Building a fun and practical garage office

Pubblicato il 15 ago 2019
Although this is the "final" garage build video, there's really no such thing. This place will always be a work in progress.
We started with the workbench and ramps:
Then we finished it all up:
Trail bulldog mug
You might recognize the guy being interviewed as Jeff Lenosky. That video will post at a later date. Check out his IT-tvs channel here:
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  • You should ad a little dog house

  • A couple recommendations. If you line your booth with homesite it should help with the sound. Very cheap for a 4x8 at Homedepot. As many uses around the shop too. If you get tired of climbing through the dog door hole into the booth I'd suggest a concealed door behind the shelves or storage area. The shelves could be on casters and attach to the booth with a hinge along one side to keep it alined. Just some ideas. Thanks for the videos. Mark

  • I know where to put your door on your soundproof booth

  • Rip 540 ramp

  • Should have bilt a slide

  • why not use a ladder and a roof hatch to enter the booth?

  • *OOF*

  • what is the name of the song in this part 7:44

  • Awesome!!!!

  • You should make a hole at the top with a ladder so it’s easier to climb in

  • Anyone know any good tricking bikes? For beginners

  • What bike are u using

  • For the record I’m a singer songwriter, producer and audio engineer and you could have solved your reverb bro lemme by foam padding.

  • Why isn’t this titled “Building a “Fun”ctional garage office”?

  • 2.15 who dog

  • Finally, I found a good espresso machine (unexpectedly).

  • can we see mrs bike hacks please. i have been a subscriber since the start

  • Just a thought, might want to keep the 36TB worth of storage elevated from ground level. Even a foot might be the difference between useless and 36TB saved in the event of an unexpected water source. Also, awesome content, just found your channel and your videos are great!

  • The funny thing is I'll bet you your mortgage is less then my 2 bedroom apartment on Maui lol.

  • Got yourself a Bug Out Bunker.

  • who elso loves the random dogs

  • 1:38 LOOK AT DOGGO!!! P.S. I just got a dog today

  • He recently painted the booth grey and the railing black.

  • Well, genius.

  • Acoustics are complicated; But, the fundamental principles are pretty basic. Reverb, Echo. Tomato, Potato.

  • Hatch from da top/firemans pole

  • Nice upgrade Garage

  • Ur dad looks like someone named Bill

  • So jealous, this is my dream house

  • at least 1 car can fit in your 3 car garage

  • Your the BEST!

  • that place must have cost a fortune goddamn☠️ (and i mean the house and land etc.)

  • Yo taking the espresso machine and making your wife go to the garage for one. Power move dude. You playin with fire now.

  • "Use what you know, make it your own, and be proud of it." Seth's Bike Hack. Good quote

  • If the little hole for the midget mountain biker

  • Why you have two fulface helmets?

  • I would put the office on top of the mother ship

  • Your wife will never see you again 😂

  • is berm creak public or private

  • living room : am i a joke to you

  • i have an idea, i don't know if this will work but if you could maybe make a door at to top of your recording booth you could make a ladder and climb into it and out

  • “provided i don’t fart in here, this should be a pretty good place for recording voiceovers”

  • He also has a hydroflask

  • I would of put the entrance on the top of it. it would be a latch and a latter going into it.

  • make more garage videos please there so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 0:15 was that a tailwip

  • 8:09 “ I’m not into beer” oh really Seth? 😏

  • As someone who also does voiceovers in a tiny booth, that looks like it's gonna be hot AF

  • Who’s that dog at 1:40 I want an EXPLANATION NOW!!!

  • This is the most profession channel that I watch 👍👍💙

  • The light comming from the right when sitting in front of that screen durying daylight looks annoying. Also, light behind the screen or direct to the keyboard works for me to avoid headaches after too many hours

  • Very creative work . Love it . 🤘

  • I know I’m beyond late to the party but the “door” to the voice over booth could’ve been a ladder of sorts from the top

  • Where’s Drama and whys there a different dog there

  • Excuse me but who is that at 1:40

  • Love that your videos are informative and entertaining. Thank you 😊

  • i could live in that

  • The least expensive way to get rid of that echoing is to cop it halfway up on the walls all the way around. To get rid of it maybe a little higher than halfway but it's an inexpensive weighted get rid of it

  • What happened to the Jeff Lenosky footage?

  • We need a Seth's bike hacks podcast