By the way, Can You Survive SCP Containment Breach? (ft. JoCat)

Pubblicato il 4 ott 2019
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Daniel, Hosuh, Stephen, Jay and Jocat get hired in the SCP Foundation! However, a containment breach occurs and they must survive through different SCP monsters. Secure, Contain, Protect.
Joe the cat:
Animator: Bella -
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  • This is not creepy pasta its scary spaghetti.

  • Y does purple hair have a knife 🤣

  • forced labour

  • Scary spaghetti? Ah I see your a man of taste

  • South Park reference nice

  • The one where it said do not look, you just cant look at the face

  • Hmm how do they get in the rooms without keycards like some NEED level 5 keycards and I bet they don’t have thoughts (My fav scp is SCP-999) or orange slime

  • no i did not look that up,because i am the TRUE ENCYCLOPEDIA!!!!

  • the eye creatures are scp 131 and 131#1 there are only two in the original lore, but there harmless

  • dis was made on meh brithday :0


  • Creepypasta Scary spaghetti Terrifying tortellini FETTUCHINI AFRAIDO

  • Hosa x Stephen

  • How da hell do you spell hosa

  • Hello

  • Does anyone know all of the SCPs in this video? I recognize most of them, but there are a few that I'm blanking on.

  • So much pets!!!

  • Contract If I die I guess I'll just perish then.

  • They go to My son/daughter's Cell! (SCP 99 Is mah son/daughter

  • 𝘂𝗴𝗹𝘆 𝘀𝗰𝗽 𝘁𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗼

  • -creppypasta- *its freaky fettuccine*

  • Am i the only one scared to see the video because of the SCP thats in the thumbnail

  • Water isn't wet

  • Wow rewatching this I think dan you really screwed this up

  • Wait, does the golden tweezers make you pluck out all of your hairs Even your pubic hairs😐

  • I have enough experince from playing scp containment breach on safe difficulty

  • 4:07 whats the music called? EDIT: Ik i am late

  • How is Jay supposed to do this, his eyes are literally closed

  • That's scp 001 with the wings and a hell like room and when you got close to (10) I'm your dead the sword will burn you to death and btw if scp 001 there all the scp will be dead in a second because scp 001 is an immortal being that gaurds a gate and it can eliminate the whole world within a second

  • good to see when everyone was having fun

  • So I have major anxiety and it convinced me to watch scary vids so I’m ask this one question are scp real?

  • Honestly, when I first watched the vid I didn’t know about SCPs, but now that I know many of them (and what they do) it hurts to watch this vid and see them make the choices :DDD

  • Mobile Task Force unit Epilison 11 designated Nine tailed Fox has entered the facility. We Will be taking staff to the breach shelter once the SCPs are containers again.

  • I love your video💙💕🤓👿

  • Whats funny is, i watch alot of scp illustrated, so i knew all of them. lol

  • I still hate you Dan, but Bella's art is dope so here I am

  • Anyone here after Stephen quit dan plan I’m crying lol

  • How can I see more of this? It clearly has episodes, but WHERE ARE THEY? Please make a playlist....

    • - Part 2, the final one

  • lol 4:36

  • 3:58 No one: Jo: I don’t like it’s *bAdOnKaDoNk*

  • 420-J plays in background

  • More evidence Jocat is a bard

  • When James dies just despose of the body

  • isn't there a back-up generator at scp-173's containment, so power failure wont affect it. Also there is a camera aimed at scp-173 24/7

  • Everyone keeps looking away rrom 173 and one of you even has constantly closed eyes like Brock.

  • I'm not here to annoy Danial but I just wanted to say how danplan team was good and had a really good chemistry between them And we don't hate u Daniel I really love u, and I love hosuh, Stephen, Ann and Jay I love u all guys and also the rest of the team I just love u so much it was a really good time and wish u all luck Daniel and we love u, don't be depressed

  • Make a video that you go in scp 999 and you can’t laugh

  • 0:16 when he said ja Jo, I thought he was gonna say Jay Jona Jameson from the spiderman movies

  • 173 is cleaned by d class

  • “Uh- y’know- for plot!”


  • I have a problem with the weeping angel thing a weeping angel just needs a blink just like it except that the angel transports the victim back in time and feeds of the time energy produced and that a picture or a video of an angel becomes one

  • Why did Jay look like joker from persona 5

  • Is no one going to acknowledge the fact that Stephen refused to sign Dan's contract at the begining and Dan told Hosuh to hold him down. (Cuz Danplan is technically owned by Dan and Hosuh)

  • Okayyyyyyyyyyy im not gonna sleep tonight

  • This is unrelated to the video and the drama, but I really love Bella's artstyle.

  • I just realized something Jay’s eyes are actually really beautiful..

  • *Would you like a game of BADMINTON?!*

  • "IS this a creepypasta?" "No, this is a s c a r y s p a h g e h t i i"

  • Man you all freakin awesome 👏😎😎😂