buying my dream car at 16

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
smg what is life
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  • that fake ass voice is so annoying

  • That's a dude

  • Tape noob to your passenger seat! Then in November you can take him for a drive

  • THESE BROWS ARE IT SIS!!! But....... NOOB IS NOT A WHORE!! 😤 🤣🤣🤣 congrats on the car! 🚘🚘🚗🚗🚗

  • Anytime I watch your videos I laugh XD thank youuu

  • What happened, why havent you posted

  • You know what I did when I was 16? I dont remember because I was traveling the world with my wealthy family. :(

  • *Tomorrow I’m getting my car* Me: tomorrow I’m getting...a life. *ROASTED MYSELF* why do I exist?

  • are you a guy

    • Ben Whiteley yes but don’t hate on her

  • 4:42 the zombie sounds have me dead 💀

  • Hope she got gap insurance

  • Wtf I thought you was 20

  • You should of got a girly car like a Benz C300,C350, S550 or a g wagon! Even a BMW would be soooo cute!!!! A Tesla is a spaceship 🚀super cool but definitely to big for a girl that’s small & if you did get a Tesla you should had gotten a coupe

  • imagine being so rich that you can buy a car when you don’t even have your license

  • So many dislikes.Yikes

  • i love your eyebrows thin they look so gorgeous 😍😍!!

  • I love you

  • 1:40 is me when I die in roblox 😭

  • Idk why I'm watching this but I'm lowkey confused is it a she who's trans or guy who does makeup or just a chick who's Adam apple pops

  • pretty guy

  • wait because what type of car is this ? once i get my permit im DEF gonna buy this

  • Is this a he or she ?

  • She has a penis

  • She is so ASS

  • Is this animal crossing music

  • I don’t care how to make Thai chicken wings

  • She looks great at the beginning of the video

  • i like your thin eyebrows better you should do them more

  • you have a car at 16, here in México you have to wait at 18 or 21

  • Thin eyebrows for the win sis! I love themmmm


    • SadBoiVibes gay asf boi

  • What kind of car did you get?

  • awww you got the car on my birthday, june 3

  • What does smg mean

  • She’s 16? She looks and sound like a 26 year old what

    • @gootsy Collins she is trans.

    • I think she is trans might make her look a bit older..sometimes i hear a manly voice also

  • You didn’t even give us a car tour 😳

  • Antonio hi there from Baltimore Maryland. First of all when you were recommended in my feed I checked out your videos and that were funnyand entertaining. your makeup tutorials are awesome.I've been doing my make-up way longer than you have and I'm not nearly as skilled😳. So you got out of school so that you could do videos. so why haven't you been posting have you lost interest or are you just don't have enough content? What are you doing with your free time? you have a learner's permit and a beautiful new car, congratulations!!👏👍 .

  • 4:25 is my coach talking about me

  • She’s 16?!

  • She spoke about James and Tati in the same vid 😯

  • Omg it wasn’t clickbait

  • Is that a dude?

  • Just show us the FUCKING CAAAAAARRR hmm 😊😊😊

  • Noob :🏃‍♂️ take me with you (chases car)

  • Your eyebrows look soooo good like that I love your so good at make up I wanna kms

  • 3.5 million subs and still films on camera thats wassup

  • Please upload one of your unedited videos

  • Car racers r quaking

  • but don’t let ur car self drive

  • Is that a boy


  • Cringe 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • kancer

  • I can't even buy a pencil I'm 12

  • Y'all don't even know, y'all don't know, y,aLLL DONT EVEN GET ITTTTT

  • Sis eyebrows 👀

  • You can buy a car but yet you can put your pictures in a frame.... Kinda live😍

  • Antonio Garza is so beautiful

  • kween

  • Be in the car for 24 hours next vid idea

  • Omgggggg I love ourrrrr carrrrrr wdfffff😍😍😍

  • hey Antonio im sorry for not being active i will be active again love you

  • “Here’s my legs. They look like this” 😂😂

  • Honestly I wanna see Antonio Garza and ravon record together 😂

  • not being rude but are you a girl or a boy

  • She looks really pretty with thinner eyebrows

  • this is so funny!!! ily Antonio Garza 💗

  • Dream car? Tesla? Doesn't line up does it. Why is this even in my recommended

    • What do you mean it doesn't line up?

  • Until you get your license for your car and if u want to do videos with the car you can do 24 hours challenge in my car

  • How the hell do you edit these videos to make them so funny? What programs are you using?

  • 1:35 “Omg look” 😳 “Noob”

  • are you starting hrt?

  • *i’m fascinated by the editing*

  • YAS

  • My sister is just like you! She is like hey guys ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh emojis everything makeup everywhere is this a makeup tutorial?

  • *boring lol*

  • Bro wtf u look SO PRETTY in the beginning part of the video all minimalistic & shit ugh 🥰

  • WTF!!! 3.5M subscribers! Why? Im lost here!

    • @Justin Rowe No kidding,LOL. Check out Samantha Lux,who is by far the most beautiful transgender women Ive seen! She has had many surguries and is now a biological Female,not just clothes n make up anymore. I love her story,she is very open about stuff too. Very interesting,before her I knew very little about trans women and SRS surgury and all the others that go with it.

    • @tfs2O3 Yeah same lol, I kinda liked her content at first but it grew repetitive very quickly so I unsubscribed and only occasionally check in. Other people seem to still like it though so I just leave them be.

    • @Justin Rowe That is very true. I have no problem with the Transgender part at all,I just dont understand what the basis for the channel is? Just watch her life? IDK?

    • Not everybody likes the same kind of content. To each their own ya know?

  • I love you

  • No one: Actually no oneee: Her edits: 🤲✌🖖👉👌🙌🤷🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🖕🏾😁😮