Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #11

Pubblicato il 25 gen 2020
Can Danny hide until the end of the day before his boss finds him?
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  • I hope they do a video where danny looks for Jamie

  • My snow stressball melted

  • Technically danny is working, hes providing content for the video which is earning money

  • Who likes to work?! Everybody:....... I don’t so I’m going to hide away from my boss! Everybody:😶😯

  • Jamie just sighing with frustration and confusion whilst the camera slowly reveals a table is a gem I never thought I would be able to experience.

  • I love this seriesssssss😂😂😂

  • Jamie said chair so many times the word lost meaning

  • For Danny hide in your car trunk when he goes in side open it

  • When you see that tesla pull up you know shits a bout to go down

  • Megamind 2

  • I’m obsessed with these videos!

  • lmao I clicked on this vid and immediately went to the comments so I could find him

  • Nice

  • 1:08 “on the company.” It was in front of him the whole time

  • He wasn’t in there he edited so it would look like it and then once he opened the box they edited him back in it

  • anyone else hear the subway surfers music? 1:08

  • Jamie I know we’re Danny is he is wearing a blue suit

  • Hey, Danny have you ever watch Team Edge? They do many games including there own hide and seek. One being Midnight Hide and Seek, Shoot the Person Behind the Wall, and Real Life Prop Hunt. I think tight be cool if you had them as extra hiders that Jamie to find. It would make it harder for Jamie knowing he might find you or find someone who doesn't even work there.

  • This is getting old, so I suggest taking a break dlfor the series and making a season 2 and building up the hype again, because it's getting very boring

  • #chair

  • Does anyone know the name of the intro music?

  • Just give the poor man his chair

  • Jamie: complains about Danny making the company lose money. There's a thing called IT-tvs money.

  • I LOVE these!! Please don't stop!!!

  • Pls like I am moving

  • FINNALY 😀 👁👅👁

  • This is a banger series we need to continue it forever

  • The old legend says that Danny never clean the shop.


  • I like how Jamie is just elated that he lucked out in finding him, to the point where he isn’t even frustrated with Danny at the end

  • Yayayayayay I love these videos 😁😁😄😆😆😁😄

  • danny is just tilting him at this point

  • Did anyone else think he would be in the chair that's hanging from the warehouse ceiling!?

  • The word chair has no meaning now

  • Your wrong Danny is working, he’s working on this video :^)))))

  • i read it wrong and i thought it said “hidden in plain sight #71” and i was like damn they really been at it

  • You always have time for cookies

  • Jamie: I can’t find Danny Jamie:I got an idea but it might cost a lot....... Burns down vat19

  • Who found him before Jamie did

  • Next Danny hiding from unemployment

  • Who clicked on this video because they thought it was hidden in plain sight 77


  • Actually Danny is marking the company money he is making videos

  • This is how many times Jamie says Chair. 👇🏻

  • Nobody: Jamie: Chair. Where’s my chair?! I can’t find my chair. Chair. There’s a chair. That’s not my chair.

  • Guys just a friendly reminder... Don't EVER take your ipad into the bathroom.

  • Wait do I see chair hanging from the ceiling is that Danny I haven’t watch the whole video yet

  • Who else opened up their messages on 0:45

  • Anyone thought their phone was pinging but not showing notis?

  • The whole comment section jAmiE: tHiS iS a rED hERrInG

  • Finally! Been waiting for this forever!

  • I was hoping that the whole video would be Danny stealing more of Jamie's stuff every time he left his office

  • Danny at the end of next Hidden in Plain Site: So there's this thing called faking your own death

  • Finally a new part

  • danny; says like i dont even like to work me; than dont get i job .

  • This video was uploaded 1 hour ago Comment 3 hours ago Me:Something’s off🤔

  • I still think that Danny is the heart of Vat19

  • Danny: RELAX GET A SPA DAY Jamie: No. I need to find you and money.

  • Technically Danny is working because he’s helping you make these video which helps make money for the company

  • Make an episode where Jamie hides from Danny