By the way, Can You Survive "Us"?

Pubblicato il 13 set 2019
Daniel, Stephen, Hosuh and Jay experience the thrilling concept of "Us" the movie.
The movie Us is a horror film in which identical clones that look just like us come out from underground tunnels to overthrow the people above.
Animator: Rei -
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  • Man,seeing these guys interact like this after seeing all the three of their vids just isn't the same

  • i wish i can have a hug

  • is that the GOD OF WAR axe?

  • 4:53 He protecc He attacc But most importantly… He smacc

  • no dan i cant survive you tortureing stehpen

  • This brings back so many memories of when DanPlan was happy. Now it's trying into a ball of hate, sadness, depression, etc. in hope Stephen, Jay and Daniel can become friends again and be a happy IT-tvs channel.

  • Is hosuh a girl or a boy

  • Stephen doesn’t know basic math!

  • Jays senpai is his shadow


  • Stuff it in its mouth

  • If ur reading a script wtf

  • haha dis channel is funny

  • Hosuh is gone now :(

  • Bruh

  • Daniel: And got stabbed not knowing a multiplecation problem XD Steven: WHATS 7×8?! Daniel: 56. Me: Plays OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH meme

  • Wait what if the red overall guy kills you but you remember that if he kills you he dies too XD

  • 10:44 umm...that's kinda gay

  • Hohsa: How Strong Am I ? Me:My God Its Allmight

  • “We’ll use the Dan express, *HIYA* DAN! *HIYA* DAN! *HYA! HYA! HYA!* Edit: really brings me joy to see him happy.

  • I recommend you not looking at the comments if you don't want to get depressed...

  • can you survive scary stories to tell in the dark

  • I'm watching all vids with Hosuh in it. Good luck in the military!!!!

  • Dan said they have to follow what they do so how would the other hosa have Active Life

  • whew! I got scared!

  • comments: whos here because (REDACTED) Me: im... just here to enjoy there content...

  • Dan “NO STOP WATCHING” Me “Well if u say so dan” Changes videos

  • Is n one gonna talk about how cute Housah looks as a splatoon character?-

  • In the classroom The teacher: What's 7x8 Stephen: Daniel's left butt hole Daniel: What the heck

  • 8:03 Stephen: "Unacceptable jay I was supposed to eat that!" Jay:-_- there are still knives all over his body,you can just carve him out- ......stephen and jay were arguing over killing someone...and it was so causal-

  • Hosuh: the gril Jay: the little boy Steven: the dad Daniel: the mom

  • 2x1=2

  • Y'all I still haven't watched this video. This is the only video of DanPlan I haven't watched it's so weird. I think Imma save it, for this might be the last "new" video for me.

  • Daniel:follow me Hosuh:odd? Stephen:can i just stab daniel Jay:whats 67×8 Stephen:fu.......

  • Well obviously stephen meant to get stabbed because he did not want to run My attempt to be happy towards danplan still sorry

  • Came here to see if I could find comfort from this video.....but it just doesn't feel right anymore.....;-;

  • I’m surprised no one made a lieutenant Dan joke wen Stephan was riding on Dan (sounds wrong out of context)

  • Is Jay part of the main cast now? And is it to replace Stephen...?

  • Right now It’s funny seeing Stephen freak out for the first time And not so funny after he left

  • You suck

  • actually came here from us’ trailer bcs everyone keeps commenting danplan

  • Fight of flight? *mUtUaL aGrEeMeNt*

  • I was watching this while my friend was using headphones,When Stephen said "Jay is Stephen,Stephen is Jay ", my friend heard "Stephen is gay"

  • Am i the only one that noticed the splatoon reference!!

  • Bakuguo dat you?

  • Even though they split apart i still find this funny 🙂

  • I have actually just noticed... when Stephen said "Jay is Stephen and Stephen said is Jay" it actually meant that when Stephen left Jay will also leave

  • The fact they actually referenced the Sociopath video is great.

  • Anyone notice how jay is so damn smart? In 8:12

  • Hasa is to pure

  • Ya know what this is the first Danplan video I ever watched

  • Dan: *What’s 6x8?* Steven: *dans left but hole*

  • Anyone else still crying

  • Ima miss the good time these 4 had together

  • Well, at least we all know how to scare jay -5:01-

  • Me when danplan breaks up 1:36 Jay

  • can you make:by the way,can you survive "world war z"

  • Hosuh says he does not work out that much but what about the can you survive a nuclear explosion episode?

  • Mamamaamm