Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #6

Pubblicato il 10 ott 2019
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Can Jamie find Danny before the sun sets?
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    • smol bean

    • Danny did not clean up. No

    • You should do a video of a scavenger hunt of the workers trying to find certain products around the building kind of like hidden in plain sight but product version as a scavenger hunt

    • Hi❇✨❇✨✨✨✨✨❇❇❇❇✨❇✨✨

    • Dong Gui ,. ,

  • Did anyone notice when they were in front of the bathroom and the signs are all weird

  • No he didn't

  • Text from danny- “im gonna take a nap wake me when it’s 5 30” Jamie-“im GonNA kIlL HIm”

  • No he did not clean the shop at all

  • Best series on youtube

  • He goes “Op there it is” then I yell “WOOP THERE IT IS” LMAO

  • Did anyone notice that danny said "lets see if hes bright enough to find me" in the beginning of the video

  • It is not clean

  • No

  • When you don't have video ideas

  • I don't know what I said

  • No

  • My nickname is Danny

  • Did any one else hear the clue in the start of the video


  • If you were surprised

  • Danny did not clean the office.

  • 8:45 Daddyyy

  • 12:36 My favourite moment.

  • NO

  • 飈☝️1⃣️🔟川

  • Let's see if he's BRIGHT enough to find me

  • I saw the turn off the lights sign and I was thinking

  • Definitely did not clean up or organize...


  • Anyone else get the Avengers reference 10:06

  • No one: Jamie trying to imitate Danny: ItS cALlEd wAlL blInDNeSs

  • NcHey d

  • B°°B

  • why am i watching this, i have so much homework

  • I think danny cleaned up the shop

  • I wonder who those kids were

  • I’m going to fire Danny....he doesn’t 😂

  • Boring as fuck

  • Im rooting for you 🌲🌳🌴trees have roots

  • 10:07 anyone notice the marvel reference here?

  • No one: Literally no one: HOW CAN I SEE HIM WITHOUT SEEING HIM

  • N

  • 1:26 y does it say kill on the door

  • Did I really just watch adults play a game of hide and seek?

  • How hasn’t Danny been fired yet?

  • I am hungry

  • Looks clean to me

  • I don’t think these idiots know the meaning of hidden “in plain sight”. What a rip off.

  • 1:13 XD his face LOL XD

  • that bad cleaning

  • Does anyone actually do any work at this “workplace”?

  • no

  • No

  • Ha you found my note

  • 5:40 Wait! Hes working. Your not supposed to do that

  • This seres is awesome

  • Did you notice that the thing that he put on his head was from dude perfect?

  • 10:07 was that a freaking age of ultron refrence?!?!? BEATIFUL DANNY!!! *claps

  • The pen that she uses at 2:54 I think is from my grandmothers company she works at because I have the same pen and it has her name on it!

  • Jamie just figure out how to make an app to TRACK his phone inside and outside the building😒😒

  • Who’s not on team danny

  • did anybody else notice all the "turn the lights off!" signs???

  • I like how at the start, he says ‘I wonder if he’ll be BRIGHT enough to find me’