Building A Gold Generator In Skyblock! | Minecraft

Pubblicato il 19 set 2019
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Cave ONLY Survival Challenge! | Minecraft ➡
Skyblock is back and the bois are working together in order to build a Gold Generator in the Nether in Minecraft! Who do you think will farm the most gold? Comment down below!
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  • Eh

  • YOU need to search it up and you will find a better cobblestone generator it's too hard for me to explain

  • You could build a better cobblestone generator

  • I am just waiting For conner to kill jerry

  • Connor: "Down under" Australians: the land down under!!!

  • Connor don't worry bout these 9 year olds roasting you bro! Play however you play brotha!

  • You are the coolest man carner

  • If you cover the top of your mob spawner it will always spawn mobs instead of just during day

  • Go behind the other nether portal because there is diamond and more loot and I hit the subscribe and the bell and the like botton

  • Gold armor and tools are weak the only thing that’s good about gold is golden apples and enchanted golden apples

  • How do/can you get minecraft skyblock on ps3? Is it a seed or more or? I've been wanting to play, but i can't figure out how to get it

  • Zombies have a chance to drop iron so you can get ironpics or swords

  • If you kill them in 1 hit they wont be mad at you. OK!

  • also 2 tips if you crouch with (shift) then you wont fall off the edge and if you press f7 and put torches where there are yellow and red x on the ground you wont have mobs spawn

  • so about riding the water down to bottom i did that and would walk along the bottom even go swimming so u may be about to

  • FYI use string to make wool and use wool to make beds

  • You can make wool with string

  • If you guys one hit a pigman then the rest wont care but if you dont kill it with one hit then thell come after u

  • Connor thicccccck

  • You can hit the fireball and shoot it back at the ghast

  • Please don’t say rip jerry because it reminds me of a horrible event like if you want :(

  • Does conner stil don’t know paul kiled hise jerry

  • Hey Paul and Conner if you build in a straight line after the other nether portal in the nether and you will find a mini fortress and diamonds Please like so they can see

  • Put slabs on blocks you don't want mobs on, they won't spawn

  • you guys could make the cobblestone generator double sided, or even quad, by adding water on other sides

  • Build all the way up to max height and you could find an end portal

  • Lol Connor used a gold nugget to kill instead of a sword

  • You can turn cobweb into wool

  • Yo love ya content. Also, collect as much string as you can and then turn it into wool so then you can make beds

  • Zombies have a chance of dropping iron

  • Mr. Connor, add more torches in your house so mobs wont spawn.^^

  • I think their is a another island or is that just me

  • I cant believe that Paul killed Jerry and still hasn't told Conner. Like how did Conner not watch the video in the theater room like they do for the other videos Hi5 studios has released.

  • Gold is bad

  • 1:44 gold n######

  • How can I apply

  • hi

  • Luv u guys

  • you guys should play modded minecraft again and use rlcraft mod pack liek if you agree

  • Use lava pigmen can't burn i lava

  • Still rip Jerry, it was good while he lasted. #RIPjerry

  • Zombies have a small chance to drop iron, and whatever armor or weapon they have equipped

  • Paul is pretty protective of his Jerry for having murdered Connor's

  • There are other islands Gus

  • Connor and Paul if you build 50 blocks up you will see the end portal.

  • 4 string = 1 wool - just a tip to get beds

  • There’s a secret nether fortress about 50 blocks away from the nether portal. It has diamonds

  • If you put slabs on the plattform, the Pigman wont spawn

  • Paul and Connor you guys should make wool with string, so you can make beds!!!!!

  • Zombies have a low chance to drop iron ingots but looting enchantment increases the likelyhood of that happening

  • Use lava instead of water cuz zombie pigmen can’t die from lava

  • conner go back into the nether and close to the other portal and you can see a building at the back

  • A lot of skyblock packs have a mining dimension portal, a lot similar to the nether portal, that you can make to go through to go to a dimension with nothing but resources.

  • In java edition you can just place one block in front of you and it will place. It is way safer

  • Who here wants to see Paul’s jerry go splat

  • Since it’s just you two...Good Gaming?

  • The END portal i over you

  • Did you guys saw the subscribers??Because as a fan i know get good gaming is over 2 million subs but how did it get 1.5 million.PLS SUPPORT GET GOOD GAMING

  • Minecraft Tip: NEVER use a gold sword, it has the damage strength of a wooden sword

  • If you bring a door underwater with you and place it when you're running out of breath it creates an air pocket for you when you open the door.