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Call of Duty Modern Warfare MULTIPLAYER GAMEPLAY! New Modern Warfare Domination Gameplay. This video showcases the all new Call of Duty Game (Modern Warfare) on an all new NEVER BEFORE Seen Gameplay Footage. This video will showcases new multiplayer weapons, Maps, and In game features such a leaning, and super sprint. Call of Duty Modern Warfare's Multiplayer felt really good!
▶NEW AK47 Gameplay Moder Warfare
▶NEW AUG Gameplay Moder Warfare:
▶NO MINI MAP in Modern Warfare:
▶NEW TANK GAMEPLAY in Modern Warfare
▶NEW Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay:
▶GUNSMITH in Modern Warfare:
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*NEW* Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay!
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  • Jus bought a ps4 and this game after so many years of not playing.... use to quick scope back on mw1 mw2.. add me o-ERAZ-o get a S&D match goin

  • what fucking webcam do u use, u look fucking handsome, no homo credit to the webcam

  • It will be broke in a week it’s trash like the rest of them fucking shit

  • Опять карты маленькие ...

  • This game looks great

  • 3:21 in the beta i never just opened the door busting threw them is so much cooler i could not help myself


  • COD is always going to be the same! Every fucking game they bring out looks exactly the same as the last one! Not waisting my money! Waiting for the next battlefield. Rant over!

  • Looks shit

  • 0:34 I just got a boner when he tilted his gun

  • The call has finally been answered

  • Finally No 150 HP No more best plays Just good ol fashioned warfare with the final kill cam returning And we won’t have to waste half or more of our mag just to kill someone

  • Click Bate like a MF 😂

  • Am I the only one getting Medal of Honor Vibes???👀

  • EcoliExpresso, exclusiveAce, Prestige, Dysmo, there are a bunch of COD IT-tvsrs out there you guys can watch videos from that focus on COD. THIS IS NOT A COD CHANNEL. ITS ONLY A COD CHANNEL WHEN THE NEW COD COMES OUT.

  • Blah blah blah...ill be doing "a lot of COD MW" videos, until I figure out Fortnite make more $$$ because of the 10 year old that follow me. Dude, just stop the non-sense and stick to Fortnite. We can hear the BS in your voice. Activision gave you $$$ to promote it, but you don't really give a shit any more about COD. I would respect you if you would be honest about it. A few months from today, you'll be all 0ut Fortnite again.

  • How do you run with one hand??? I can’t figure it out

  • the fact that you point your primary in the air while super sprinting seems like a really dumb animation choice to me. Try doing that in real life, see how easy it is. Not very tactical lol...

  • Not sure why everyone is so hyped about this game. It looks like every call of duty I've played over the past 10 years. Not sure why you guys wanna play the same thing over and over.

  • im glad i did not pre order this, super sprint wtf. Why not just play as a cyborg

  • Do you guys notice the smoke when he shoots 🤩 love it feels real

  • They brought back when u kill sumbody money flies outta em 😩😩😩

  • dude talks so much fuck

  • The tine yo kill looks fast

  • No hate for cod but they need to learn how not to copy other games like r6 siege and battlefield I would of been more happy with a ghosts 2 then mw4 but that's just me

  • mw4 is here

  • If I buy the beta, do I have to buy the full game as well in October? Or do I get the full version for free if I buy the sixty dollar beta?

  • "I don't wanna talk too much" he went almost 4 minutes talked

  • Were is sope?

  • Might be a dumb question but how are you playing this already? Edit: nevermind lol you told us

  • Skip to 3:45 this kid talks to much

  • Is this cod or battlefield

  • 0:56 Yep, he plays Fortnite...

  • So I saw the ultra realism mode for cod .....then I noticed it's just a mode and multiplayer is still as generic as always for the most part ....not wasting a single dollar on the same game i buy everytime

  • Shit I guess I'm not a COD fan anymore. Bailed after Black Ops when I discovered Battlefield 3. Now battlefield is shit, so I was thinking this was for me but hell naw, why can't they ditch this arcady engine, there's already players jumping around and shit. Nothing will ever surpass or even come close to what BF3 was. Pass

  • Nice video bro

  • I’m so hyped, hope rust makes a comeback.

  • this map is similar to zavod

  • Oh shiz........I need to go grab my headphones!!

  • There aren't gay weapon textures

  • Bro can I get the modern wafare 4 disc for ps4

  • 9:25 dying with style

  • Love your videos hope I'm not too late for the give way

  • You ate up💥💥🔥🔥

  • Is it me or does this look like rainbow mixed with battlefield

  • The map is cod ghost map

  • I prefer black ops over modern warfare but sorry ill be getting this because it has my fav gun the ak-47 i f*kkin love and missed it!!

  • AND they took the spawn entry from battlefield 😭way to go Devs🤟🏾

  • The way the Gun smokes after firing is 🥜s..

  • Contextual lean😋😋rainbow 6 much?

  • 0:11 my man out here killing ghost a second time

  • The HP in this game looks extremely low

  • Is it just me or does Hollow kinda look like Drake

  • Finally :}

  • never been so hyped for a cod

  • Is it 4K

  • The barrel is smoking. This is finna be crazy

  • Headphone? "Laughs in Dolby Atmos x" phone

  • The ak strong as shit

  • *PINK* beard