Bungee Cord Volleyball!!

Pubblicato il 10 set 2019
Hey guys! In this challenge, we clip into bungee cords and play a game of volleyball!! The problem is, we are connected to the other team! If Joey pulls, Bryan gets pulled aswell! Who do you think will win? Let us know down below!
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  • Has anyone else noticed that marven and Bryan sound almost exactly alike lol

  • Braves: 14 Chargers: 25 That was the score on my last volleyball game! (I’m on the braves!)

  • Anyone else took to the end of the video to revise it was a small beach ball and not a volleyball? Just me ok

  • "There are some electricians in the office today and they are low key roasting each other about the milk they drink, it's pretty funny, Ngl." 😂😂

  • Love the channel! Comment if you agree

  • Me knowing how to play volleyball I am screaming "FOOT FAULT, LIFT, HE HIT THE NET WHAT DO YOU MEAN!!!!"

  • The video is funny as is but the editors just took every opportunity to make it funnier and run with it.

  • Boby socks ath being the ref

  • 4:30 why is j fred screaming so much???

  • I play volleyball on my school team and watching them serve kept making me mad😂

  • I want to see them play normal volleyball, they would be great

  • It Ben a log time tell I just so ur vids

  • You should have tournaments where everyone at team edge makes teams and they have a whole tournament

  • marvin and bryan are my favs could care less about the rest of u guys

  • I think blue teams anchor was not being fair because he wasn’t letting bryan hit the ball or idk how it works...

  • Nice

  • If bobby was one of the players, the game would've been one-sided

  • Lol

  • This stresses me out because I play volleyball and this is very messed up 😂

  • joey always jumps way to early

  • bro bryan has me dying the whole video 😂

  • Team

  • Why is brian never on joey

  • literally bryan is like doing star owner in the middle of the video😂😂😂😂 I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Red Team Misses : awwww big sad Blue Team Misses : starts yelling at eachother with Italian hand gestures

  • I knew Team Moey was winning

  • Who else was impressed at 7:14

  • All of the editing was great! Great job!!!!

  • I want Joey and Marvin to win why because Joey is my 2nd greatest man in team edge

  • On this video Kevin once make weird voice when he hit the ball

  • joey did pull kevin bobby

  • You should do trampoline basketball

  • Team Edge edits are the best edits.

  • Dzayer is Algeria

  • 1:33 - 1:39 I literally couldn't tell who the hell Bryan was.

  • This is going to be a epic video!

  • Hey Team Edge, this is important! I've found a "fan made" channel that reposts your videos without permission, credit, or giving a link to your channel or the original video in the description. The channel name is 'Team Edge TE'

  • You guys should play jailbreak with that net it’s fun I play it at school

  • Do another slippery slope those kind of videos are the best

  • 999,999 veiws?

  • I swear, they are way better than my 9th grade volly ball class, and half of them were the volly ball team!

  • im sad. why u guys use googly eyes theme :(

  • As someone who plays volleyball... this is something else😂💀

  • Not fair

  • They r such good youtubers

  • in the round with them atathed blue shuld of got that point

  • Moey won because they actually worked together.

  • If u put Kevin Marvin and Bryan in the same shirt and look at them from behind they all look the same

  • Bring back matt

  • U should've done a consequence 4 the loser.

  • This looks so fun i want to try it sooo bad

  • youtube gave me a video i watched before

  • Joeys team should’ve won a long time ago lol

  • 2:07 Zancudo mudo lmao


  • 5:49 man! 😂☠️ That made me laugh so hard

  • I would like to know how team blue got them 4 points

  • Jfred rocking the chubbies

  • I love the instant replays

  • I cant believe these guys are athletic