Building a Huge Wooden Berm On My Backyard MTB Trail

Pubblicato il 3 lug 2019
This week in the Backyard MTB Trail we are adding to the drop line with a snake like section featuring 2 dirt berms and a wooden berm.
This seriously is my new favorite section and I can’t wait to keep getting faster at riding it to see how far I can get off the berm!
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  • Want to help me make bigger better features!? Then maybe check out my Patreon!

  • Love how the dog is having as much fun as you have! :-)

  • Hi

  • Love the dog trying to catch up

  • Hey could you do like a vid about the entirety of your backyard trails so far

  • Where are you from?

  • Good for you!! Great builder

  • That's in your backyard!? OMG am I jealous

  • Do you weather treat your wooden features?

  • I'm digging your videos man! I also dig that red BTB/skull shirt! Where can I score one?


  • Hey bro your very Inspiring you got me to hit the trails again love you videos

  • Dude I can't believe you do this all by yourself it's fucking amazing you have no help in your building some of the raddest trails! I tell you what you're an inspiration to your generation whether you know it or not. 👍🤙😎 this old guy thinks you're one badass mountain biker and Trail Builder. 🙇‍♂️

    • Thank you so much for the encouraging words! Its a butt load of work but getting reactions like this are what make it pretty great! I really appreciate it and thanls for watch, my dude!

  • this makes me think about seth's berm creek. since it's backyard stuff.

  • Damn great vid keep it up

  • This video made me feel genuinely happy for you. I dont normally feel happy for other people. Good for you!

    • Hahaha thanks, Kandem! I appreciate your happiness on account of my happiness!

  • 1"x4" slats. cheap way to build but these won't last long.

  • He looks like Ben cathro

  • When I was a child, I did a lot of sleeping...metaphoric music. Nice.

  • I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a wooden berm for a long time, thanks.

  • You should do a video of you riding the all the features

  • Sick video!! Think I need to buy some land now! Haha.

  • Hey man, you should cover it with some of that metal mesh, it keeps it from getting super slippery when wet. We do it too, works like a dream

  • Tell me this isn’t Ben Cathros younger brother

  • Good video, nice building, but the bad choice in music ruined it for me.

  • Your dogs seemed to approve the first berm. Good job.

  • Which wood is that

  • That looks sick!

  • Coolest build yet! Like always! AMAZING VID!

  • your music sounds great

  • Berm Berm Berm

  • You should be my freind everything you have built is cool.

  • Sick build dude. Also loving the tunes ... almost played them all to death. keep up the good work

  • Hey bro I’m trying to build a backyard trail any tips? 🤘

    • thanks keep uploading these awesome vids. BTB 🤘

    • Build berms bigger then you think. Dont be afraid to build a little out of your comfort zone. Over build things. Really go over your landscape and explore all options before choosing a line. Once your line is built dont be afraid to completely change it. Dont think about the logistics too much, and just build the damn feature, if something feels like shit then change it. Haha just kinda threw some stuff out. Hope that helps!

  • Love that berm 😍

  • Does anyone know where that cap is from please help

    • @Backyard Trail Builds Thank looks awesome love the color. Great video btw

    • I do! Haha that is a Sendero hat! I freakin love them man.

  • have you had any problems about this place

  • Epic

  • Says is gonna give it a try

  • Any holes a goal and these where good holes

  • If you made a little landing or even just a bump behind that berm, I think it would be even better. Btw sick video, and cool trails Greetings from Norway 🇳🇴

    • What’s up! Yea, that is the plan for the next set of things on the line. Definitely going to dig out a nice transition for it.

  • To good

  • New Berm Creek?

  • Quality stuff 👍👍. Maybe some chicken wire to add some grip when it gets wet?

  • He'll ya man that looks so fun to ride. Your videos get better every week!

  • Good stuff! Looking forward to a how-to!

  • Awesome work as always g. Working on my own trail except its a little more illegal than yours aha

  • you just keep getting better how is this possible

  • That song is so catchy

  • Amazing

  • Great music 👌

  • Nice man! Soon you’ll be able to charge admission for people to come ride on your property! I’d pay to ride those features 🤘

  • Sick build but with more speed and the wood longer it would be more fun I say

    • More speed for sure! I think that’s gonna do the trick aaaand a good transition coming out of it with a couple rollers. That should help with keeping my momentum going.

  • you should build up that second berm up a bit more, because its so small it looks like you and her struggle to stay on it the entire time, this just limits how fast you can go into the wooden shark fin

  • Go to harbor freight and buy one of those one man power augers for under 100 bucks

    • Hahaha I know. I dig enough to definitely make use of it. I kinda like doin it by hand though, it’s a good workout!

  • That trail looks so much fun! Looking forward to seeing how it evolves!

    • Dude, it’s a blast! I’m really digging it... I’ve got loads of ideas for what comes next on it!

  • This is an awesome build. I have always wanted to build one but have been intimidated, I think I might just be able to do it now!

    • If I may, 2 rules of thumb. 1. Use a pivot point to base all of your post holes and turning points off of. I used a tree in the video. 2. Make sure you do around 5 points of pivoting for every 90 degrees of angle. It keeps things running smooth!

  • Sweet build. Looks like you got some inspiration to make your section at the end🤙

  • Try doing a drop in to a pump line and then a kicker ramp Please show acknowledgement to the idea even if you don't like it. 😀

  • What size boards were those?

    • All of them were 8 footers, 4x4s for posts, 2x4s for framing, 1x6s (decking boards) for platform.