By the way, Can You Survive a Horror Island?

Pubblicato il 22 giu 2019
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Do you think you can survive an island full of horrors and mysteries?
Main Animator: Izzy - too cool for links
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Featuring Jocat:
Detective Daniel is investigating a strange case in a mysterious island. 5 kids have gone to this horror island and have never been found again... Jay, Joe, Stephen, Hosuh and Daniel embark on a trip to a horrifying island covered in mist. Will they be able to survive the mystery that unfolds in this journey, or meet their inevitable impending doom?

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  • When I first saw the thumbnail I thought Jay was Bakugo, and Daniel was Deku ;>; I watch too much “My Hero Academia”

  • The video: *old man breaks his neck* Me: :/

  • I Don think u will be alive to have grand kids

  • it’s dan the man with the plan! it’s danplan!

  • I skip school ;)

  • I’m Steven

  • 5:57 Person:”Hello, you boys want so drugs”.

  • What’s 25x78 Me: 1950

  • The times Stephen laughed his godly laugh: 2:47 5:02 5:36 6:32 7:54

  • I also like when Jay points out not the boat? 3:00 Dan: why 😑 Stephen: this is happening 😐 Joe: OH GOD 😱 Hosuh: ACTUALLY TRYING TO LIVE! (holds breath...)🤭

  • I like how Hosuh has pigtails when being described by Dan. Also question is Hosuh the person eating, or giving food? 1:08

  • Hi subscribe to you I hate you

    • After you watch this watch Danplan's newest video

  • Because people have and you need done Mr. Stephen

  • I subscribed

    • Do you think you don‘t me to question him because you think he’s really old and you he knows nothing

  • Nobody: Literally no one: Actually no one: Steven: *laugh or ill murder you* Everyone: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Is this a movie

  • I swear Stephen and Jay are my favorites "Violent" and "Unstable" they sound like me 🤣🤣😂

  • love your videos!!!!

  • My parents went to get gas.. 20 years ago..... I’m AdOpTeD

  • 3:53 he was serious

  • Me: *is actualy getting scared* Joe: GAHH!!! 4:11

  • No one: Stephen: 2:47

  • the pigeon moved!

  • Anyone else watching this over again after the recent situation DanPlan is having?

  • 23: parents go to get to gas 25 years ago? XD

  • "My parents left 25 years ago" but he said he's 23?

    • Dom Wolf that’s sad... they left before he was even born

  • 6:55 look at the bird......

  • Huh, I just noticed the bird moving at 6:55.

  • 08:21 dammit Jo, you scared everyone awake, even the painting.

  • I have a question how can you come on the show just a question

  • Dan: ok guys, we'll play rock paper scissors and who ever loses has to see outside Jo: No, but that old man said not to Dan: the old man's old Sound logic there dan, but i like the group's logic better

  • Your mother left you when you were in the womb

  • Hosuh is the least perverted lol

  • will you bring theoddonesout some tim

  • WHY DO YOU LOOK BAKUGO?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!???!???!?!?

    • Jay or Joe?

  • 5:00 - 5:03 “Friendly banter laughter” Me: *sobs*

  • These videos are incredibly funny! I cant wait to see future uploads as of January 25th 2020!

  • 5:02 is he pulling Stephen’s skin?!?! 🤔

  • Dan: If you ever want to collect a bunch of monsters, feed them, and evolve them- Me: *a child.*

  • They should do “can you survive IT”

  • 6:53-6:55 does anyone else noticed that the birdman on the picture is moving?

    • Mige Viellardi I just noticed that good catch!

  • Who’s here after the fall of DanPlan? Miss them- 💔

  • So I am deep in a rewatch marathon from the danplan videos and they are so freaking funny! I will miss them. Hope they'll at least talk it out in real life at some point.


  • Legend says, they never went night fishing.

  • Jay: “is This old Man gonna die?” Stephen: *good* XD im dying from laughter!

  • I can’t believe he’s gone...

  • “Oh thank God your just old” Lol

  • I love Stephens laugh its so cute!

  • Thiççççç

  • Timestamp: 7:37 look at the bed... You’ll thank me later

  • everything will be ok

  • Them: My parents left Me: my dad went to get milk 11 years ago.

  • stephen I'm sorry for what happened I've been subed to danplan for years and when i saw the video that made me sub it was just your humor i laughed until my stomach hurt you can make as a youtube videos on your own and this video is proof that anyone can have the courage to leave a toxic relationship

    • Stephen won't see this here he literally quit this channel my man why would you think to do that here lol

  • I don’t understand how Dan didn’t realize how important Stephen is.


  • "Student loans gona weigh you down, but it'll be alright" This didn't age well

  • Dan please......say something about the issue!😓

  • I love the image of one of the animators taking of their slipper and kicking jay in the background

  • 2:47 okay but i love stephen’s laugh 🥺🥺🥺