BTS (방탄소년단) - 'THE TRUTH UNTOLD' (Feat. Steve Aoki) Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

Pubblicato il 18 mag 2018
By - Hamtaro Gasa
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BTS The Truth Untold
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  • Omg my Jin....

  • The Truth Untold Full Meaning: It all starts in a city / village north of Italy (15th/16th century). And in the village, is a small isolated castle, and in the castle, was an ugly guy. No one knows anything about the guy. This guy was so ugly, that he had to hide in the shadows. He came from a powerful family, but he shunned away. He eventually fell in love with the gardener's daughter. The only thing that gave him joy, was gardening. But one day, a girl came to the man's garden / hiding place, and stole flowers. The guy was furious and spied over his flowers at night. Then, she came back and stole some more flowers. It kept on happening for a few days, until the man got curious and night, he pretended to sleep. He saw the girl again, but this time, when the girl left, he covered himself with a blanket and followed. By following her, he found out that she was poor and ill and the only way for her to survive was to sell the stolen flowers. Seeing here like this, he wanted to help her out in every way. But he was too afraid that she would be scared of him. He could only keep on growing flowers. He suddenly has the idea to create a non-existent flower, that she could sell at a more expensive price. After several tries, he finally created the perfect flower. He was excited, he planted them and grew many of them. He waited for the girl, but she didn't come. No matter how long he waited, she didn't come. Then he went looking for her, but he realized what happened. He was too late. She died. (copied from Lena Nguyen from Quora)

  • Jinnnnn😍😍 I love when he sings

  • *can you hear that? That's me crying.*

  • Did y'all know that this song was based on the smeraldo flower The story is basically about a man who thought he was ugly and wore a mask and lived in a castle but one day he caught a girl stealing his flowers, he then found out she was homeless and was selling those flowers for a living. He fell in love with her so then he decided to make a unique and special flower for her to sell so that she can make a lot of money but when he finally made the flower he found out that the girl died without ever being able to confess his for her and give her the flowers. This actually connects with Jin's story when he found out that the last thing she wanted was smeraldo flowers so he looked everywhere for the flowers and when he did he realized that the card for his confession wasn't there so he called the truck that they forgot to give him the card so the truck turned back then while the girl was crossing the road she got hit by the truck so he wasn't able to give the flowers or confess to her just like the man

  • jin part god help me goose pumps .....

  • 2020?

  • I love this song💗 It's my favourite one^-^

  • Y LOV BTS😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💜💜❤❤❤❤❤❤💗💞💞

  • Kim namjon Kim seok jin Min yoongi Jhope Park jimin 😘 V Jeon jungkook😘 BTS

  • The song soooo sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jimin:Debo esconderme porque soy feo. Sub y armys:AHRE

  • 2:23 does anybody hear that jungkook say "an soon when i gone"

  • 2020 nd this song made a cry🥺🥺🥺 The meaningful song 💯💯💯 . . BTS is the best medicine for me💜

  • 𝕁𝕚𝕞𝕚𝕟:𝕚 𝕞𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕙𝕚𝕕𝕖 𝕔𝕒𝕦𝕤𝕖 𝕚𝕞 𝓾𝓰𝓵𝔂 𝓜𝓮:𝓳𝓲𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓼𝓲𝓮'𝓼 𝓼𝓸𝓷𝓰: ℂ𝔸𝕌𝔾ℍ𝕋 𝕀ℕ 𝔸 𝕃𝕀𝔼𝔼𝔼

  • 0:32 No se pero cuando comeanza a cantra jin me rrecuerda a la musica de Dumbo

  • { BTS }

  • 숨어야만 하닌 걸 추 한 나니까😅

  • When i'm sad i listening this song! This song is soo good 😭

  • i dont really stan bts, i respect them and army (not the bad and fanwar hungry army tho), and i always breakdown while listening to this song.

  • When this is '00:00' (Zero o'clock) that gonna be perform at the next concerts, I still cant move on from this one ㅠㅠ

  • Learn to love yourself then others first. Know you have your own beauty. Know that if you're insecure about yourself you think about all those people who wanna be you. Don't ever stop dreaming, don't ever stop being you, don't change for other peoples liking, you are you and know one else, you can't be someone else since there already taken. - Mr rogers

  • "I must hide because i'm ugly" I'm scared to show people the real me, so I smile and pretend that what they say doesn't get to me, I laugh to hide my pain, my loneliness. I hide the real me because the real me is a mess, ugly and hurt. I must hide myself out of fear of being judged, I'm ugly and nothing can change that, but I still hide myself. I cover my arms and legs as much as possible because they are scared and gross. I'm scared to tell my crush I like him because im scared he will reject me for how ugly I am. I live in such a judgemental society that makes me feel fat and ugly.

  • Mano to chorando pacas

  • 0:53 - Don’t spite on me! 😅🙌🤩

  • i cant hold my tears back

  • when they did i still want you bit i cried for 12 hours

  • this is so emontional :((((((

  • How does v do his deep voice i love it i love them they are beautiful this song is so sad if I had a sad moment or got beaten i would sing this song in my head

  • Who else remembers pUrEuN?😂

  • 2:30 jungkook you are a real 👼

  • First I heard this song oh I like junkkook part (but I still want you ) when I khow the source damn this song is so goodddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  • I'm just focus jimin hair


  • Jimin: i must hide because I'm ugly Me: okay, you're ugly and I'm monster 😈😈😈😈😈

  • IMAGINE: 20 YEARS LATER you're 27 now and you're still single and never touched a guy, you're currently shifting in your new house in the U.S since you got a good job with a high salary and you're arranging stuff here and there, the next morning you got ready for work, during work your mom called you and told you you're going to South Korea for refreshment as you must be really tired from all the work. A FEW WEEKS LATER You were packing for your journey to South wonder why your mom is sending you there...but you can make out why this country sounds so familiar as if you've heard it a million times. As you reach there you check out into a hotel and rest for a while, then you decided to explore the famous han river,you reach there and see 7 guys. "They seem familiar", you thought as you decide to go to a cafe and decide to order a coffee. the cafe sure is look around the cafe and see some posters of maybe a boy band... you thought as you start to get flashbacks from the past..Oh wait! they cant be...they're BTS! YOU START TO NOTICE YOUR SURROUNDINGS AS YOU NOTICE THEY'RE EVERY FRICKIN' WHERE!!! DAHGADGADHFADSHGCFDHSAFSDYFJSDGFHYZFGHDVFHZDVCHZXGCHZGHJZGDHSADHAGDHSFJSAFHSFFGFHFGFG Then it hits you and you start to get emotional...they've been with you for 7 years they even came to your country once but you couldn't afford to go there... you cried for a week for that. you chuckle through the tears as you get reminded of all the sad happy and crack moments you had with them... 'And I still want you' the lyrics echo in your head. you go to your hotel room and do a research about them...they're all okay and have completed their military service then it hits you again you saw them, today, at the Han river.... you feel lucky to witness their apearence in real life you go to the river again and there you are, you see them.... they have a family of their own're happy for them.

  • Vocal line :sings the truth untold me:CRY EVRY Times

  • 외로움이 가득히 피어있는 이 garden 가시투성이 umm 이 모래성에 난 날 매었어 너의 이름은 뭔지 갈 곳이 있긴 한지 Oh could you tell me? ehh 이 정원에 숨어든 널 봤어 And I know 너의 온긴 모두 다 진짜란 걸 푸른 꽃을 꺾는 손 잡고 싶지만 내 운명인 걸 Don't smile on me Light on me 너에게 다가설 수 없으니까 내겐 불러줄 이름이 없어 You know that I can't Show you me Give you me 초라한 모습 보여줄 순 없어 또 가면을 쓰고 널 만나러 가 But I still want you (want you, want you) 외로움의 정원에 핀 너를 닮은 꽃 주고 싶었지 ooh hoo hoo 바보 같은 가면을 벗고서 But I know 영원히 그럴 수는 없는 걸 숨어야만 하는 걸 추한 나니까 난 두려운 걸 초라해 I'm so afraid 결국엔 너도 날 또 떠나버릴까 또 가면을 쓰고 널 만나러 가 할 수 있는 건 정원에 이 세상에 예쁜 너를 닮은 꽃을 피운 다음 니가 아는…

  • 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😝

  • The message behind this song is to find the courage to go after what you really want before it’s too late. The man in the story watched the women in his garden from his house and was too scared to approach her because he thought he wasn’t good enough/ ugly to go out of his castle (comfort zone) to get what he wanted (her). In conclusion, don’t let your fear or bad thoughts keep you away from potential goodness, find the courage to go towards that good thing.

  • when jimin said he was ugly like dude what is oli london then beautiful?

  • Δε μπορώ θα το πω ... τα τζιν μπουφάν τους είναι σε χρωματική σειρά 😂 I just can't .. Their jean jackets are from the lightest to the darkest 😂 (Sorry for any English mistake 😳)

  • The story behind thus song is truly so beautiful i am crying.

  • My crush rejected me omg i wanna cry

  • The story is telling us a story, Jimin ISN'T CALLING HIMSELF UGLY Please try to understand the theories before getting so hyped up about every lyric

  • All the people getting angry on Jimin singing "I'm ugly"its not because he thinks he is ugly..this song is based on a story of a man who lived in a castle, and thought he was to ugly, So he could never confess his love to a woman who used to pick flowers from his garden and then he learned that she died ( But i still want you).. He couldn't tell her, that he loved her cuz he couldn't love himself This perfectly fits the concept of LOVE MYSELF So, Jimin isn't calling Himself ugly...CHILL PEOPLE CHILL

  • "No one is born ugly, we just live in a judgmental society" -Kim Namjoon

  • I die inside. ;-;

  • Hi! I’m doing a presentation on BTS and this song, so if it’s okay could you guys help me out? I need to talk about the melody, harmony, texture, timbre, dynamics, rhythm, and form. The thing is I wasn’t in class for three weeks so I’m not sure what these mean and I asked the teacher but he said I’ll figure it out. Please help me out because my presentation is in a few days!!!

  • It's 2020 nd this song still hits me hard whenever I hear it

  • "Nobody was born ugly, we just live in a very judgemental society.." - Kim Namjoon..

  • Jin u are my inspiration💜 love u

  • I must hide because I am ugly ExCuSe Me SiR yOu WeRe SaYiNg ?? Bitch you CAUGHT IN A LIEEEEEEE

  • Guys when I hear this song it *destroys* me because I can relate to it on a personal level and it actually really hurts my soul to listen to this and I cry everytime.

  • 2020 aún la escucho y me sigue provocando una tristeza profunda😐😭

  • Who else is here watching in 2020 | v v v

  • Love Yourself Series : 1. LY:Her : When the person falls in love for the first time ( while only showing a made up personality to the other person ) . Everything is beautiful and happy thus we get "DNA" and other songs like "Dimple" in this album that are happy and a bit romantic . 2. LY:TEAR Darker album cuz this is when he realises that this love isn't true cuz the other person isn't actually in love with his true personality . He thinks he's "ugly" . Thus we get songs like "Fake love" and "the truth untold" in this album . 3. LY:Answer As the title says it's the answer to all this . He comes to this realisation that he is precious too just the way he is . He must learn to love his true self before loving someone else . It's a sad reality and that's why the intro of the album "Epiphany" is a sad song with lyrics like "I'm the one who I should love in this world" . But he slowly starts loving himself and accepts himself and that's why we get the song "Idol" where they sing "You can't stop me loving myself" and other tracks like "I'm Fine" and "Answer" .

  • I swear the "I still want you" part KILLS ME

  • Jimin jimin jimin me escute *respirando* VC N E FEIO

  • Jungkook'a voice gives me butterflies