Pubblicato il 11 lug 2019
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  • Technically you could mount anyting, if you know what I mean. Muhahaha

  • do dey have stick and stones and gun game

  • Best call of duty game yet✌🏻

  • I am so glad i started on MW2. *TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING*

  • I’ve been sayin “Kobe” since MW3 lol 😂

  • What’s in homeboys drink?

  • I started on modern warfare 4 for xbox360 and this deffinitely is a buying on my list

  • Could use some more levels that you’re looking exactly right 😐😑

  • thought this game would focus on spec ops and tactical movements lol. this looks like COD Ghosts reskinned

  • whoa an execute? halo's had this since forever

  • If it’s a cross between r6 and cod then then left stick and b are how you lean

  • If you compare to other modern warfare i guess its fine but like i said why is it so hard to make a game that is just amazing.

  • I've started since the very beginning. Nah i like reload animation but nah this one aint ut chief

  • What is this an asmr

  • I started with MW1 and BO1 and got to Ghosts (my fav dk why) but aw (i got too) fucked me up, so i stopped playing cod but this gives me chills. i want to play it...

  • Looks like rainbow six siege 😂

  • 52 сякнм

  • I don't think it looks that great and I started in mw2 but the gameplay looks good.

  • I thought he said "and my boi La Croix" 1:47

  • popcorn

  • Modern battlefieldfare

  • Cod modern rainbow sixfare

  • First i saw the release trailers. I said wau, looks like one CoD i need to play. Then i saw this video. Dafuq... don't wanna be a hater, but i think even BF3 is better than this... I will stick to BF4 & 5.

  • I star COD with campange MW2 and multi with BO1

  • Well I like it. Made for men and not kids. Although, that sniper shot missed, yet killed.

  • That youtuber on the right why do you scream so much? Do you have mental retardation?

  • Get rid of the x-ray vision and tracers then I might buy it.

  • Jake kinda sucks lol

  • They couldn’t just make it look and feel like mw 2 :/

  • Are you TRYING to be funny? Im out

  • This isnt gnna be the only mode right?

  • Mw2

  • Good

  • Does anyone like the Modern Warfare series more than the Black Ops series. Also I know this new one is a reboot.

  • Explosive graphics are horrible

  • Courage kinda slow not gonna lie

  • Good pumped first cod modern ware fare

  • Is that nade? He has put the weight on.

  • чему все радуются? игра посредсвенная как не знаю что, карты просто морально устарели в плане размеров, как CS GO

  • As I'm playing csgo 1v1 servers, this pleases me

  • Good-mw2

  • It doesn’t look like cod. People really to use to advance warfare and the newer cods 🤦‍♂️

    • Sensr Yt urmm yes it does. Never played a og cod that’s why. The colour scheme and the roughness of the game just shouts og cod

    • It does look like cod

  • That guy should really limit his red bull intake, damn.

    • He’ll be fine, when I used to game hardcore I’d go through an 8ball in a night (:


  • >Has social medias in description >Still plasters it on the video effectively covering the lower left hand corner every 5 seconds

  • Can not wait to upload this game I am gunna boss just hope it live up to it

  • gruppo facebook italia modern warfare @t

  • gruppo facebook italia modern warfare @t

  • Mw2 or this ?

  • We're in 2019 step the graphics game up or do COD VR

  • Are you autistic? i was annoyed after 10 seconds of your lame video

  • This is lit, cod modern warfare 2 or 4 (sorry can't remember 😭)

  • Why is everyone hating on this I actually like the animations and the sniper gameplay

  • Omg I want to watch the gameplay but the guy at the top right is a douche!!

  • But I started playing during cod 2 and this has to the best it’s ever looked. I HOPE TO GOD they don’t mess this up like they did with ww2 (in my opinion)

  • I thought Noah was actually in the game with Jack 😂

  • That 52:00 game play was hot

  • Stim to regenerate health ? Whoa. So innovative

  • Cornballs man.

  • Is there a campaign

  • Am I the only one who got excited when he pulled the bolt back lol

  • Call of duty: 3 first ever cod and this looks f-ing dope

  • reminds me of a more realistic Cod and less realistic Siege combined

  • Stim seems limited, maybe a perk where it recharges, basically unlimited or a limit like Extra Tac?

  • Hmmm interesting, I may get it when it comes out

  • Call Of Duty 3-This Year Fun Infinite Warfare- I know right Modern Warfare 4-Hold my honey bun I meant cuz bo3 and infinite warfare are futuristic and mw4 isnt.

  • I guess I'm the only one who likes iw

  • Looks like a broken Medal Gear Solid

  • 24:34 aimbot

  • Idiot

  • que mancos

  • 54:25 perfect example of a cod hit box i’m honestly really excited for this game

  • they changed the engine it’s ran on. something they should have done years ago in my opinion

  • My favorite thing in cod is knife kills, so executions are gonna be dope. Just no gun speed running like a mad man is so funny.

  • The dude playing reinforces the stereotyping that COD players have.

  • Mw1 Waw Mw2 Bo1 Mw3 Bo2 Ghosts Aw Bo3 Iw Ww2 Bo4 Mw

  • 54:20 hitboxeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

  • I’m really looking forward to it but I really hope it’s not slow like rainbow I’ll be happy if the Movement is like bo2 or mw3 cods like that

  • Map looks like The Pit off of halo

  • This game does not look like a regular call of duty it looks more like six siege in my opinion but it still looks good- I started on bo1