By the way, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (ft. Youtubers)

Pubblicato il 16 nov 2019
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Are you smarter than a 5th grader was a great show, and we decided to basically copy them. The quiz show will be based on 5th grade level questions and every question you answer, you earn $1000 for charity!
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  • We do learn 4 matters thing mabye it was just my school

  • Spiders have 6 legs... okay boomer

  • I need an hour long podcast with this group chilling do shit like this. I could watch this for hours

  • Yo fresh start I've volunteered there!

  • Me a fifth grader *We do have 4 states of matter.....*

  • Poor canadians... I need more Canadians.

  • I'm in 5th and yea. Theres only 3 gas,liquid, and solid idk what the hell plasma is xD

  • there's actually 5 states of matter

  • 5th grade levels??? This is like Harvard university level to me!

  • I love how the video changes drawing styles

  • im not gonna acknowledge everything that happened and im going to pretend that this is a normal video

  • I cant watch this the same anymore

  • I'm an American 7th grader and uh I don't know most of these is that bad

    • Goth PinkCatMeow as a Canadian 7th grader, yep.

  • bruh im in 7th learning geometry xd

  • I'm just gonna say that if he gave the money to his employees instead of charity maybe they'd have a channel

  • I am watching this before it goes away " the chanale"

    • @Lenator thx

    • @Moon Light channel

    • I am a 5th grader and I do not know how to spell

  • Everyone. Just shut up with Stephen quitting and enjoy the video for what it is

  • I like how now “can you survive the purge” is the most viewed danplan video

  • 3:24 god Stephen's laugh is so wholesome

  • Stephen going big brain mode sorry dan I’m re watching these because I love ur channel and I’d hate to see you go 😭

  • This be 5th grade shit I’m learning this in 7th

  • Ireallymissedtheirrelationshipasatrio

  • This is sad

  • :(

  • 1500 when he put up 15000

  • is that Cartman in the thumbnail-

  • Stephen said in the beginning that I don't remember anything I'm NOT in Daniel Dam

  • Just going back through the good times before it all fell apart, don't mind me

  • I AM a fifth grader. Yay.

  • "down to the uh Dominican Republic" me, a Dominican: say wHat

  • I'm a year 6 (I think that's 5th grade) and I got some of these before the people on this video....

  • wish u came to puerto rico after maria

  • ACTUALLY ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER WAS CANADIAN BUT NOW IS AMERICAN Edit my 5th grade teacher did not teach us about the fourth state of matter but she TOLD us about it btw the fourth state of matter is plasma

  • After steven explained why he left. I could see how miserable he was though this.

  • Stephen didn't laugh a lot but here are some they cost 1 like 2:55 3:23 7:34 7:47

  • Don’t get me wrong donating to charity is good but if you have money to give to charity. Then shouldn’t Stephen get payed before u donate to charity??

  • I can't watch this the same way anymore it feels different

  • This art style is cool ash

  • :3 :3 :D :D :l :l :o :o

  • Hosuh 2 XD

  • Hosuh my senpai I’ll kill anyone who likes you Hosuh >:3 jk

    • artisan_2005 duh

    • That's not creepy at all😑

  • In my country we still don't have science in 7th grade Wow Slav countries have it really weird boy...

  • Just going down memory lane to hid from the sadness of the channel T-T

  • pay your employees before you do charitys

  • 11:00 Stephens so freaking happy at this point its just wholesome

  • Im a 5 grader and there are 5 matter

  • I kinda wish they don't replace Stephen with Ann, cause she's kinda annoying. ◇Not Trying To Be Mean, This Is Just My Opinion◇

  • they even drew stephen mad/bored in the videos. now that he’s opened up it makes so much more sense.

  • Dan my dude, pay your own people before you donate...

  • no i'am a 4th grader

  • I love Stevens reaction at the end lmao

  • all the: "this hits different" and "this aged badly.." is annoying me because of the unoriginality, despite being relatable.

  • Stephen is the beeeeeeeeest

  • Fun little story less than a week ago my class (which is a 5th grade class) we’re talking about the 3 main states of matter

  • How can dan make a video like this and donate to charity but not fairly pay Stephen and the animators?

  • #GGgetrekt

  • Why that game sound like sao

  • Everyone made Stephen and Hosua love Together

  • Bring stephen back! >:(

  • Steven got so excited when he won! It was so adorible