By the way, Incorrect Quotes

Pubblicato il 12 apr 2019
Not so correct quotes. Feel free to add more:
Animator: Chris (whipped by Stephen) -
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  • Pay respect to Hosuh, the c̶u̶t̶e̶s̶t̶ MANLIEST man on this earth.

  • Now I can see where Stephen's passive aggressiveness is coming from

  • It’s so sad to see what the channel have been...

  • Tell me what you see in me.have you been to the whole in sky. I am real not fake. You can not fly can you.

  • Okay people. 1) This was posted before the argument. Sure, this video was posted 8 months ago, but videos like these tak a lot of time to edit. 2)Don't take this too Far. I've seen people make rude jokes about this situation, harrasing people who are supporting with Dan, attacking Dan and whatnot. S T O P .

  • I feel you pain Hosuh ;-; aww your so cute when your angry JUST STOP PLS

  • Stephen : wait hwta I'm going to do now Hosuh : Be honest Stephen : Why I need to do that Seriously stephen you need to be honest

  • "What would you do if I got hit by a car?" Stephen: "I'd be the one driving the car." (this is ripped straight from the tumblr, I don't mean anything by it!"

  • I like how people say hosuh is cute but his in the military.

  • 2:10 wait a minute...

  • Looking back when Danplan still existed

  • ☀☀☀☀☀☀ 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 🏊🏄🏊🏊🏄🏊 🐳🐬🐳🐬🐳🐬 ヽ(´▽`)/

  • *died at the **0:09** part* just, so cute... SO CUTE!!! very cute hosuh XDD

  • when hosuh said "oh sh*t, where?!" he sounded like he never swore before in his life and had to practice that line a lot to make it sound natural but I bet if/when hosuh swears irl he just always sound like that


  • What has happened

  • Ohhh my god is 699 dislikes QwQ

  • I paid for my Cheetos, I'm getting my Cheetos -Steven 2019

  • 0:08 Well aleast he doesn't wear size 13 nikes MENS

  • a lot of this have deeper meanings as I look at them....and uh I'm crying looking back on this

  • 0:25 didn’t age well

  • Wot the fuck

  • *oof* so many things didn't age well

  • Stevens so annoying ME:i know you talking sh*t about steven WTF

  • Ahhhhhh the days when the best person aka Stephen was still on danplan and no one knew that dan was a massive butt wrench

  • Hey HEY people from the future stop being depressing Im tryna' be happy here and take my mind off of a few things!!! Okay?

  • 0:49 “He died as he lived...being a goddamn FOOL-“ Yikes. That didn’t age well.


  • Hosuh: I'm worried. Dan: About what? The channel: 0:38

  • 0:18 you’re still so cute Hosuh 🥺🥺

  • 0:04 0:20 1:11 Oh... oh... these quotes did not age well... yikes.

  • HA... HE WANTS LOYALTY!! 😂😂😂

  • i now get triggered everytime i hear dans voice, its not taht i hate dan but stillll

  • 0:46 - 0:49 conspiracy theory: stephen can see the future

  • 0:43 I’m not sure if this aged like wine or milk. Edit 1:12 YIKES Edit 2 1:17 *DOUBLE YIKES* Edit 3 1:59 *TRIPLE YIKES* Edit 4 2:26 oh my god

  • 2:26

  • Stephen: "I'm the most intelligent and valuable person on this team." Dan: haha no *Stephen leaves* Dan: its fine *starts loosing subscribers* Dan: oh shart he was right

  • 0:03 _ 0:06 is that why you diddent pay him

  • 0:45

  • Stephen: Well what do you want? Dan: Loyalty. Me: Thats ironic

  • did anyone else realise that the car that hit dan had a number plate reading 'L0L'?

  • “Yes or.. Yes” Was that a Twice reference??!?!?!?

  • 1:12 hits different now

  • 1:53 Dan: Guys I have a bad idea *OOF*

    • envelopeflock !Likeeeeee BEING A GOD DAMN FOOL

  • Housah and me both have the same problem Sorry cant spell

  • 0:46

  • Incorrect quotes- “Stephen is just a employee.” 😢

  • 2:17 this is straight facts

  • by the way, Incorrect payment.

  • 1:11 Welp. The irony.

  • 0:28 and thats what stephen wanted -/-

  • Stephen " I am the most valuable person on this team" Yes dear you are and hosuh and Jay and shout out to the animators are extremely valuable too Please know your self worth you all are extremely valuable and I hope this dan plan drama doesn't stop you from making wonderful things in the future Just maybe away from dan for now

  • 0:25 Stephen-"did u want me to get u anything" "what do u want" dan- "loyalty" IRONIC


  • I’m here because of the drama

  • I'm gonna be real, half of these hit differently now

  • An incorrect quote is "YOU'RE JUST AN EMPLOYEE"

  • However by the timing this was filmed before that whole thing went down

  • 0:27 Dan's answer is both ironic and relevant recently

  • 00:30 Greifing a minecraft base in a nut shell