By the way, Can You Become a SuperHero | Final Episode

Pubblicato il 4 gen 2020
Hosuh, Stephen, Dingo, and Jay all go out to defeat villains for a mysterious man named Dan Fury!
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  • You know, the recent events surrounding the channel was not what i was thinking about when i saw this was titled "final episode".

  • Isn't it funny that it is named the final episode and it was the last one of the animated ones....


  • I'm sad.....

  • All these comments are sad. Dan showed proof for all of his claims. Stop saying Dan started this all. I believe Stephen was the one to instigate the problem and consistently making claims with no sign of proof. It’s pathetic and sad. Stop blaming Dan for all of this because you guys don’t know what actually happened. For all you guys know, it could’ve been Hosuh (it wasn’t but just an example). Just chill out supposed “Fans”.

  • i love watching danplan but after we found out about srephan watching it dosent feel the same anymore

  • Steven I think is the funniest I love his personality cuz I’m the type of person that just acts like a psycho

  • I love your vids

  • I love how they animated my hero academia

  • I feel like Shawn is still alive and he will destroi Earth because they attacked him for noreason

  • Super sjambok

  • I love these guys and I wish Steven had not left and I don’t think I can rewatch any of their videos by now

  • Fans: Oh cool it's part final Dan: Danplan is over Fans: That's what it meant?!

  • Who is Jay costumes as in UA? This is the part I’m talking about: 3:56

  • The end :(

  • Awwww man Well all things go to an end And another good thing starts

  • This was the last true episode of dan plan when Steven left dan plan collapsed

  • 9:31 - ........

  • The last time we will see Stephen

  • 69th btw episode. *N I C E*

  • what happened to the rpg series?

  • This really was the final by the way video

  • i now realize what he meant by final ep

  • wow

  • I have a fact that will make your day better There are 69 by the way episodes

  • Dingo: Do we get paid for this? Dan: No, it's an unpaid internship. Yikes.

  • By the way, DAN, fuk of from everyone!

  • If you go back a year you can hear Stephen more but in this video we totally doesn't hear it

  • Room service Guy: RoOm SeRvIce HaPpY PiZzA TiMe Wut CaN I Get You ToDaY

  • "All Mighto"

  • Kinda like that

  • Hay I think once that complete a mission they get more control of their powers cos it is traing I think the death note would have like a 25 percent chance of working normal ly

  • Anyone else notice this is the 69th episode of by the way and maybe the last;)

  • This was so hard to watch with seeing Steven quiting vid 😭😭😭

  • E

  • Final episode kind of has a different meaning now. 😕

  • Superhero name suggestions: Stephen: 3Sec Hosuh: WinkCharm Jay: ClapMeter Dingo: TeleNoSee

  • Dan : Unpaid Stephen : Yeah I know how that feels...

  • Omg so much my hero academia in here

  • The thumbnail is a drawing of iron man vs Captain America, which is from civil war where they basically break up the avengers. And Stephen and dan broke up danplan because they got in a huge fight. COINCIDENCE?!

  • I love the fact that theirs just avengers and my hero academia references sprinkled in from time to time! I love that little touch~

  • I'm honestly kind of sad. I have only been watching them a little over a year but I loved them so much. Their humor and videos brought me a shit ton of laughter and actually gave me some good irl tips. Kinda sucky that everyone is leaving it but I whole-heartedly understand and respect their descisions but I will miss them so much

  • actual final episode

  • F

  • I’ll miss you guys😔👊

  • Stephen leave? Nuuuuu

  • Dan used to have 2mil but now that Stephen has left he went down to 1mil

  • 3:52 oof

  • Me: *starts dying of laughter every time a my hero academia reference shows up*

  • Considering it’s been months since the last upload. I think DanPlan is over

    • Noah Blumberg its only been 3 weeks.

  • This really was the final episode huh

  • I really thought I believed dan. Until I watched Stephen and jays videos. They’re so much more believable. And they get so emotional. I feel like all of this has kinda gone to dans head and I totally can believe that he did all of the things Stephen said... 😅😅 Stephen was the BEST character in his videos. I cant believe dan would tell him he is worth 0% of this channel... it’s mad. Stephen should be considered an OG he is one of the pillar 3. It’s not like he’s just a guest...

  • next episode little do they know there is no next episode

  • it's sad because this whole channel helped me out of a lot of things, and actually made me laugh.. i was talking with friends on discord the other day and the topic of DanPlan came up and i was like "omg i love them! i haven't watched them in a few months though.." and when they told me what happened my heart broke :(. i hope that all of you guys can move on eventually and even though I'm a little late on the situation ill never forget how much happiness this channel brought to the whole fanbase and everyone who watched :).

  • This is sad

  • cliffhanger

  • Me: *calls mr deed from the SCP episode * mr deed: hello me: Bitch slap sir dan 10000 times

  • unsubcirb to danplan now

  • the “ROOM SERVICE” ( 4:15 ) reference *cheff kiss* amazing

  • If this is really the final episode fudge you! *Legit*