Building Bandai's Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon from start to finish

Pubblicato il 12 dic 2018
Here's a compressed version of my earlier build series with an additional photo slideshow at the end. If you have any questions about the paints, tools or techniques I used then check out the full build series here:
I've also made a basic paint chart here:
And a full photo gallery can be found on Facebook:
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The Life and Death of a Certain K. Zabriskie, Patriarch by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Wild Pogo by Francis Preve
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  • Yes the camera fell over at 7:41 😂

    • Niiiiiiiiiiiice

    • It is more visible when you put the video in 0.25 speed

    • Hi great video does anyone know what scale of that is

    • *I genuinely thought in the thumbnail was Rian Johnson and i thought it was a parody or something, as i was thinking "this is bullshit as Rian would never build a falcon model as he's pretty much never heard of Star Wars"*

    • What nippers prey tell?

  • 外国人が ニコニコしながら作っていることが 良かったです(≧▽≦)

  • la antena más amarillenta.

  • great build!!

  • nice, now sell it.

  • sitting here, laptop on knee, full-mast (if you know what I mean) watching this!

  • I have a Lego version of this

  • Great job. Nice video. The music will give me a migraine.

  • Well done!

  • Lol who remembers in the 80s the commercials from kenner toys with kids playing and it looks so awesome then at the end they say "you put it together" ha ha you get the toy in a pile of parts not as many pieces as this model though.

  • what a piece of junk!

  • Wondered what to build after the big Eagle transporter from Space 1999..found it, just need another year to finish that..

  • Good call on not using the big red stickers... paint looks so much nicer 👍

  • Outstanding talent. Great video!

  • Kitbashception.

  • Amazing! You've got skills! Killer soundtrack too

  • Impresive... Most Impresive

  • Im still not alright with CP3O having a silver leg, why would he come of a royal envoy ship mismatched?

  • i swear the red bits were blue in my original dimension

  • How did 15 min just pass...

  • I remember when people did this for the enjoyment of the hobby and craft.

  • pendejos los d bandai

  • Which scale?

  • Сколько времени потрачено в пустую...

  • My god....the detail....

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍😳это сколько же времени ушло! Молодец!!!!

  • Leg or Plamo?? Your thought

  • Like the video but the music is annoying. Had to mute this.

  • different music would have been nice.. this shit is annoying

  • Everything great exept music... it's fucking horrible, muted it

  • can threepio sit down? also wheres artoo?

  • first of all great work, but why did you make one of the 3po's legs silver?

    • @ModelChili Scale Models thank you for the information, i never realized that!

    • He had half a silver leg in the original trilogy.

  • Love the build but probably the worst music on a YT vid ever.

  • What a piece of junk!

  • Cool Snap Tight Model

  • What about that fat electro BASS, just coming all night long!! hahaha yes brother.

  • That's amazing. Best Millenium Falcon model I ever saw.

  • The more I watch this, the more awestruck and respect I get for Lucas and his sfx team for working so hard on each model 40 years back! Geniuses who changed our childhoods!

  • Who else was watching this waiting for the beat to drop? haha

  • You should include the total build time on all of these. Would be really cool to see, unless you did already which in that case - disregard.

  • What a piece of junk...

  • it's the best size millennium falcon model kit

  • While all the weathering effects are cool and all. You could just hand it over to a 5-8 year old kid for 1 or 2 hours. It would get authentic weathering that way!.

  • You missed a spot at 7:50

  • Wow that's pretty impressive. Very tedious work. I kind of got anxiety watching you paint all the details with the brush lol

  • Not only this guy know how to build, he also know how to paint...

  • As a guy who builds Bandai Gundams, I was going to talk trash. But in the end result the model actually looks really good. Not so much interior detail or mechanics as I would like, but overall looks really good, especially with the paint and wear detail that I normally forgo. Great job.

  • Before I clicked the video I said to myself I can probably build this. And then I saw you coloring in the tiny figurines and then I knew I was a bit over my head

  • Holy shit that looks so complicated!

  • And I thought the large Lego Millennium Falcon was complicated! This is really next level, soo much detail and soo much steps! I never did this, is there a plan inside the box and how do you know the colors to paint everything?

  • Spray painting instead of stickers...Impressive Copying the scratches from stickers perfectly...Most Impressive

  • Hunnnnghhhhh! The spruuuueeeeessssssss

  • Wow, great job on the detailing

  • Don’t show Harrison Ford

  • Hey it’s Rey’s ship!

  • Very cool, great job 👍

  • I was more interested in its interior layout.. Having the light and sound version with the limited hatch arrangement I had always wondered... 💭 🤔

  • How many channels does it get?? WITH that big dish it should get all but no playboy😉😉😉

  • WOW!

  • perfect until i realise R2D2 is not there!! thanks for uploading. great skills!!!