made a Denmark and America swap snacks. If there’s someone else out there who also want this kind of video please like this comment.

  • I'm French Canadian living in Montreal and I've never heard of Hawkin's cheezees. We have something similar from Humpty Dumpty that we call "crottes de fromages"= cheese turd. "Jos Louis" are fine but "May West" cakes also from Vachon are WAY better imo. You guys just gave that soda because of maple syrup in it because I'm in the province of Quebec and have never even heard of it! I haven't eaten a maple cookie since 25 years ago (and I'm 38yo) cause it's too sickly sweet.

  • Prince cookies are THE WORST. Dry, cheap and all around horrible. Signed: An European

  • Please do South African snack swap

  • Nobody: Canadians: LeTs PuT mApLe SYrup On SoDa

  • There are plenty of stuff more representative than calissons , as he said you don’t go to a store just for them . And never once in my life saw this lemonade 🤣 where’s my orangina at?

  • I Like French Better

  • Am I the only one who feels like the guy in the black hat looks like the dolan twins

  • Où sont nos cousins Quebecois? ras le cul des anglophones

  • I live in the place called “Aix” where the Calissons d’Aix come from. Over here they don’t eat them at all and they’re mostly a touristic kind of snack

  • So you got one French person for this experiment? Cool.

    • The people from France have no French accents. They are either Canadians whose parents come from France or moved to Canada when they were very young.

  • Why are they smelling the food like that ? Only the dog smells food thats why you shouldn't do it

  • I'm pretty surprised with their english. It's so clear and soft!

  • I was hoping the French and French-Canadians would be speaking their versions of French together. :/

  • 4:42 haha

  • I knew the French guy was actually American. The Canadian snacks were all different from American snacks. The closest thing in common would be Cheezies like Cheetos. But they are actually different taste and texture. Also the Canadian Cheezies use actual cheese.

  • The French snacks don't have anything "specifically French" about them. The Canadian ones do.

  • Do Iranian snack swap

  • I am a frenchman who move to the US and the soda i miss the most is orangina.

  • I've never seen anyone drink that lemonade (it's everywhere in France) where is the Orangina ?

    • I agree. I’m french and it’s the First Time i hear about this limonade

  • Maybe I just don’t go out much but... I’ve lived in Canada most of my life and those snacks are not something you’d see anyone eat here

  • Yea this was not very Canadian, more Quebec really :/.

  • My name is Elliott and that guy is to lol

  • Those maple cookies are soooo so good !!!!!

  • everything except for the maple cookies are wack. Where were the all-dressed or ketchup chips? Poutine? Canada Dry? Oof.

  • I think the only country you did not swap food with is : Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

  • Omg that canadian guy is so damn HOT he totally is a SNACK!!!!

  • Can buzzfeed do a South African snack swap.