Can I Please Help NUGGET In Kindergarten 2

Pubblicato il 2 ago 2019
I want to help nugget so bad in Kindergarten 2 but I can't yet
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Outro animation created by Pixlpit:
Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here


  • I couldn't stop laughing 25:28

  • Would of been better if there was a character like jim


  • I freaking love Kindergarten!

  • I like the accent you gave Bob. He sounds like he's from Brooklyn.

  • nice lemongrab

  • Now that you said Dwight.... I can't get it out of my head.

  • Did any one else think of that weird lemon guy from adventure time at 32:44?

    • LuMin0x_ V18 thats who he was referencing ;)

  • 19:37 NO SWORING!!!

  • 32:20 NOOOO

  • Forget Fives nights at Freddy's, we need a game about the five nuggets of friendship!

  • I am Nugget

  • 14:11 15:11 31:35

  • I have asmath and there’s no battery in an inhaler it’s a small tank of gas

  • Creeper AWWWWWW MAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNN so we back in the mine, got our pickaxe swinging from side to side side to saide

  • “I almost have a full dick” *Panic realizing he just revealed himself* “Deck! I’m sorry” *Brain Pain*

  • I got an ad for ALBION online and i thought it was ALFHEIM online so i got excited but now im mad

  • I could not see the fight because of your f**king face cam

  • All the time i was thinking.. "Just dont give them voices."

  • It was so cute when Jack was jealous that Bob got the nugget of friendship XD

  • Nugget wishes he was in Super Smash Bros. Nugget would win the entire tournament.

  • NOOGET wait did i call him nooget instead of nugget?

  • 25:31 My ex used to do that all the time

  • I did it with out your note pad jackspedicey

  • Y E S U N N A C C E P T A B L E

  • OMG THAT PLOT TWIST THO "I dont want ozzy dead I want Ted dead.😂😂😂😂

  • 15:40 Jackaboy learned from his mistakes

  • Ozzie or Ozzy reminds me as Tweek from South Park

  • Wow I love nuggets voice wish mine was like that


  • Quote of the year, "I almost have a full dik." -Jack

  • 25:31 😂

  • i was screaming at Jack to sell

  • As a Minnesotan myself, I feel Sean’s voice for Bob is a little more Wisconsin sounding

  • Why is Bob Canadian

  • 16:31 you mean 5

  • Jack: Yes, the great fire of our lord is I the school Me: All hail Nugget

  • 25:30

  • You're a great youtuber, i apreciate this serie

  • You keep stealing outfits off of corpses...

  • 49:00

  • 2k19

  • that was weed

  • 7:13 😂🤣

  • I almost have a full dick

  • I swear, the Janitor is the nicest guy ever

  • This was the best episode so far

  • I almost have enough for my dick I mean deck Jake 2019

  • Who's Your Favourite Character?

  • does no one notice the poster is a smash poster

  • 35:47 if anyone is confused, a fence, in this context, is someone who buys and sells contraband

  • Full DICK 😂😂😂😂

  • He didn't wash his hands

  • 19:37 I allmost died as jack said 'Scheisse!' :D I imidiatly was like 'Gesundheit, mate.' xD

  • Nugget is the d’est!

  • I wish to be nuggets feiend

  • That blue flower is on a poster in the teachers lounge

  • Nugget is you. Nugget is me. Nugget is everything.

  • It legit bothered me so much when he called it “meth” and not weed

  • Wowww