Can This Chef Make Marshmallows Fancy? • Tasty

Pubblicato il 17 ago 2019
Make your OWN fancy recipe with this interactive Make It Fancy episode:
Can Rie turn marshmallows into a luxury dish?
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A close-up shot of marshmallows
AnthonyRosenberg/Getty Images


  • Wow

  • Who is here after Rie got pregnant!!!!!

  • Nobody: Ríe: AlCoHaL iS fAnCy

  • Rie needs to open her own resturant. Right?🙂

  • Gold...

  • Petition for Eugene to cook with Rie, make it fancy with alcohol HAHAHAHA.

  • Love you RIE!!! ❤️☺️🌼😍😍

  • Do the rules ever change?

  • But she iss sooooo professional! She made this beautiful dish in 30 minutes out of marshmallows AND hand wisked heavy cream!!

  • Dear Tasty, i think we could do without the producer crudely screaming from behind the camera

  • Was I the only person who thought they were actually gonna bring an alligator?😂😂

  • you could give her fricking gold coated caviar and she can make it fancier

  • Are you alone in this video

  • You should do a show where you try and make sweet foods into a savory food/dish and savory foods into a sweet food/dish!

  • Wheres the alligator?

  • Hi Tasty!! I want chef Rie to make fancy chicken!!

  • Sooooo I put some vodka to my mashed potatoes. Just for some taste

  • Did the producer (not Rie someone off camera) they called Hannah and Ryan (the people who came on to test the food) alligators. Because at 3:23 they were like, "We got an alligator!" so.... is it hannah or ryan

  • Am I the only one that realized at 4:18 she said one cup instead of two, as she was pouring the whipping cream..?

  • This looks like something u would order in a burgoise restaurant

  • 9:36 When ever his guy is in the video with Rie I get this vibe that he’s trying to correct her pronunciation

  • at first i thought they were actually gonna bring in an alligator

  • How long do you bake the cookies and what temp? I want to make this

  • I love u Rie... When i come home after a long day, your videos make me happy. It's like the most relaxing thing to watch😘

  • Rie: puts alcohol Me under age for alcohol : WUT W W WUT

  • I didn't see an alligator :(

  • Rie’s star ingredient: ⭐️ ALCOHOL ⭐️

  • Buzzfeed: Marshmallow moose with rum Masterchef US: deconstructed s’mores Masterchef Canada: Hot cocoa with marshmallows Masterchef Australia: ‘I made a forbidden marshmallow’.

  • I am an ADULT, I, Do, What, I, Want. - Rie

  • I love her make it fancy videos 😭

  • Rie never makes something fancy without alcohol

  • 100ml heavy cream 14 - 15 marshmallows 115g of unsweeten choco 1 cup of whip cream 2 tsp of rum Is it correct, Rie? If it is, I'll be able to make it at home.

  • Love rie 😍

  • It's official, Rie is Chaotic Neutral

  • Rie: Im adult. I do what I want. Producer: Ahahaha

  • Rie has only 12 min left and she put the marshmallow in the oven for 15 min🤔and she had 2 min left for decorations🤔How is it possible?

  • anybody think “start the clock” said “start the glock”

  • 0:50

  • Lol when there's that man ria is always like welcome to whatever food land lol I love it

  • Does anyone know the violin music towards the end when she was finished

  • There is no right or wrong way, just *whip*

  • 6:05 Rie : "12:30" me: it literally says 12:18

  • Can you make Wendys chilli fancy next

  • Rie: I have about 5 minutes left. Also Rie: *Gives a detailed explanation on how to scoop ice cream with a spoon*

  • I hate those i phone ads i was just watching and thattgt thing popped out 😡😡😡

  • I love Ryan's expression.. ❤️😆😆😆

  • I am thinking that I want to eat it!

  • What about the alligator

  • I love Rie

  • Make Rie a giant Marshmallow

  • 5:00 Don't we all

  • I would of made rice crispy Good enough for me

  • Wouldn't this be censored under The United States of America's double standard rule of showing alcohol publicly??? 🤔🤔🤔

  • *"eDiBlE gOld FrOm mY pRiVaTe cOlLeCtIoN"* jesus rie be flexing

  • I love Rie! She makes everything so fancy, I can watch her all day!

  • No offense to my mom, but I want Rie to be my momma

  • Rie in make it fancy = eugene in no recipe challenge

  • Rie: “You don’t have have to use rum at all if you don’t like alcohol or.. you have anger issues.” 😂😂

  • imagine if she did bugs XP

  • I looks so good yum