Brutal HIIT Cardio and Strength Butt and Thigh Workout - Burn Fat, Build Lean Muscle (Bored Easily)

Pubblicato il 2 gen 2017
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  • Awrsome workout.. It truly dose work for all levels. My husband and I tag going to the gym cus of kids. I alot of the time just do your workouts 2or 3 time per week I between and it is all I need with my weight traing three times a week. Thank you

  • Legs are fried! Thank you for the amazing workout and also for the low impact modifications. Due to my schedule, I have to work out in the mornings so heavier jumping is a no for me. We have a no-noise policy and very thin walls and ceilings in our block of flats but even without most of the jumping I still managed to burn a decent amount and to feel my muscles work. Thank you again!

  • Kicked my butt, that's all I have to say, sweaty but, it feels GREAT! Thank you Kelly!!!!

  • Omg, this was sooo sweaty and sore, sweat is literally dripping off me as I’m writing this and my legs are so shaky 🔥 Wow, I can’t believe I’ve just done this with pretty good weight, proper form, few breaks just to change weights and full versions. Damn, I feel awesome and super proud of myself! 💪 Now moving onto a killer Pilates leg workout cause why not? If I came this far, might as well fully kill my legs right? 🔥😅 #FBSweat Day 5 main workout complete! 03.02.2020

  • 091219

  • Wow, I have some shaky legs after this one. Great workout!

  • I only lasted 15mins and i skipped to the cool down and stretch...i was bummed that i could not complete the workout but i am looking forward to trying and trying until i can finish a long brutal workout. Not giving up yet.

  • What i loved about this workout, you give me time to breathe but yet it is an effective workout, thanks

  • Hey!!! I loved this !!!!!!!! Thank you SO much for generously sharing this with us!!! I’ve been doing some of for the past week, I was using 21 day fix but this is just as wonderful. Thank you ❤️

  • Really sweaty afterwards! Good cardio and strength. Med-high difficulty

  • Woah, so sweaty and sore 🔥 I pushed myself harder than I ever remembering when doing this workout, even through that burn and wow, I’m now done and feeling super accomplished! Now onto the extra challenge cause I’m feeling like a superhero today! 💪 #FBSweat Day 5 main workout complete! 17.10.19

  • I need that dumbbell set! So expensive though

  • 101019 Always been one of my favorites.

  • Loved this workout!!! THank you!

  • huffing and puffing..will I ever complete this workout?

  • Workout complete 25.09.2019 - 5.49 AM #FBFit

  • Kicked my ass this a.m !!! Love it !!! ThankU 💪🏾🍑

  • This workout was super sweaty and it burnt my legs to a crisp. It was way harder than I anticipated and that was a pleasant surprise since now I feel even more accomplished than I thought I would. I’ve done this with no breaks in between and pushing strong like always. I feel like I definitely started this program strong and on the right foot 💪🔥 #FBBurn Day 1 complete! 09.09.19

  • always always a good one when I need to sweat like a mess.

  • I loved this one!

  • I think I just died lol

  • So great! Thank you :)

  • Yes.Thank to both of you Great workout.And good results.Much love.

  • Why do I feel like fainting after finishing only 15 minutes?

    • picaboo12345 thank youuu 💜

    • I'm definitely not a professional, but I used to get really dizzy during/after working out too. Try to have a light snack before working out because working out with no food fuel lowers your blood sugar (makes you feel faint). Also, try to make sure you're not holding your breath and that you get enough air during the workout! Hope it helps!! :)) If anything, don't be afraid to take a longer moment to breathe so you don't feel as faint!

  • Done this workout 3 times now, I have really really obvious cellulite and this has helped plump it out so so much! Have neglected doing sweaty workouts for a while, does make such a difference! thankyou! (also, used a bag of clay as weights instead which seemed to do the trick haha)

  • 140619

  • I appreciate you explaining the low impact options, thank you!

  • I gotta say, hearing Kelli get so out of breath made me feel so much better about being out of breath! Thanks for keeping your workouts relatable :'D

  • Finally!. A workout that provide both high and low impact. Tq.

  • How many times a week should I do this if I wanna get in shape in a month?

  • Before starting this I thought I will do upper body+kickboxing following this work out. Now I change my mind, thanks Kelly for suggesting not to combine this with anything!!! I hear you !!

  • Loved the long stretch at the end

  • this is such a good workout , my legs felt like jello after i finished and i didn't even used a step

  • when you said i love storms i said out loud I LOVE YOU!

  • You rock.💓🌹 I appreciate you.

  • I’ve been doing your workouts religiously for the past few months now. I used to be a major gym rat but wasn’t getting the results I used to and didn’t feel comfortable with people staring. I like the details of what you should be feeling and what to do and not. I feel great and I just wanted to let you guys know that you are helping a lot of people out there who don’t like the gym atmosphere. Great work 😁

  • Me when Kellie said Burpee Squat Hold : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 😂

  • Such a challenging and effective workout!

  • Thanks so much you guys. I love how your workouts are inclusive! Feeling so dead right now and SO great!

  • Killer moves, great way to start a day!

  • I wasn't feeling it today, I felt sluggish and super drained from work, gym was too far (laziness) but I told myself I would at least do some form of strength training. So, here I am, on my floor, drenched in sweat 😄. I feel amazing now, gonna end my workout with some yummy yoga. Thanks @fitnessblender

  • Hahaha. I cheat a bit... like skip 20 secs of the hitt. But workout complete

  • I love her saying “this workout is complete” so much I want to make it my ringtone. It always makes me feel so good!

  • Complete 14.3.2019!!! Love this workout

  • I love this workout! A little bit of everything & my body feels spent. Sooooo u good! Would love more of this style of workouts. Thanks as always, Manon.

  • You were right, I didn't bore during the workout because I was working hard as f..k :D great workout, my legs are jello, thank you Kelli ♥

  • im sweating like crazy loved it!!

  • Omgg this was way more painful and sweatier then I remembered. Oh I am drenched and I still have an extra challenge to do. Oh damn, there will be painful times ahead with that lower body workout. Wish me luck! #FBSweat Day 5 complete! 16.01.19

  • Brutal!!!!! Im dead

  • Great!!!

  • guys I love to work out with you, but now I need a pregnant version, please make a play list of those. thanks

  • awesome, intense workout! thank you

  • Workout complete 30.01.2019 - 6.01 AM #FBAbsRound2

  • Great workout, thanks, I was sweating up a storm! :)

  • 1.18.19 workout complete. Loved this workout with the pace and how it made me break a sweat.

  • today I studied with you! сегодня занималась вместе с вами!

  • Im dead

  • I love the timer on these workouts. It makes me feel like I can do anything in the short intervals!

  • How many days per week should i follow this for results?

  • I loveeee this workout so much. My legs are sooo damn sore now and I’m spent. I can’t wait to take a good shower and... EAT! #Abs2 Day 4 complete! 03.01.19