By the way, Can You Survive SPYFALL? (The Game)

Pubblicato il 9 nov 2019
Guess who the Spy is!! Dan, Hosuh, Ann, Stephen and Jay decide to play the game SPYFALL. We play 2 rounds in total - try and guess who the 2 spies are and let me know if you get them!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for not posting last week. We had a lot of troubles but in the end, it's my fault for not preparing ahead of time. I will try to continue to keep my promise until this year ends. On another note, my classmates are finding out that I own a youtube channel so that's fun...
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  • It wasn’t Ann...

  • Ann is too cute to blame

  • Fak uuuuuuuu im the winner

  • So Many JoJo references,y brain can not comprehend!

  • jay: I already have you all stephen: I feel the same stetimet as jay That's a sign

  • I’m gonna miss this channel

  • 3:38 *scared noises*

  • Nani?

  • 5:16 ITZ GAVIN

  • Dan was just like: you expected Ann! But it was me! Dio!

  • "- I already hate you - I feel the same sentiments as Jay!" -Jay and Stephen, 0:32 wow. that's really bad.

  • That was so funny !😄😄

  • Stephen : “If it’s not Ann I’ll quit!” Me : *cries in 2020*

  • *if it's not Anne I quit* .. well that's already been done.

  • I’m feeling some gay tings

  • 1:00 ROLF!!! ROLFED!!!!!!!!!!

  • I dont know what to comment

  • 2:38 Oh

  • Ah so feelings that Stephen had for hosuh haven’t changed since the scp video

  • Stephen: "If it's not ann I'll leave" 3 months later...

  • 2:40 Me; well ur still gonna

  • Housha rolls to suduce

  • 5:50 sans face tho and ima miss the Stephen jokes bro and hostepthen for life

  • Ann’s “F*ck youuu!” Is so damn cute 😂

  • That episode of Doctor Who sucked

  • 0:28 Sniper: SPY! Spy: oh no, not jarate again

  • Omg their wearing clothes...

  • Dan: The only winner in this video is Daniel!! Ann: *fUcK YoU* Dan: Dont say that!! Ann: *fUdGE Youuuuuu*

  • Talk to us dan. Please

  • (joke warning) The stosuh is strong with this one....

  • The real reason Stephen quit Dan plan:If it's not Ann I'll quit

  • where do you get/find these kind of games? I want to play these with some mates


  • Half this vid is Hostephen

  • Hostephen (Hosen)

  • Is it bad I ship real people, with real lives? No. Is it weird? Yes

    • TheRandomBoxCat kinda as long as you don’t push it towards the irl people like jack and mark, I ship it as a side thing not like they should date irl cuz they don’t have to

  • Ann : FuCk YoU!!! Dan : #sistershook

  • Stephen: I’ll quit Everyone: Haha he’s so funny Stephen: *quits* Everyone: *surprised pikachu*

  • Dan this is the future your about to fuck up

  • R.I.P Steven

  • 5:06 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Steven: if its not ann, ill quit. *that joke was darker than any of us knew.*

  • Ann is so cuteeee

  • The line at 0:35 is really ironic because of the situation they are currently in right now 😛 But no matter what happens to Dan, Stephen, and everyone involved in the situation, there's no denying that the vids are *Gold*

  • Who knew and 2020 this would be the name of a Doctor who episode

  • Nobody: Ann: FRICK YOU

  • I'm just watching a bunch of old danplan videos being sad :[

  • 4:42 Hosuh: Stephen, would you strip naked in this place? Me, having previously read HosuhXStephen fanfics earlier out of curiosity: oh god... I will admit, I do get the HosuhXStephen vibes from the videos, I just think the fanfiction is weird. So when my mind turned dirty and I remembered the fanfiction.. I got extremely uncomfortable .-.

  • Dan....

  • Daniel please reply to stephen and jays videos. The fandom hates you and please reply with something. If (at least to our knowledge) 3 members are leaving and you said nothing. You can post something.

  • When Anne said f*ck you it was so cute

  • Dan your dissapointing...

  • Hosuh: senpai is not the spy Me: YASSSSSSSS! (I comically ship those 2)

  • 4:12 Shippers heaven. I’m not one so eh just a joke to me ;-:

  • 1:01 Pewdiepie reference

  • 04:24 ooooo!!! If u know this song from a "cerntent" IT-tvsr then you a 👌

  • 2:37 O O F . sorry...

  • 2:38 we that didn't age well....

  • "If it's not ann I'll quit!" -Stephan 2019 *Stephan Quits*

  • Can we apreciatte more this video the relation ship of Stephen and Hush?? The things now are not- lovely... And see this again just remember me how they two are a really good friends ;;