By the way, Can You Survive Jigsaw? (ft.TheAMaazing & TurtleAmigo)

Pubblicato il 9 gen 2018
Today we played a Jigsaw survival test! With psychological dilemmas and riddles to solve, Hosuh and Stephen fought for their survival. Of course, TheAmaazing and TurtleAmigo joined us. I always found psychological thrillers and horrors interesting, and always thought what it would be like to be in a psychological thriller like the Saw series.
Also, we read some TheOdd1sOut James x TheAMaazing fanfiction! I was hoping to make Stephens read some DanPlan fanfiction, but I guess that’s a video for another time.
This video was completed thanks to the people that were willing to help out!
Tantan (Made the fanart) :
Laddi, ArtDemon and Jess helped Hosuh draw/shade, which was really really helpful. Tantan drew the James x Maaz fanart, which was just amazing. Go check em out and show them your love~!
Still though, after making "What if you were the last person on earth?" and "Can you survive the zombie apocalypse", we found that people really love survival tests, so we went ahead and make a Saw survival test. We were trying to trend with the new Jigsaw movie but failed miserably. We always feel bad for not being able to post often, so I do apologize, but the fanfic with James from TheOdd1sout and Maaz from TheAmaazing makes the wait worth it (?).
Also, you should go watch By the way, Can You Survive in Antarctica?
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  • Jose is a little shit

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  • Whose here after stephen left

  • Dan's riddles are garbage! I'm not joking! I've heard them all before when i watched you tubers reacting to it seven second riddles!

  • "You open your eyes" Hm yes, Maz doesn't have eyes

  • Please can you do can you survive song of the sea watch it first so you are all silkies and you can't speak and an owl lady is trying to turn you into stone and your only hope it this shell that can get back your voice and sing your song so you don't die but you gave a time limit of 24 hours

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  • Stephen:oh sh** hosuh we need to run Hosuh:why? Daniel(jigsaw):time to play The aamazing:what do we play Turtle amigos:Oo lets play hide and seek Stephen:just stab daniel already do we have guns knives Daniel:no,no and no

  • Hey hosuh kiss stephen

  • Dan: Housa and Stephan die first me: NOOO MY 2 FAVORITES

  • Ok, I can understand why Stephen is in jigsaw cuz he KILLS PEOPLE but HOW did HOUSA GET THERE??!!

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  • Turtle: no don’t kill no one, no one dies Hosuh: but then a bunch of people die Turtle: *i dont care*

  • I would shoot myself to help others!

  • JigDAN

  • Read the fan fiction!!! When he actually reads it , oh god no!!!!

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  • My first impression of the trio: (2018) Daniel: “..So we invited two guesses since a lot people are gonna die today and Stephen and Hosuh weren’t enough-“ Stephen: “It’s because Daniel is running out of ideas..” Hosuh: “Cough cough.” Me: _Laughs_ I like these guys. I’ll watch them.

  • I hate the reverse beartrap, my brother has the dlc for dead by daylight Pig.

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