Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
We (Grayson) built a house in one day and after that we lived inside of it for a full 24 hours...
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  • Homeless people could never

  • You should spend a week in a proper tiny house

  • Am I the only person who relized that Grayson said 49 47when counting 😂

  • Okay but Grayson’s smile @ 16:30 tho

  • What is " i message cup pong" (Dont be mad at meh pls)

  • Did anyone See that the Dolan twins had their nails painted?! 💜❤️😂 cuties

  • Hey another video you could make is we’re you get a camper or a thing and live in it for like a full week!!!

  • It is funny how Grayson called himself a douche one week b4 Ethan made a billboard calling him a d-bag.

  • Countdown @26:09 " 54 .. 53 .. 52 .. 51 .. 50 .. 49 .. 47" HAHAH

  • Ethan: “ hang on let me draw a house” Grayson:” you don’t need to to draw a house” Ethan : “JUST LET ME DRAW A HOUSE” Me: *dying laughing*

  • Grayson would be such a good father and Ethan would be such a good boyfriend

  • I am honestly in love with both of u like no joke like both of you have my hearttt

  • Hi

  • Me, a Home Depot Employee: *watches him open a box that he didn’t pay for* :/ ok bud.

  • Does Grayson have painted toenails????

  • Done🛎

  • Done

  • This is just me with a couple of friends building a house in minecraft. XD

  • If IT-tvs suddenly doesn’t work for the twins anymore at least Gray will have a backup plan..... Douchebag & Co. Seriously though i could see Gray as an architect or a construction worker.

  • Ngl this would be a pretty good living space for a festival

  • Ethan is like that one annoying kid at the sleepover who stays up allllll night and then has a go at everyone else Coz they woke him up

  • Drake and Josh vibes??

  • Engr.Grayson Dolan so hottt

  • Rent in California: 2,500$ beachside villa. Two bed, half bath, quarter kitchen, utilities not included. Amenities: well... there aren't any. Hehe y'all renting or what?

  • Imagine James charles was there

  • When Ethan told Grayson to stand there and pick up the tools up he looked like he could be in a magazine 🤤❤

  • The fact Grayson actually got stuck inside the house like Drake and Josh sent me😂😂

  • 26:17 *Grayson frog leaps into grass lets take a look at the leap shall we?*

  • so smart to have a gas burning stove in a house made completely out of WOOD

  • make it into a vsco sleepover

  • i wonder how expensive that paper towel Door Handle was

  • They should have gotten a fan

  • I love your vids you should make a 24 hour challenge in a tree hose

  • Ethan: addresses the fact that there will be no plumbing Also Ethan: buys a toilet and calls it luxurious

  • why does ethan looks so mad ????

  • Ethan: just give me a nice bed so I can sleep all day that’s my mood I got home from school and fell asleep and just woke up it’s 3 4y am

  • Gray: -Gets wood and necessary things- E: “wE nEeD a DoOrMaT”

  • Am I the only one laughing about the shape of Grayson’s sunburn 😂

  • If you live in the States, watch out because tax exists

  • when gray got stuck inside the house why did I think of that one episode of drake and josh where they got stuck in the tree house 😭

  • Grayson and eathen look so cute

  • 26:18 killed me

  • 9:33 - 9:40 fan girls losing their shit

  • What does Ethan do in this world? Lol

  • Drake and joshhhhh

  • okay wait what happened to no dairy lol

  • 27:36 notice how their shadows are overlapping the windows...what does this mean?...

  • You guys should have painted it...

  • 17:45 oh and btw that plant is fake af

  • 11:38 bassai

  • The door and I pop skskskskskskskkskskskskskskssksksksksksksksksks

  • The description lol "We (Grayson) built a house in one day and after that we lived in it for 24 hours..."

  • Property brothers are *shook*

  • Everytime the Twins starts drawing or whatever art, expect Ethan to draw a d*ck hahahaha

  • My admiration for them just multiplied by a thousand, not its not like that already but seriously this is awesome of them to build that

  • *Why does this new countdown to advertisement thing give me anxiety?*

  • “ maybe just a roof that goes on the house”- Ethan

  • Wow a few of my brain cells just died

  • TuRn IT InTo A vScO hAnGoUt

  • Omg guys I found a comment that said "homless ppl shook"

  • lol this reminds me of that tree house episode on drake and josh.

  • grayson is such a dad i love him omfg the tOOL BELT

  • The fact that Ethan just bought a 200$ toilet for a 24 hour challenge makes Be feel poor

  • 26:13 - 50, 49, fortysev-

  • I feel like there the property brothers,Ethan decorates and Grayson builds lol😂

  • #Enjoyous

  • They should make a tree house

  • 🤘🏻

  • Okie okie is it rong to ship twin brothers or..oh yea it’s rong oh I’m okie I’m going to go on to hell now

  • I Love your guys Channel

  • 10:58 I’m dyinggggg

  • Lmao Ethan is so Annoyed of him already💀💀

  • Who is recording

  • 49!!! 47!!!

  • 19:50-20:00 YES, ACTUALLY DO IT!!! And make a series of it, like 20 episodes of you guys actually building a real house 👀👍🏼

  • 12:46 I’m dying

  • They copied Ryan Trahan

    • lol dude on youtube every youtuber copies each other,no one is original so your Ryan Trahan also

  • Grayson with no shirt James Charles has entered the chat Ethan with no shirt Emma chamberlen has entered the chat

  • Can yall please make some more of these types of vids! I love them!!

  • Wow I was watching this and they said “ it’s 5pm” and I looked at my clock and it was perfectly 5pm