Building the Browns 2019: Training Camp Begins (Ep. 9)

Pubblicato il 11 ago 2019
In this episode of Building the Browns, the team kicks off their much anticipated 2019 Training Camp. From high-flying one-handed catches to hard hitting mic'd ups, you'll get an inside look at how Freddie and company are striving to become better every day.
Building the Browns is an Emmy award-winning documentary series that follows the front office and coaching staff during the Senior Bowl, Combine and the Draft. The series takes the viewer inside the process that goes into selecting players on draft night. Building the Browns also takes fans along with players to visit their homes and see their lives when they are away from Berea. Episodes air Sundays in Cleveland on News 5 (WEWS) during 4 weeks in April leading up to and immediately following the NFL Draft and are archived on and IT-tvs.
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  • Then they go on this season and suck really bad because they refuse to acknowledge the reality that everyone else knows, Mayfield is just not good enough.

  • This is what I like and Odell is my favorite nfl player and since college

  • The browns did good this year

  • i hope well be better next year....

  • This video did NOT aged well...

  • Welp it’s to bad they where disappointing

  • Austin went to my local high school

  • player talent by itself won’t win a ring. you need coaching too

  • They still fucking suck 😂😂

  • Browns are a joke. Lol

  • 13 OBJ!!!!

  • 32:30 - 36:45 did not age well at all

  • I never thought I'd move the browns into one of my favorite organizations but here we are.

  • Disappointed sheeshy did not make it, I will not watch football this season. It broke my heart.

  • I have often seen the links of building the Browns over the last few seasons, but I never truly paid attention to them, because the Browns' two seasons before 2018 were painful, even for a neutral fan such as a Vikings fan like myself, but this production is top notch!

  • I love how the Browns facility looks they out there practicing on the field reminds me of my days in high school with all the houses surrounding the School football field awesome let's go Browns

  • Imagine the browns lost in the first week 14-42, imagine....

  • Meanwhile, Tennessee Titans whoop dat ass 43- 13 today 2019!

  • Building a dumpster fire

  • All these Brown fans talking crap, BAAHAAA!!! Some things never change, oh man you idiots.

  • yall hiring?

  • Man y’all better fucking win bruh all dis shit I’m watching about a good team ok 👌🏾 YALL BETTER FUCKING WIN

  • That's to the crib, Shee! LOL.

  • This was epic.

  • 9:37 i thought they were gonna play Hold my liquor lmao

  • yall really had to start the video out with colin cowherd????

  • Hey can someone tell the name of the song at 16:28 please? Super nice doc it's incredible 🔥

  • If you’re both wrong you’re both right?! I don’t even know what that means.

  • Lol when John Dorsey was explaining how they wanted to be a collective unit instead of separate individuals using his hands, I couldn't stop thinking that the collective unit just looked like "rock" and the separate individuals just looked like "paper." Which sort of undermined his whole point because, you know, paper actually beats rock.

  • Does anyone else HATE Stephanie A Smith as much as I do?

  • The family is all browns fans, I’ve been a fan since they came back and we live in steeler country. I got to the point over the last couple years where I didn’t care whatsoever, even quit watching the games. Even though I’m really excited, I’m not holding my breath!! I hope I’m wrong!!

  • They need Upchurch YZ out there to get them hype

  • The linemen are always the funniest guys on the team

  • They really should be called the Oranges.

  • Im a pats fan by blood and birth but i grew up in austin from an early age and have seen baker play since he was 16 and Im a huge fan of him and all these young guys hes got around him. No shame in bandwaggoning on this group. Love this team and believe its something special

  • Can you tell me why there is a ps4 on in the back round at 20:49

  • 19:07 damn thats athletic af

  • Dorsey is a BADASS

  • As a 49ers fan I'm stoked for the Browns. Especially because Chris Gocong played with them for a bit. CAL POLY!

  • The browns uniform is ugly. They need less brown. And a logo on the helmets. And the matte helmets need to go.

  • Browns suck

  • 350 dislikes unbelievable One of the best professional sport series I’ve seen matches with hard knocks if not better ! Salute to their media team awesome job guys From a giants fan !

  • I would be friends with a guy named eric kush any day man! lol

  • I just feel like outta respect for the real browns fan no one should bandwagon onto the browns but everyone should support them this is big for them , cowboys fan here

  • I love this congratulations Brown you guys are going to the Superbowl my husband predicted that

  • The love and passion in this video is amazing

  • Mark my words...they will have a much better season this year

  • Nobody : Not one living being : Me at 3:28 : TAKITAKI TAKITAKI RUMBA 🎶


  • Can Cleveland fans expect to actually win a game this season..? What if we sent you some Eagles fans? You could sponsor a "free beer bottle day", for motivation?

  • And this is way over Hard Knocks way more complete in terms of getting in depth with the team.

  • Oh they 2017 I think NFL Hard Knocks star Eric Kush on here... I didn’t even know he was on the Brownies lol..

  • I'm not even a Browns fan and I'm loving this sh*t lol

  • What kind of troll would give this a thumbs down? Blows me away

  • I have to say this is the most excited ive been to watch my Browns in a real long time i was too young to rember most of the Bernie Kosar days so other then the season we were picked to win the superbowl only to have our team ripped away and since 99 its been rough but i really feel thats over with now

  • yo thats crazy

  • Game on Go Hawk's

  • Did Cowherd, in one of his broadcasts really say "Sam Darnold" is from a good family implying Bakers Family is not a good family? Or am I hearing things?

  • After watching Mahomes he ain't as skilled

  • Life long fan! Grew up with Sipe, Kosar, Slaughter, Clay Matthews, Mack, Byner etc. I havent been this pumped in over 20 years!! Love seeing Dawson back on our turf. Go Browns!! Dawg pound 4 life!!! WOOF!! Love this series