Building a fun and practical garage office

Pubblicato il 15 ago 2019
Although this is the "final" garage build video, there's really no such thing. This place will always be a work in progress.
We started with the workbench and ramps:
Then we finished it all up:
Trail bulldog mug
You might recognize the guy being interviewed as Jeff Lenosky. That video will post at a later date. Check out his IT-tvs channel here:
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  • I love this idea but one think I noticed is your raid setup is on the floor basically you should build a platform for it to sit on in case it ever floods in the garage.

  • Tour house is amazing!

  • 0:17 damn, maybe your best off trying a tailwhip.

  • He should build a platform and put his bikes up there and buy a lift

  • Gorgeous workspace! I wanna stay with Seth!

  • *this is guy is truly self made*

  • Soooooo You Don’t Have a Real Job?

  • I have a feeling that the time you brake a bone, you wont be able to crawl into the booth 😀

  • 1:39 who’s fucking dog is that pls let me buy it omlll also what’s the dogs name what breed is it how old is it is it a girl or a boy what type of family did it come from what type of kibble do you feed it is that your dog do you love it and pls pls pls film an interview with that ducking dog okay???

  • I think Seth may be getting a second Espresso machine for the kitchen for the Mrs.....

  • I love how he made the mother ship so compact and storage efficient while leaving basically an entire third of the garage empty : )

  • Good thing you installed the couch before stealing the coffee machine, now you have a place to sleep when your wife kicks you out XD

  • Looks great, only thing I would change would be to corner route all the desk edges.

  • There’s a Mrs bike hacks 🤯🤯🤯

  • I would have put a top down enterance into the recording booth, almost like a submarine feel with that window. :D

  • How do you wash the coffee cups?

  • Make a door with tha cabinet full of stickers

  • This is the best garage heaven I have ever seen!

  • For someone that is NOT a Carpenter, you do really good work. Good job.

  • build a bmx park

  • you should do a podcast

  • What a beautiful world u are living in....😁😁

  • that brass window is a sweet find! looks to be in great shape for being found snorkeling and underwater for who knows how long

  • Can I hire you

  • Honestly I was paying more attention to the dogs in The background. Sorry Seth.

  • Man ... that thing would be a gas chamber for me XD ... I'm a perpetual fart machine.

  • why is there a random dog at 2:16

  • So awesome dude 👍🏻

  • I apologize for the English, I use a Google translator. I would still recommend leaving space for 2 cars. A cabinet to make over them. In order to change the acoustics, use cement-bonded particle boards, and then extruded polystyrene foam or construction foam can be applied to them. You can hang a carpet, it will also change the acoustics. Think about cars, because winter is coming. )))

  • man knows everything about bikes and nothing about sound

  • I've come to the conclusion that Seth is quite the handy man

  • absolutely stunning Seth on every level

  • Coping on that quarter would be a good idea

  • The things you build are so cool

  • The whole time I was telling myself "dude, what about your car?"

  • Pretty sure the fire department would have a hay day with your HUB 😂 Also, I was about to suggest making the left side of the desk swing up, but then you plopped the monitor down!

  • Very inspirational.

  • genius.

  • Uh so out of curiosity did he use the "voice box" to record the voice-over for this video?

  • I love the random dogs that just show up

  • I have that same rug in my house

  • Dope!! Also thought the door was for the dog.

  • Damn I need a bigger garage now ha ha!! good job dude and great channel

  • 9:14 mrs bikes hacks is a blondie can see her head outside the wood garage door

  • Soooo, um... where do the cars go? You know the things you use to go places?

  • Who’s golden lab is that

  • Stunning

  • Hate to say it man but you’re going to have drop some pounds to land those harder tricks.

  • We gotta talk about your keyboard choices

  • whos golden retrever is that

  • how is he going to record interviews if the garage has so much reverb

    • With lavalier mics you don't have to talk very loud so I'm guessing that's what he'll use.

  • Not to be a dick but you could've built a sound booth with a door with almost the same amount of effort. Side without the desk and the "shelves" could've had a reinforced "Knee-Knocker" style door if you wanted to be able to hang things on it. Also could've used coned foam for a bit more $ to get rid of packing blankets. Love everything else in the garage but going through the hassle of crawling into a cheap recording booth seems a bit out of place for how immaculate the rest of the place is.

  • Have you ever introduced your wife before ? We would love to meet her!

  • How about make the staircase into a door and put wheels on it and have is swing out. Then it will be like a secret door.

  • Seth why didn't you build your office upstairs you have a nice apex with a window you could of built up and had your work area under it leaving the rest of the place for a skate park or something

  • Needs some cool lights!

  • AWESOME SIMPLY AWESOME 👍 These new vids have given me so many idea's and inspiration.... 🍺 cheers Seth and congratulations on the new beginning, may it continue.... as well we all know it will 👍

  • This is so fucking cool

  • Why not make the shelf stairs into the door by putting some hinges in

  • Super cool dude, good job!